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Top Five Greatest Conspiracies of All Time

Updated on June 2, 2016

The Truth Stands Alone

The truth needs no defense, if one learns to think with their heart, you can feel it.
The truth needs no defense, if one learns to think with their heart, you can feel it. | Source

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance prevents many people from looking beyond their own comfortable view of the world for the truth.
Cognitive Dissonance prevents many people from looking beyond their own comfortable view of the world for the truth. | Source

Seal Team 6

In the movie Shooter that stars Mark Walbergh, a fictional story about a sharp shooter set up by our government to eliminate a political target, it shows how conspiracies work by silencing the players involved, permanently. By eliminating those involved or whom have knowledge of the conspiracy it becomes clear how it is possible to keep conspiracies from the public.

Take for instance the raid that supposedly killed Osama Bin Laden, the main players, the now famous Seal Team Six, supposedly all died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan only three months after the raid. The only incriminating evidence was dumped in the sea (Bin Laden's body) and the only video released to the public of the incident shows the back of the target, hardly definitive evidence considering how many world leaders use body doubles. All other players would certainly be sworn to an oath of silence based on National Security and the threat of being killed, after all if you can knock off a Seal Team what chance does the public have?

Dead Men Tell No Tales!

Of course if you convinced the world that they died and even spread a rumor about how they died under suspicious circumstances then everyone would be so distracted by their deaths and the supposed cover up that no one would ever believe the whole thing was faked so that they could be used over and over again, just a thought. If everyone including the families believed they were dead no one would then try to look for them and interview them to learn the truth.


Conspiracies are simply a way for information to be with held from public knowledge and happen all the time however since many are successful the public doesn't even become aware of them until years after the fact. The amount of information with held or censored from the public is truly staggering and much of this censorship has shaped the way we think and live. However due to the internet many conspiracies have come to light in recent years. In this article The Top Five Greatest Conspiracies of All Time I will travel back in time to our beginnings, explore UFOs and their purpose, reveal the true nature of our planet, share with my readers information about the Moon that is not commonly known and come back to the reality of the ongoing Polar Shift and Nibiru Planet X.

All of this information is available right at our fingertips, accessible with a click of your mouse!

Now some may disagree with my interpretation of what constitutes The Five Greatest Conspiracies of All Time but let's first explore what a conspiracy is to understand how they work. My interpretation is that for one or more persons to knowingly defraud, in secret, the public of knowledge in order to gain an advantage or commit a criminal act. The term actually comes from the Latin word conspīrāre to plot together, literally: to breathe together,from spīrāre to breathe].

I have always claimed that knowledge is power and those that don't have it usually end up paying for it in one form or another. Two of the main complaints I have heard most often about conspiracies is . . .

'Why would anyone bother creating a conspiracy to prevent revealing knowledge to the public?' or 'Do you realize how many people would have to be involved in the conspiracy to keep this information from the public?'

When a corporation or government builds a tops secret weapon or airplane for instance, thousands of engineers, specialists, contractors and workers are used to develop this project from beginning to end and yet these devices often remain a secret for years. How do you reckon they are able to accomplish this? Often one department building the engine will not know what the engine is for and will not know what another department is designing and building. Could it be that those thousands of people have conspired to keep it a secret, things that make you go Hmmm!

To consider just how affective the censorship of information works we only need to look at the events of September 11, 2001. On that day, which will be forever engrained in the memory of every adult in America for years, their was a huge Hurricane (Erin) 70 miles off the coast of Long Island and yet not one Television News Station reported this monumental weather event. Hurricane Erin as it was called was bigger than Hurricane Katrina that wiped out New Orleans.

Hurricane Erin did not act like a normal hurricane and stopped moving that morning and just sat there. My belief is that the natural energy in all hurricanes, known as the Hutchinson Effect, was harnessed and used to destroy the buildings.

The point is that by simply not reporting this Hurricane on TV no one knew of its existence, some do not know of it to this day. To further illustrate the point of how effective TV News is to preventing the public from recognizing events, we can look at the huge amount of people that have never even heard of Building 7, a 42 story skyscraper that imploded at 5:20 p.m. that same day only blocks from ground zero.

Most people are more offended by the lies generated to cover a conspiracy than the actually act itself, such was the case of President Clinton having sex with an intern in the Oval Office. However when the conspiracy involves murder and deception on a grand scale most people due to cognitive dissonance are unable or unwilling to believe that such acts actually take place. Contempt prior to investigation and denial prevents most people from even exploring contradicting information.

There are many reasons why conspiracies work but the main reason is that the public would rather believe a lie than to consider the implications behind the lies.

The point is that when we are lied too, it is a sign of disrespect, for the most part people are not stupid and know when they are lied too. I can forgive my spouse for cheating on me, I can not forgive my spouse for lying to my face, especially when instinctively, deep down I can feel the truth in my heart. When you lie to me, you're essentially saying you do not respect me enough to tell me the truth.

