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Humanity Is In This World, But Not of This World?!? (6/9/2016, Message#8)

Updated on February 3, 2019

"We" (as in Humanity) Is Not of This World?!?

Be not Conformed to This World
Be not Conformed to This World | Source

Humankind, like the Rest of the Living Creatures are the Created!

All living things on this planet are not here by chance. Everything was put here by a very Powerful and Creative Source, one who knew exactly what He was doing. Since "We," Humankind are made in His image, He has given us a limited amount of His abilities. Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), Adonai (Lord), El Shaddai (God Almighty) is our Source, the one who created "Us," Humanity. God is outside of time, not of our realm and beyond our understanding of the Universe. However, since we are created in His image, All of Humanity is not of this World, for Our Source and Creator is Not of This World!!

Then Why are People so Drawn to "It" (the World in which we live)? 0_o

Humanity Has Been Separated!

The Draw of the World to the Flesh!?!

At the Club
At the Club | Source

Why Do So Many Live a Life Without the Lord Jesus?

For so many people, we go about our lives just living. Most of the time, we often go about our days oblivious to what is going on all around us. We are consumed by this life, the distractions, the illusions of freedom or peace and choice. There are many distractions ranging from television programs, reality shows, Video Games, sports, the Olympics, the many news programs, social media sites, to even movies and celebrity news or information to name a few; all of these are The Devices of the Enemy!!. These distractions are meant to keep people so called, entertained, focused within their own little worlds or existence and at the same time, "feel" connected to the rest of us. Wait, What?!?

This is how most people in the world are living each day, day in and day out. I know, I am speaking as one who knows all too well. TeamSTM's Preparation Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ explains my personal experiences and journey. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the things, issues of this world and lose sight on what really matters. Jesus Christ is the One and the Historic event which conquered all with His Life, Example and Especially at the Cross, which is what gives us Life more abundantly, and Eternity with Him. This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus! This was done for every single person for All Humanity, Past, Present and Future. Now this existence we are currently living is not as important as the next one which follows after this life (our current life) ends. Yet, we make the destination of the next life as we are living now, here in our daily lives today. Whether "We" (Humanity) know it or not, "We" all are not of this World and yet many of us are entangled or conformed to this World! Are you entangled in this world? Do you want to break free or does this World and all of its distractions, How Does This World “Feel” to You? Where Will I Call Home in the next Life after this one? Do You See the "Signs" of the Times and are you getting this?

Two Other Realms are Real, a Part from The Earthly One.

The Realm of Heaven!
The Realm of Heaven! | Source

"Humanity" is Not of This World?!?

Believe it or not, the Lord God El Shaddai (God Almighty) created Humanity. Which means, before we are born into this World, we are from another destination or realm. We are with the Lord God of Heaven if you will, until we learn to speak and/or begin to be conformed to this World. Does this sound impossible? Well, why is it babies can't speak yet and their eyes are on things which are not visible to us in a room? If babies could talk, they would tell you where they came from and all of the Angels which are constantly around them for their protection. As they grow into children, the influence of both their parents and the world around them, at some point they lose interest in those things and like adults, conform to this World. Like it or not, we all learn to live or survive in this existence. Everyone falls prey to the System which is at play, and we all are unknowingly a part of. Even the Bible states, be not conformed to this world and yet many of us actually are.

So what are the traps of this World? Why are so many ensnared by it? Where is Your Heart?

This Proves The Last Days and the Agenda of Darkness!?!?!

This Will be Here Very Soon and Closer Than You Actually Think!

Set Forth by the god of this world, the devil (Lucifer, Satan).
Set Forth by the god of this world, the devil (Lucifer, Satan). | Source

The Truth About this "Worldly System!"

The way this world was to be initially setup was by Father God Adonai (Lord) in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. It was actually perfect, man was given by Father God, dominion over every animal, tree of the forest, every insect and every bird of the air. There was no evil in the Earthly Realm in the beginning, everything was "Good." Once man sinned and disobeyed Jehovah God, evil entered this World and man lost some of its dominion to the one who caused Adam and Eve to fall. Reference "We" Are The Last Generation to further understand the fall of All Humanity and Why Humanity Needs Jesus for the redemption of Humanity. Don't wait, Now, “Today” Is The Day For Redemption!

