What emotions do you go through every day?

  1. The British Way profile image60
    The British Wayposted 4 years ago

    I am working on a psychological theory / experiment. It is purely in it's infantile stage right now but I would like to know what you feel every day. Whether it is up or down, during the day or night, while awake or dreaming, in work or day off. All feelings and thoughts are welcome and be honest. I want to see where our emotions can take us and what decisions are made because of them.

    Thank you

    1. torrilynn profile image75
      torrilynnposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      On a regular basis, Im normally feeling down, constantly tired, and lacking alot of energy. I dont socialize really and I dont have any friends. Sometimes, my family might even catch me daydreaming from time to time when they are tryingto ask me something. I dont work as of right now and I am a full time college student that takes classes online. During the night, I feel energized, still very down though, and not as tired.

  2. irongrip profile image69
    irongripposted 4 years ago

    On a regular day, I feel tensed. I feel as if every move I do is being judged, and I need to be at my top performance.