All that being said let's review my Top Five Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, shall we?

  1. Number One on the list is The True His Story of Mankind and considering the vast amount of unexplainable archeological knowledge suppressed from public knowledge on our true history this should be a topic more people are concerned about. Not just from a historical perspective but spiritual as well, as it has become increasingly apparent that humanity simply is far more than just a physical body living a mortal existence.
  2. Number Two on the list has to be the so-called UFO Phenomenon, as it is so closely related to our true His Story, yet the vast amount of knowledge on the subject has been so thoroughly suppressed and censored, that most people aren't even aware of how the two subjects are related.

  3. Number Three on the list has got to be the true nature of the planet we live on or The Hollow Earth Theory, a truly fascinating subject and yet the majority of humanity isn't even aware of the theory itself let alone the implications the subject implies. Consider for a moment how thoroughly The Hollow Earth Theory has been suppressed and you will understand how a conspiracy can work for literally hundreds of years.

  4. After careful consideration Number Four needs to be the existence of The Moon itself as there is far to much evidence that this planet is not what it seems. For far too long the mysteries surrounding this planet need to be revealed as the implications of its existence could very well redefine our own history and reshape the way we actually think. The conspiracy surrounding whether or not NASA ever truly landed on The Moon is trivial in comparison to the mystery of its nature and existence.

  5. The last but not the least and perhaps the one that most truly defines how conspiracies work is Number Five the existence of Nibiru Planet X and the Polar Shift. Here is a recent subject or conspiracy that is so profound in its implications and yet definitive information on it remains elusive. The vast amount of disinformation, speculation, censorship and conjecture provides all the ingredients for a first rate conspiracy. After all how would you prepare 7 Billion people for the End of the World?

Now certainly this could easily have been a top ten or even top twenty list as there are some conspiracies out their that should be noted and explored but to me these are the top five in terms of importance to humanity as a whole. Sure Who Shot JFK?, 9/11, The Illuminati, The Gaza Necropolis and even Big Foot come to mind but these conspiracies to me seem trivial when compared to the Top Five Greatest Conspiracies of All Time that I have listed above.

Without further adieu, I give you the reasons I have chosen these as my Top Five Greatest Conspiracies of All Time and the reasons I believe they have remained a mystery and censored from public knowledge.

Man's True Nature

Mankind is only now slowly awakening to the true nature of our existence but did we know it in our distant past?
Mankind is only now slowly awakening to the true nature of our existence but did we know it in our distant past? | Source

Keepers Of The Garden

Our Reptilian Origins

From what I've learned the reptilian race, which is commonly known as the Orion Group, has manipulated mankind from behind the scenes for thousands of years. They are also known as the Empire (which was depicted as the evil force in the Star Wars movies) and span many solar systems imposing their will on third dimensional beings. They often trade sophisticated technology to unsuspecting civilizations as a way of gaining access to planets, as they have done on Earth, then manipulate societies into constant warfare to further their evil agenda, they literally 'feed' on negative emotions.

"The Reptilian race was an ancient creation, born in the Orion star system long ago. They are powerful beings in their ability to feel deeply, as we do. Their qualities are indeed an important part of your human make-up; there has been some combining of your genetic qualities.

Many of you who came to this life with the burden of carrying a Reptilian entity within your bodies did so as a great sacrifice. It was you who were able to provide the atmosphere of Love and Light which worked on them, little by little. As you were able to sustain yourselves in spite of their dark and destructive actions, your influence on them was felt. Gradually, as the energies rose on the planet and you became stronger and more able to withstand their interference in your thinking and actions, they began to change. Your strength literally flowed through their beings, because they were attached to you in a symbiotic way that caused them to feel what you felt, and it worked to begin the process of reactivating their original DNA.

As you know, the systems of banking and finance had been completely corrupted by their philosophy of greed and self-interest, which was promoted as "freedom of the individual" and defined as honorable self-reliance and independence. It was in fact, the evil agenda in fancy dress. Their power had spread through secret societies and closely-controlled interbreeding within the powerful families who maintained their hold on their power by any means available to them; their preferred methods were torture and assassination.

Our dear St. Germain incarnated over a long period to try to dilute their influence and to lay the groundwork for the events which are evolving now. He established the society which began as the Freemasons. It was a powerful force for good in its early years, including many of the Founding Fathers who worked to establish democracy in America. Unfortunately, it was eventually co-opted by the ones you call Illuminati. We do not use this term because it implies Light; we prefer to refer to them as the Dark Hats. You are also familiar with another of their Dark organizations called the Mafia, or Cosa Nostra, which infiltrated businesses and political organizations across the globe from the ground up.

