The Numbers Game- The OTHER Double Standard!

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    It seems that only children are subjected to an extremely higher standard of behavior than children from multichild families.   Only children are often in a Catch-22 situation no matter what they do.   If an only child is well-behaved, he/she is not relaxed enough and should be acting like a kid!  If an only child is quiet, he/she needs to socialize more; maybe something is wrong with him/her!  If an only child is talkative, well, he/she is just grabbing attention or he/she is just being a prima donna! 

    If an only child is affluent and has things, he/she is spoiled and has it TOO good as if affluence and having things is horrendous!   If an only child just does not want to be bothered, well, he/she is just bratty that's all!  If an only child defends or looks out for himself/herself, he/she is downright self-centered!   If an only child prefers to stand back and observe, he/she is timid and should be more assertive!   If an only child is non-confrontational, he/she is not capable of standing up for himself/herself.  The list, of course, is endless.  The point is no matter what the only child does or does not do, everything he/she does is either associated with and/or blamed on his/her onliness. 

    However, if someone makes the abovementioned remarks about children in multichild families, it would be said that they act that way because of the environment, parenting, and/or non-sibling related behaviors.  In other words, children in multichild families are not singled out and demonized for their multiplicities regarding behaviors and mannerisms as only children constantly are.  Behaviors and mannerisms of children in multichild families are excused and explained away while the onliness of only children are oftentimes explained for the aforementioned.

    Well, I for one, is thoroughly tired of the constant negative characterization of only children.   There are good, considerate, and loving only children and there are selfish, inconsiderate, and bratty children from multichild families although some of you from multichild families refuse to acknowledge the latter?  Do you agree that there is a double standard in regards to behavior and mannerisms of only children and children in multichild families with the former always being demonized for behaviors which are often excused in the latter?

  2. Nouveau Skeptic profile image74
    Nouveau Skepticposted 5 years ago

    I have never noticed criticism varying between only and one-of-many kids.  Most people looking at a specific kids won't even know if they have siblings.