Once sin entered this World and the devil stole some of Man's Dominion, which was given by Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) to Adam and Eve. The devil (Lucifer, Satan) took this dominion and created a system of control for Humanity. In turn, he took our dominion and some of our free will and twisted it or perverted from what Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) had initially given us. This is the "system" we are born into and it is bondage. Much like the Hebrews in the book of Exodus in the Bible. The Pharaoh at the time of Moses afflicted the then Israeli nation with rigor, work and exceedingly great tasks. As the Bible mentions, they were in bondage to Egypt. Much like we are born into this system, in fact, you could say in the story of Moses, the Pharaoh is likened to the devil. Both afflict, torment and/or cause pain for those who serve him. They both do so with rigor, makes their lives bitter and will also murder any type of happiness or joy. Now look at this "World" as a whole, why is it so unhappy, there isn't much joy around, nor peace or true brotherly love? Do you now see who really controls this worldly system, governments and money?

Stuck in a System Humanity is "Sucked" into!!

A Hard System to Break Free of With Our Own Power or Natural Strength.
A Hard System to Break Free of With Our Own Power or Natural Strength. | Source

The State of the World as a Whole?

At present, the world as a whole is corrupt, self-centered, self-absorbed, inflexible or rigid. I am not saying there is no "good" left in this world because there is indeed, but as a whole, this is not the case. It's almost as if the unnatural way of doing things has become the forefront of everything. The natural way of doing things has gone to the wayside and considered as the wrong way. All lifestyles, thoughts, and desires are put into question. It is almost as if good is bad and bad is good. Where exactly is this "World" headed, we know who runs the "Worldly System" of man, money and governments. The one who wanted to be greater than Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty), the one who stole man's dominion from Adam, the one who is causing all who follow him to tout their way of life for him.

If you don't know, it's the devil (Lucifer, Satan) who runs this worldly system. All he can do is kill, steal and destroy, which everyone should be able to see the damage caused by him in this existence. The world, money, governments and our very existence is in chaos. The source for all of this is the same, the evil one from Genesis and the same one in Revelation who will face Eternal Damnation in the Lake of Fire!

The devil vs Mankind in General, but Especially People Living for Jesus!!

Survival in the Days of Old?

Living off of the Land and the Natural Resources.
Living off of the Land and the Natural Resources. | Source

Living or Surviving in the Past.

The world as we know it today wasn't always as it is now, and yet people were still ensnared in the issues of this world. In the days of old, people like even today just wanted to survive or make a living. When you think back on the stories of history, we think life back then had to be great or much simpler. The reality or facts might surprise you. However, life may have been simpler in the fact in how they lived. The fact remains, even they had needs to take care of to make ends meet in their day. Many of their basic needs were the same as ours today. Clean water, clothing, food, shelter and a means for survival. How they went about providing those needs may have been different, the needs themselves were basically the same. For those who could farm, they took care of most of their needs from off the land. Only dealing with people on a need to need basis, not interdependently as we do today.

Even in a small group or community, they mostly lived off of the land and animals. Even though they lived a simple existence, even they were entangled in this worldly system, just on a smaller scale. To survive, they needed to have several skills, tools and resources. Which isn't all that different from today, just utilized or restructured differently. In those days, people didn't live in close-knit communities. They usually kept to themselves; it wasn't until we get to Babylonian, Greek, Roman and the Middle Ages until we began to cultivate the idea of cultures, sharing knowledge and even skills. All the while, dividing and separating ourselves from one another. The illusion of togetherness and yet separate. Notice I never stated the equal flow of wealth or money. The people of the past, shared everything else with each other back then accept anything of value.

Do you really think the future will be any different? People are still people, technology is the only thing which has changed.

The Worldly Distractions of Today! The Worldly Distractions of Today! The Devices of the Enemy!!

Well, What do you Think the Purpose is for All of these Websites, Connect to Your Fellow Man. Right?
Well, What do you Think the Purpose is for All of these Websites, Connect to Your Fellow Man. Right? | Source

The Traps of the Modern World!

What does the past reveal? People themselves haven't changed, we are selfish, covetous, lustful creatures with more technology. As a whole, we are willing to say we have changed and made mankind a better race. Really, we are still selfish, covetous, lustful creatures at our "core" or within our hearts. So what changed, obviously not us? The way we do things, interact with each other and the same illusion of sharing and cooperating with one another. Wealth is still not equally shared and nor will it be. It’s been thousands of years since the rise and fall of every kingdom of the past in human history. What gives us any right to think a new kingdom (a New World Order) will be better this time? Wealth will still not be shared, rather it is being hoarded away by those who already have it.