It was astonishing to the Reptilians who were trying to "possess" their human hosts that they could not defeat you. They certainly tried. It was a battle for the souls, the hearts and minds of both the host and the invader. The wondrous thing was that neither was aware of this. From the human point of view, it was a struggle to maintain balance, to keep going in spite of illness, fatigue, deep feelings of malaise, anxiety, and even despair. For the Reptilian, it was a battle they had never expected - the gradual awakening of feelings they had great disdain for."

As of August 22nd, 2013 all reptilian entities have been removed from this planet, it is now up to us to create a new paradigm without their influence of war, strife and murder hampering our thoughts.

These are just a few excerpts from the original text to give you a better understanding of the context of the information but should be read in their entirety to fully appreciate, just follow the link provided in the beginning.

The True History of Mankind

The epiphany that occurred to me many years ago while reading a completely new and different interpretation of how our solar system and Earth began in the e-book The Terra Papers, was the trigger that allowed me to begin to explore the truth of mankind's origins on this planet. By reading an aliens perspective of this planets beginnings, it allowed me, by keeping an open mind and using critical thinking, to recognize the truth behind many myths and legends from our ancestors.

Granted I had already read many books on the subject such as Hamlet's Mill and The Golden Bough, written by humans, which gave me a unique foundation the common man cannot appreciate but for whatever reason this e-book unlocked the floodgates of knowledge to form a stream of coherent thinking which allowed me to realize that mankind had been deceived on his true origins on a massive scale.

Because, to not only create deceptive concepts and indoctrinate them into society through education and science was in itself a monumental undertaking, the fact that it had been done at all implied a far more sinister agenda which spans thousands of years. Of course the implications are that this would require beings of a much longer lifespan than the average human and the need to deceive in the first place.

To carry out such a monumental task that spanned literally hundreds of generations of humans would mean that those perpetrating the conspiracy would wish to remain hidden while maintaining control. This would indicate an underground movement of supreme sophistication and knowledge, incredible fortitude and a intrinsic need to do so, while carefully manipulating mankind for untold generations.

Only recently has the knowledge of this Great Lie become available to mankind so that those with an open mind and a keen desire to learn the truth would have the tools necessary to unlock this profound mystery. The important constant to realize is that this mystery is still unfolding and that while many are coming closer to the true origins of mankind, no one mortal human holds all the answers. That being said the key is to look at the information from a 360 degree angle never settling on the easiest explanation and to be willing to research many different sources.

For instance I recently came across another piece to the puzzle while reading a piece on, a site that essentially is very positive but extremely revealing at the same time. Parts of that story are revealed in the highlighted section to the right with a link to the original source. consider the millions of years the dinosaur's lived on this planet and you will appreciate how this race came to be, however I will now try to share with you briefly what I've learned of our origins.

From what I have learned the human race was planted here just like every other species on this planet, from plants and insects to animals and humans.

This planet was designated for life billions of years ago just like every planet in the Universe that is created to support life. A race of beings, commonly referred to as the 'Gardeners', grow, transport and seed all life on planets that have been designated to support it, they then periodically check to make sure the life is progressing as planned. Occasionally they must make certain DNA modifications or enhancements to preserve the life they have seeded and on some occasions they will completely eradicate the species and start over, evidently this has been done more than once on our planet, some species simply are not worth saving.

From what I understand, the human race is a smorgasbord of many civilizations from many parts of the galaxy, that is why their are so many different kinds of races on this planet. On most planets only one individual race is planted and grown to maturity but ours was a special experiment designed specifically to grow a creator race that would eventually grow into beings capable of spreading throughout the Galaxy to help other sentient third dimensional species ascend.

The amount of strife, warfare, murder and chaos was allowed to happen to strengthen our soul's resolve and enlighten our beings to the true nature of God's awesome creation and enable us to appreciate the struggle that all beings must face to become more than they are.

Throughout time our species have endured many hardships that many planets do not face, a wandering comet impacted our planet and through panspermia introduced disease to the human race. This may have been the same comet that wiped out the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago, which may serve as a marker to when humanity truly began their rise on this planet. Also untold wars from long ago human civilizations have stripped this planet of its natural atmosphere letting more and more of the rays from our sun to penetrate our atmosphere, causing even more disease.

The Annunaki from Nibiru (Planet X) came to our planet 400,000 years ago to mine gold needed to restore their failing atmosphere and manipulated our DNA so that we could function as their slaves. The Annunaki are a decidedly warlike race (under the Reptilian influence) and because of their advance technology and extremely long lives we 'worshipped' them as 'Gods'. Eventually they were removed forcibly and returned to their own planet and quarantined there as it was decided that they had broken the Law of non-interference all civilizations must abide by that are under the influence of the Council of Worlds of which the Gardeners are a part of.

The Reptilian race, until very recently stayed on this planet, remaining hidden by moving underground to build their cities and civilization. Because of this subterfuge and their long lifespan they have been able to manipulate the human race from time immemorial. Because they literally feed off negative human emotion such as fear and consider us food as well, they have treated us like cattle. This may very well be the origin behind the vampire myths that all human races share.

