What do you think our part in the universe is?

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  1. algarveview profile image89
    algarveviewposted 6 years ago

    What do you think our part in the universe is?

  2. ArtzGirl profile image77
    ArtzGirlposted 6 years ago

    I've recently enjoyed playing the role of an investigative journalist-- putting together links and information that may help other people understand things that they may not have the time to research on their own.

    I'm very artistic and creative -- and musically inclined also.  It is very important to me to express my creativity in these things... but for now-- I see so many major issues that need a "voice" and a way to advance what it is I'm seeing in these fields.  By writing articles that may help others pull together important links and information-- I'm hoping to make a serious difference in the topics that I am writing about!

    I do not have the scientific background to be the person who creates the cure for cancer in a laboratory... but I may be the person who helps the person who is researching this disease-- find the information that may help them achieve this goal much faster.

    This may be a very important role to play right now.
    I see myself as a Nancy Drew that likes to write articles on in-depth topics that can possibly make a major change to many fields!

  3. Sky9106 profile image73
    Sky9106posted 6 years ago

    Our part as felt by me through the filtering of all the information that I have gathered,over the course of my life so far, was the do exactly what you are now also trying to do, which is find out, to the best , most sincere of our ability, what our part truly is.
    There is a natural and instinctive search which takes place in every human individual existence. At an age of accountability , our choices becomes more influenced because of curiosity and exposure, this I believe is where the wisdom or damnation begins on many fronts, depending on the environment you are in.
    Since we met two profound entities here, we tend to make our choices based on those , the are called good and evil.
    How we grow to interpret those two, and what convictions we feel  will eventually be put to the test by the level of your intellect.
    Once you have witnessed and experienced both the choice is on you based on the convictions you feel.
    It is obvious that we were given life and so many don't believe we were given any guidelines, but asking your self why you do what you do, you should find buried answers,same as you find buried answers for pain and death.
    We will be judged by our own convictions even by our own selves.


  4. GoldenBird profile image62
    GoldenBirdposted 6 years ago

    We were meant to think and feel. We are the nervous system of the universe.

  5. Denise Handlon profile image88
    Denise Handlonposted 6 years ago

    To mirror what has been manifested by the Creator of this Universe in a positive, loving, and harmonious manner.  This takes in the concept of nonduality in this world, which is difficult for many people to understand and practice.  In doing this, we see ourselves and others, as part of a totality within the Universe-not separate entities.

  6. profile image0
    Old Empresarioposted 6 years ago

    Our part is whatever we choose to make of our being here. We can stay here and await natural destruction or we can find ways to colonize the universe. A third option is to evolve into something that can survive natural catastrophies.


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