As things stand today, this system we live in has blinded most of us into not even seeing it. We must have the latest cellphones, brand name shoes, best threads, and even gourmet foods. All the while, those who own the companies who make those items are continually becoming wealthier by taking your money. Influencing you into thinking you need these items you buy and why. By giving you the illusion of choice and or free will, we are freely going along with this system. The same goes for the social media sites, Television shows, Video Games, sports and so on. We are bombarded with consumerism, mental images and suggestive scenarios daily; all are The Devices of the Enemy. Remember, we are selfish, covetous, lustful creatures at our very core. Tack on consumerism, mental images and suggestive scenarios on top of that... no wonder this world is in the state it is in. There is so much confusion and confounding going on! Wait a minute, who's the author of Confusion again... the devil (Lucifer, Satan).

Maybe just maybe, the devil doesn't want you to break free from his system he set forth when he caused man to fall in the beginning of Creation in the book of Genesis in the Bible. What do you think and Do You See the "Signs" of the Times?

We Are a Three Fold Creature!?

True Freedom!!

Don't You too Want to be Free of This World?
Don't You too Want to be Free of This World? | Source

To Become Free From Bondage?

To become free from bondage, this world and this life, this is Why Humanity Needs Jesus. The Lord Jesus is the only way we can become free of this system the devil has put into place since the fall of man through Adam. This is also why so many don't know Where Will They Call Home, nor do they know if they will be Pulled Out of the Fire before their last breath in this life? The devil (Lucifer, Satan) wants to take as many people to Hell with him as he can. Satan can't stand Humanity, simply because the Lord God made us in His image and we remind the devil of the Love Father God has for us. The Lord God of Heaven is the devil's arch enemy. We Are "Indeed" the Last Generation explains in greater detail the fall of Humanity, why the devil hates us and Father God's timeline as to where we are right now. So Where is Your Heart and Your Treasure? This "World" or in Eternity?

It took me to read the Bible all the way through from front to back and allow the Holy Spirit within me to change me through the Word of God. There is no way I could have ever been inspired to write these HubPages as of recent. This is TeamSTM's Preparation Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. The Love for Jesus Christ and the realization of what He did for me is what drives my new found passion. In TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions, I share my story and my old lifestyle so others can also know Jesus for themselves. Which is also why I understand much more clearly what Jesus did for me at the cross and His walk with Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) when He was here on Earth. It gives me unspeakable joy to know I will one day meet my Lord and Savior. The one who died for me, paid in full the price of sin, death, Hell and the grave. If I choose Jesus, I will never have to meet my sin which is already in Hell. I have no need to go there and find out if they are really there, once you are in that place (Hell), there's no escape. Accept by believing in Jesus Christ and the Sacrifice He made for us "all" with His Very Life!! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!

The Choice is Yours.

Broad and Wide is the Path to Hell and Many Will Find it, Straight and Narrow is the Path to Heaven and Few will Find it.
Broad and Wide is the Path to Hell and Many Will Find it, Straight and Narrow is the Path to Heaven and Few will Find it. | Source

The Greatest Test, Heaven of Hell?

Whether you know it or not, everyone of us is not of this world. We are simply passing through this life for but a short time. While we are here this life is a test, not a pass of fail, rather Heaven or Hell. By choosing to live for Christ, picking up your cross and following Him, when we leave this life we make Heaven our Eternal Home. However, if we deny Christ and live for ourselves, nor do we ever accept what was done at the cross for us all, we make Hell our Eternal Home.

The punishment for the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and all of his demons (the Fallen Angels) who turned their backs on Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am). Because man sinned through Adam and the devil stole our dominion of the Earthy Realm from him, we are all born into this system. If we never acknowledge the fact in which Jesus Christ died for us, to redeem us and believe that Father God raised Jesus from the dead. We remain in the system the devil has set forth, when he caused Adam and Eve to sin. If you want to become free, which is Why Humanity Needs Jesus! As do we all, we can't get to the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty) any other way.

Jesus Says: "My Kingdom is Not of This World"

We Are "All" Not Of This World!

Let "It" Go, The World Is Not Ours!
Let "It" Go, The World Is Not Ours! | Source

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