However all that being said, what I must try to impress upon my readers, is the human race is far older than what our current educational process would have us believe. According to many ancient histories recorded throughout time and preserved in caves in Tibet, the Gardeners of the Earth actually set up bases to monitor the planet. Because of their isolation and a difference in opinion on how the planet should be allowed to evolve their people divorced themselves and moved to separate parts of the Earth.

This maybe how the legends of Atlantis and Lemur began, because as this friction between these two factions grew, it eventually led to warfare. Both the Gardener factions possessed highly sophisticated technology which lead to the creation of weapons that quite literally enabled their users to not only destroy each other but the land in which they both resided. Both factions of the Gardeners of this planet's 'cities' (land masses) were utterly wiped from the face of the planet and covered by the seas but the war itself destroyed even more of the planets atmosphere.

Only a very few from both 'civilizations' which saw what was coming and had the presence of mind to anticipate the coming destruction were able to preserve their culture by constructing time capsules within the Earth in the form of caverns. It is also recorded, that some of the survivors were able to create small cities and states, within massive caverns, such as the civilization that survives to this day under Mount Shasta in California, known as Telos.

In conclusion the reason I consider the origins of humanity to be a conspiracy is that I am convinced that more than just a handful of people know the true history of mankind and many of these people are part of secret societies, that in essence use this knowledge to rule this planet. In fact a large majority of them hold leadership roles throughout many different countries spread across the globe. I suspect the continent of North America was kept isolated from public knowledge until these secret organizations were able to implement a plan to create a country capable of dominating the world.

The fact that every major continent had been civilized for many generations and that North America remained largely uncivilized for so long was not an accident. The fact that many of our 'Founding Fathers' were part of the Freemasons was also no accident. The fact that America has become the last Superpower and seems intent on creating a New World Order is also no accident.

It has also become apparent that America has in fact colluded with the Orion Group to gain sophisticated technology, what some may refer to as UFOs, to gain a tactical advantage over many other countries and may have in fact tried to sell out the human race as whole not just the American public. This of course leads me to my next major conspiracy, the UFO Phenomenon.

UFO Conspiracy?


My believe is that UFO are real and aliens have been watching this planet for thousands of years.
My believe is that UFO are real and aliens have been watching this planet for thousands of years. | Source

UFO Conspiracy A 2 Way Street!

I consider the UFO Conspiracy of silence a two way street, such that Aliens have a tried and true way of introducing themselves 'first contact' to a civilization that may not be ready for them and The Powers That Be would prefer to keep their presence from the public as they know that it could lead to panic and would essentially change the world as they now control it.

Having made first contact hundreds of times in the past benevolent alien civilizations have doubtless created a system that allows for the slow integration of their presence to be introduced to any society. First their craft are seen from a distance and this allows for their existence to be slowly recognized by the natives. Then contact is made in dreams (telepathy), channeling and one on one encounters to further integrate the subject into the native's consciousness. Then when the subject of their existence has become a part of the civilizations education system and accepted as common knowledge can the first contact be made beyond that of those in charge, governments and spiritual leaders.

Because it would seem common sense that world leaders might consider their knowledge and power threatened by more advanced beings from outside the planet's confines. This concept alone would lead to suppression of this knowledge, let alone the impact it would have on those in power's ability to control the flow of knowledge. As it stands right now on this planet we are subservient to our government's through the control of resources such food, water, power to heat our homes and allow us to use electricity. If the situation were to change from outside sources would the public have a need for the current Powers That Be?

The UFO Phenomenon

Any good conspiracy makes trying to prove that it is real problematic at best and the UFO Phenomenon isn't any different. After all videos merely show Unidentified Flying Objects, eyewitness testimony can and is unreliable and books on the subject although convincing are merely the author's conceived evidence and nothing more. That being said a recent Gallup Poll shows that a full 75% of Americans believe that UFOs are EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) spacecraft from other worlds and 50% percent believe that Earth has been visited by them in the past and are here now.

This belief may just be a product of the many TV Shows and Movies on the subject stirring the imagination of the American public and not based on any real research. I too have seen these movies and read many books on the subject, while watching uncounted videos on YouTube, all quite convincing but hardly proof.

However what I do find convincing is the many depictions of unique looking craft painted on cave walls by people from our ancient past, the numerous glyphs, carvings, statues and references from all parts of the globe throughout time. The fact that so many ancient human civilizations have noted these craft in stories of their history, depicted them in their temples and even made toy replicas of them, suggest that the UFO Phenomenon has been an ongoing theme for a very long time and not just a recent fad or the creative imagination of our time.

When I first heard of UFOs I thought it would be so cool to see one but to this day that has not happened, having grown up on Air Force Bases all over the World I can identify most craft I see in the sky by name and designation. Then I thought it would be so cool to talk to some aliens and began wondering why they didn't just come down, land and talk to the average man?

