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What is the biggest challenge in teaching today?

  1. lrohner profile image82
    lrohnerposted 7 years ago

    What is the biggest challenge in teaching today?

  2. nicomp profile image68
    nicompposted 7 years ago

    K-12 : parents. If the parents don't take an interest in their children's education, then no amount of new buildings, tax levies, intervention, or No Child Left Behind will fix a school. The kids are with their families, or not, for the vast majority of their young lives: a few hours in school won't overcome that. When parents expect schools to teach sex, eliminate bullying, mentor relationships, and curry emotional development while at the same time providing breakfast and lunch to their children, it's lights out. When parents take no interest in homework or provide no role models for academic achievement, no school has a prayer.

  3. poetvix profile image69
    poetvixposted 7 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with Nicomp but would like to add that not only are parents a problem, but our current youth based culture is too.  The culture today does not place emphasis on delayed gratification or working for a goal.  Learning takes work and time.  Today's society wants everything now. 
    Children look to music videos, movies and video games to get their ideas of not only what success is but how to arrive at it.  Seldom do such mediums display the amount of effort that goes into making it big.
    Further, its is not considered "kewl" to be smart anymore.  I see students everyday who are smart but hide it.  They tell me, when no one else is around of course, that they do not want to be seen as smart.  The purposefully do bad on tests and assignments and just scrape by in reguards to grades.  They state that students who are viewed as smart are often targets of ridicule and have fewer friends.  This is of course not the thinking of all students, thank God, but it is the thinking of an alarmingly large and ever increasing segment of the student population at large.

  4. krishubpages123 profile image31
    krishubpages123posted 7 years ago

    Students are in much advanced world now with everything latest technologies, like 4g mobile phones, hdtv, 3dtv etc, you teacher also would learn how to approach them through this latest techy gadgets to use in their teaching..

  5. Ruchira profile image77
    Ruchiraposted 7 years ago

    I feel the biggest challenge is the children and to all that they have been exposed to...which ruins the effect when a teacher is teaching them.
    The over-confidence in children 'cause of all the media they have been exposed to and the lack of respect for elders makes the teacher difficult to get the message across in a definite time.

  6. NJ's Ponderings profile image79
    NJ's Ponderingsposted 7 years ago

    The biggest challenge in education today, I feel, is incorporating technology in classrooms in a manner that reduces the work load, improves the green usage in classrooms, provides a way to capture student's attention, ensures students are using it correctly and not for the wrong reasons, assists in the meeting of student individual needs, and provides students with a sound, well-documented education. Whew!! Hope that helps. smile