However after I considered it, I realized that if these aliens truly did exist and watched any of our TV shows, which often end in a shootout or someone dying a violent death, I soon realized they might not be so eager to have a chat with your average citizen, so maybe just watching safe in space or way up in the clouds would be the better part of valor. Most of our movies on the subject depict all out warfare against the alien bad guys.

Then you throw in how humans treat each other, letting thousands of their own kind starve to death everyday, when there is more than enough food to feed everybody. The many wars throughout time in which millions are killed, the constant murder of each other over petty differences, the pollution of our own air and water that we all depend on. The object poverty of billions while others live in lavish luxury and you begin to see that besides showing aliens how to kill each other and pollute their environment we really don't have much to share.

Of course the thought had occurred to me that if a government could make contact with some aliens and gain access to their technology what a huge advantage they would have over other countries. When you consider all the stories from World War Two pilots of 'Foo Fighters', the Roswell incident, Area 51, and the millions of reported eye witness accounts over the last 100 years, then you might begin to suspect that perhaps alien contact has already been made and the government is just trying to keep a lid on the story.

Of course these kinds of thoughts might lead one to believe in conspiracies but if you were an alien species intent on observing the human race, kind of like us going to the zoo and you wanted to create a permanent base on the Earth, where would you put it? Hmmm, let me see humans aren't technologically advanced enough to go to the bottom of the ocean, they don't live underground, they don't even realize that their own planet is hollow and none of them live on the entire continent of Antarctica, eeny meeny miny mo?

Field Day at the Zoo!

"Since their own governments deny we exist, most of the population are backwards and ignorant and the planet itself is pretty much defenseless against us, we could wander around the planet at will, snatch whom ever we want and pretty much do as we please and no one will stop us."

Heck, if they really wanted the planet to themselves, they could just spray a gaseous humancide from the sky, wait until the entire population died and inherit the entire planet completely free of the human vermin or insects they probably consider us to be. I mean if you were a truly supreme technologically advanced race of beings capable of traversing the vast distances of interstellar space and you came across a planet of beings unable to even get off their own planet, how difficult would it be to wipe them from the face of the planet and take it for yourself, get real folks?

However if you consider, as I do, that most alien species believe that war is senseless and exist as peaceful, loving beings spreading love and light where ever they go and you came across a planet of beings that had nuclear weapons and used them on each other and were on the verge of space travel, would it not be the responsible thing to do to keep them on their own planet, quarantined from the rest of the Galaxy?

Let's us assume this is the case, how difficult would it be do you think to keep them from leaving the planet?

When you consider that humanity went to the Moon over forty years ago and haven't been back since, you might wonder why that is? After all if we are considering sending manned spacecraft to Mars wouldn't it behoove humanity to set up a base on the Moon so that we wouldn't have to launch our spacecraft from the Earth that has a much greater gravity than the Moon, which requires the consumption of more fuel?

Isn't it interesting that NASA and Congress would develop a plan to tow an asteroid into a Moon orbit to set up a space station on it but will not even discuss let alone consider a Moon Base?

So while mankind continues to send unmanned spacecraft into space, to the Moon and even to Mars, we have not attempted to try to send manned missions into space beyond the International Space Station. The obvious question is Why? Could it be that the Powers That Be in fact have tried only to be rebuffed or perhaps they are privy too information they're unwilling to share with the public. Regardless of the reasons the fact remains that while we plan and scheme and propose these manned missions none have been made to my knowledge.

The suppression of knowledge on the topic of the UFO Phenomenon by our own government speaks volumes when compared to independent research. This conspiracy of silence actually provides the public with all the proof they need to the presence of alien existence. By remaining silent on a topic that more than 75% of America already believes to be true, it in fact shows that our own government wishes the topic to remain a secret, confirming that the subject is real.

Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth Resources

The internet book entitled Etidorhpa (Aphrodite spelled backwards) without mentioning any names essentially reveals the mysterious fate and disappearance William Morgan in 1826 in America. Morgan, a resident of New York claimed to have written a book that would reveal the inner secrets of the Freemasons but before he could publish it he was arrested and then simply disappeared (suspected kidnap and murder).

This book chronicles his disappearance (kidnapping) at the hands of the Freemasons to show him exactly why the information must remain a secret. It begins with his journey to the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky (the longest most intricate cave system in the world) and his journey into Hollow Earth. This e-book is an incredibly fascinating read, which explains many of the mysteries and myths of Hollow Earth itself. Written as fiction it provides the reader with discoveries and concepts that clearly shows that humanity on the surface has been purposely mislead by our own scientist's to prevent the public from learning the truth about Hollow Earth.

Another e-book that goes into much more depth and detail of the Hollow Earth subject is entitled Genesis For A New Space Age by John B. Leith, written in 1980 from all United States government sources. This book, which is essentially about the creation of round winged aircraft and their history, shows why Nazi Germany was so fascinated with Antarctica and believed that our Earth is hollow. It also goes to great length's to describe the Admiral Byrd Antarctica Expedition and what America knows about the Hollow Earth subject and why it has been kept a secret.

Another source of information on the Hollow Earth coverup is from Tuesday Lobsang Rampa in his book My Visit To Agharta which is a first hand account of his journey to this land and back to take part in a spiritual celebration of love with and underlying message of hope through enlightenment. He is given a message direct from the Prime Creator to share with those on the surface in the form of books on spiritual enlightenment and the true reality of the Law of One.

Do You Believe?

Do you believe the Earth is hollow?

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Hollow Earth

Every ancient culture on Earth and even some not so ancient ones, have stories, legends and myths of Hollow Earth from the Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerians, Aztecs and Incas, American Indians, Hindu, Tibetan, Chinese and even the Eskimo's so make no mistake this is not a new conspiracy. Their are literally millions of references to the concept on the internet today, endless books on the subject and numerous channeled material.

However what I find fascinating is that of the many books and research on the subject that I have conducted all of the stories are remarkably the same, incredibly consistent. The basic gist is that our planet was formed hollow as is every planet in our Universe. That life actually begins inside the planet to protect it from the ravages of the external atmosphere, weather and geological upheavals.

In Marshal B. Gardeners classic book Journey to the Earth's Interior written in 1915 he explains just how planets are formed via the Nebula Theory and that as a planet forms much like a gas bubble surrounding a collapsing star, the planet's power source or heart remains on the inside. Many ancient cultures have the firm belief that planets are their own life forms and actually create the beings that will live on it and in it. Eventually over billions of years the outer crust is formed leaving the interior a vast empty space ready for life to begin, complete with its own power source or mini-sun, very similar to the basic cell structure.

The stories of Hollow Earth all tell of a continent known as Agharta of which the capitol city is Shambhala, where the King of the World resides. They tell of a peaceful people of unusual size, incredibly long life that are dedicated to a spiritual existence and are essentially the Earth's protectors. The land is filled with all manner of creatures great and small, including the dinosaurs, that coexist peacefully without aggression towards one another or the humans that live there. There is no disease, starvation, war or money and that they live as long as they want to, only dying when they choose to.

With that being said it is easy to see why The Powers That Be wish to keep its existence a secret because if it was widely known that such a paradise existed, the amount of people trying to immigrate there would never cease and those in power that enjoy the financial and spiritual enslavement they are accustom to would would have no one left to rule over.

However what needs to be emphasized is that this coverup of the existence of Hollow Earth is a two way street especially after the rulers of Agharta have repeatedly offered to help those in power on the surface only to be betrayed after treaties were broken and technology misused. The interior of the planet has enjoyed 10,000 years of peace and will only help the citizens on the surface when war has become outlawed.

In fact an ancient Hindu prophecy predicts that the Avatar of Kalki will appear at the end of the present age of Koli Yug (untruth) to purge the forces of evil from the surface of the planet and usher in the new cycle (age) of mankind Kritya Yug (the age of purity). Of course it is predicted that Kalki will be born in the town of Shambhala.

Whenever there is a withering of the law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law, I come to birth, age after age. (Bhagavad Gita, Book IV, Sutra 5, 7, 8)Bhagavad Gita – The holy book of the Hindus

Many channeled books and resources also tell of a time in the very near future when the citizens of the inner Earth will reunite with their surface brothers and sisters to help them rebuild after a cataclysm of epic proportions, a wiping clean of the slate or purging of evil. Whether this is a World War or Polar Shift remains unclear, however the results could very well be similar.

The Moon Matrix

The Moon

The origins of the Moon and its history has remained a mystery for time immemorial.
The origins of the Moon and its history has remained a mystery for time immemorial. | Source

The Moon

While most of humanity takes our Moon for granted, knowing it will always be there when they look up into the sky at night, many do not know the many mysteries that shroud its existence. The lack of public knowledge concerning the origins and existence of this planet is why I consider it to be one of The Five Greatest Conspiracies of All Time. By sharing with my reader some of these profound mysteries about the Moon I hope to convince some of you that we are not being told the truth about it and in fact the reasons behind this conspiracy could very well redefine our way of thinking and lives on this planet.

Let's consider some of the less known facts about a planet we all take for granted, shall we? According to leading scientist and hundred's of years of observation and experiments many facts have been noted that lead to more questions than answers.

  • The Moon, based on rocks brought back by NASAs astronauts, is a billion years older than the Earth itself, so which came first the Earth or the Moon?

  • The dust that these rocks were found to be sitting on has been determined to be even a billion years older than the rocks themselves and made of a different chemical composition, which begs the question where did the rocks come from?

  • In 1971 instruments left by NASAs astronauts detected a 100 square mile cloud of water vapor traveling across the surface of the Moon.

  • Based on experiments by the Apollo 12 and 13 crews many scientist believe the Moon is hollow. Hundred's of seismic events known as 'moonquakes', that cannot be attributed to meteor impacts, are recorded every year.

  • Many of the Moon's heavier elements such as titanium are found on its surface, as opposed to other planets in which heavier substance are found at their core. The Moon's crust is comprised mostly of illeminite that is made up of elements not found naturally on Earth.

  • Based on the composition of the Moon, the theory that the Moon was formed from the Earth itself has been dis-proven and the fact that it is too large to have been captured by the Earth's gravity leads to further questions as to its origins.

  • The Moons precise orbit and diameter is the only satellite yet to be found in the vastness of space that creates a perfect eclipse of the Sun as seen from Earth, an extreme coincidence. Only one side of the Moon can be seen from the Earth due to its very unusual orbit.
  • Greek and Roman author's, such as Aristotle and Ovid both describe a ancients civilization which lived in an area of Greece known as Arcadia, called The Proselenes (which means 'before the Moon') that claim that their ancestors lived on Earth before the Moon showed up in the heavens.

  • NASA reported in 1968 that there had been over 570 unexplainable light flashes recorded by astronomers between the years 1540 and and 1967 on the surface of the Moon.

  • Astronomers have verified the existence of three non-natural formations on the Lunar surface in the last century.

  1. A 12 mile long Bridge that covers the Mare Crisium crater was discovered and independently verified in 1953.
  2. An obelisk-shaped object known as The Shard that projects 1.5 miles above the lunar surface was discovered by the Orbiter 3 space craft in 1968.
  3. The Orbiter 3 also photographed an object known as The Tower which is a spire of an unknown material that rises more than 5 miles from the surface of the Moon.
  • Many scientist have determined that some of the craters on the Moons surface were created internally and yet there is no evidence of any volcanic activity or volcanoes on the Moon.

  • Moon rocks are magnetized and yet there is no magnetic field on the Moon itself.

  • One of the Moon rocks had an angelic statue imbedded in its surface.

Now these are just some of the more interesting anomalies known about the Moon that have been revealed to the public, this information doesn't even speculate on the mysteries NASA scientist's haven't shared with the public.

However all that being said some of the more interesting theories concerning the Moons origins is one that it was towed into place by an advanced alien species to create a more stable environment on the Earth itself. After all the Moon does create four distinct seasons on our planet and forms tides that provide stable ocean currents. Perhaps in our distant past a far more advanced species dwelled on the planet Earth and brought the Moon here to create a more stable environment.

Another theory is that it was brought here to be used as a space observatory or natural space craft with the perfect disguise to keep the natives from realizing they were being watched. This would explain the almost perfect orbit and the fact that only one side of the Moon can be seen from Earth, hence the term the Dark Side of the Moon.

Because the Moon is already inhabited by those that are the true masters of this planet, the Reptoids as David Icke refers to them, once we made it to the Moon over forty years ago we were told in no uncertain terms, never to return. His theory is essentially that the Earth was created as a holographic classroom so that spiritual entities could experience 'life' divorced from the Source Field or One Supreme Consciousness, most people call God.

However this Reptilian species, possibly from the Orion Star cluster was able to hijack this spiritual lesson created by God by blocking all but our five physical senses using technology they brought with them on their space vehicle we call the Moon. By using sophisticated technology that broadcast a jamming frequency from the Moon, their space vehicle, they have prevented those living on this planet from remembering the true nature of our existence.

This prevents us from remembering past lives, accessing our chakras, using telepathy, realizing we all possess the ability to astral travel or remote view, remembering our dreams or many other spiritual abilities that we are only now remembering and learning. The purpose behind this nefarious scheme as Icke claims is to keep humanity locked into their base animalistic frequencies such as war, greed, selfishness, and ego because they feed off negative human emotions and also eat meat, so they see mankind as an endless food source.

However now that humanity is waking up and breaking through this Moon Matrix, this system of control is weakening. According to many spiritual sources this control system is losing power and the Reptilians are being expelled from this solar system.

Regardless of what one believes as to the origin of our planet's Moon one thing is for certain, until we are able to create a permanent settlement on it, we will never be able to explore its many mysteries. Our world's leaders reluctance to revisit our Moon not withstanding, it does seem strange the little we know about it and the fact that although we visited almost half a century ago we haven't been back in person since.

This fact alone is all the evidence I needed to conclude that there is a conspiracy involving the Moon, not too mention a recent Gallup Poll showed that 13% of America actually believes it is made out of cheese!

Nibiru Planet X

The Earth changes, extreme weather and polar shift are all due to this planet returning to our solar sytem.
The Earth changes, extreme weather and polar shift are all due to this planet returning to our solar sytem. | Source

The Polar Shift

NASA again has already revealed to the public that the North Pole of planet Earth is moving 40 miles a year towards Siberia, this is a fact that no one is disputing, however what is being disputed is the reasons for it.

I submit to you that the true reason that our poles are shifting is due to the magnetic influence Nibiru Planet X is causing to our beloved planet Earth. This influence has caused the Earth's natural wobble to increase, which in turn has caused the Jet Stream to alter its course, which in turn has caused the polar ice to melt, which in turn has caused sea levels to rise and alter their natural flow.

Because the outer crust of our planet is now on the move it is causing the tectonic plates to move and grind against each other, which in turn is causing earthquakes, sinkholes, train derailments, bridge and building collapses, which is allowing more magma to flow to the surface, which in turn is causing more volcanic eruptions.

These tectonic plate disruptions are releasing large pockets of methane gas to escape to the surface, through oceans, rivers and the ground, which is lethal to small animals such as birds, fish and other animals, which in turn is causing large scale die-offs or kills.

Because the Jet Stream has been altered significantly our weather patterns have changed dramatically, now to be sure The Powers That Be have coined clever terms to alter the public's perception of why this is happening such as Global Warming and Climate Change but they are just concepts designed to distract the masses from the truth, such as evolution and have no true merit.

Because these Earth Changes have become so common and are in the news daily, the Fake Stream Media (oops I meant Main, my bad) has had to resort to clever explanations for these events to placate the restless masses, which are only now beginning to awaken to the deception. As the Polar Shift begins to move into high gear due to the passage of Nibiru Planet X through our solar system, these events will create a steadily growing number of refugees due to displacement from these natural disasters. This in turn will create stress on populations, economies, workers, food and fresh water supplies, transportation, travel and shelters.

The Powers That Be have had ample time to consider all these possibilities and have instituted laws, organizations and institutions to deal with these ever growing concerns as a means to and end. Make no mistake no eventuality has not been considered and planned for, consider such organizations such as FEMA and the Division of Homeland Security and you begin to see the larger picture.

Nibiru Planet X

To be certain this conspiracy has been brewing for over 100 years, ever since Percival Lowell built his astronomical observatory in Flagstaff, AZ in 1894, specifically to look for Nibiru. However it truly began to build momentum in 1976 with Zecharia Zitchin's book The 12th Planet, which details the ancient Sumerians history of our planet Earth complete with the Annunaki 'those whom from heaven to Earth came'.

The Annunaki are the race of giant's (Nephelum in the Bible) that came in space ships from the 12th planet (Nibiru) to Earth over 400,000 years ago to mine gold needed to help restore their atmosphere that they had destroyed through pollution and war. Upon tiring of working in the gold mines on Earth their workers revolted, which resulted in their scientist genetically modifying the indigenous beings on this planet to work as replacement slaves in the gold mines. The Sumerian word 'worship' literally means 'to work for' but because our ancestors considered the Annunaki 'Gods', archeologist mistakenly translated the word to mean worship.

Because many of our founding fathers were freemasons and this secret cult of ancient knowledge was built around ancient lore recorded throughout time immemorial The Powers That Be have known that (Nibiru) Planet X as NASA refers to it (X referring to the Roman numeral ten) would be returning to our solar system on its 3,657 year passage. Because they also know that how the planets in our solar system are aligned during is passage would determine the affects it would have on the planet Earth, they have endeavored to keeps its return a secret from the public to ensure their own survival while hoping to eliminate large sections of the population without firing a shot.

In the 50s and 60s the concept of the 'Cold War' was introduced into American and Russian societies as a way for The Powers That Be of both nations to use fear to siphon off huge amounts of money from the American taxpayers and Russian workers to justify building large underground bunkers systems throughout North America and Russia to ensure their survival from the passage of Nibiru Planet X. TPTB of both nations have colluded many times to help create scenarios (space race) in which the citizens of both nations could be manipulated into believing false scenarios to ensure that the rulers of these superpowers have complete control over the masses and things are no different today.

By releasing just enough information on the subject to placate the masses, TPTB know that through fear and imagination the public can be manipulated into scoffing at the idea while giving the conspiracy mongers enough to further their beliefs as well. Fear is the tool used by those in power to keep the public from recognizing the truth to any situation, theory or concept.

Since NASAs announcement to the world that they had found this planet on the fringes of our solar system back in 1983 which made headlines in The Washington Post and New York Times, TPTB decided in the interest of National Security to censor all information on the subject from the public. However what they cannot do is censor the signs of the Polar Shift from the magnetic influence Nibiru Planet X is having on our planet.


Although this article is a little long, if you have made it this far I hope that you have learned that many topics we take for granted are truly shrouded in mystery. My Top Five Greatest Conspiracies of All Time could easily be articles all to themselves and have been by many different author's, including myself.

As humanity awakens from its intellectual and spiritual slumber I hope that we may learn to explore these topics and gather wisdom from them. Because as we do they may very well shape the way we think about our planet, its role in the Universe as well as those that inhabit it.

© 2013 somethgblue


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