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For every experience you get, What are the biggest things you have learned?

  1. Ruchira profile image77
    Ruchiraposted 6 years ago

    For every experience you get, What are the biggest things you have learned?

  2. CloudExplorer profile image79
    CloudExplorerposted 6 years ago

    I learn a great deal from each experience I have, and this is the very reason my life has been worth living, and is filled with amazing moments of joy triumph, pain, and more learning I guess.  I love life's challenging experiences and just would like to show others what it is I've been through in it all thus far, hence my reason for being on the web as I am today, and for being a hubpages author. We all have a voice, and so let it be heard, that's my modo.

  3. Teresita Rivera profile image62
    Teresita Riveraposted 6 years ago

    Everyday is an experience for which we have two choices:  enjoy it or be miserable about it.  I have learned that the best option is to enjoy it.  For whether we like it or not, it will unfold. . . the seconds grow into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, and before we know it, we have added years and years to our life.  And it could be years and years of a fulfilling and joyful life, or years and years of feeling dejected and miserable.  I choose the former.

  4. pstraubie48 profile image87
    pstraubie48posted 6 years ago

    the lessons i have learned and continue to learn are usually lessons no one could have taught me. others can tell me their take on a situation or experience but truly it will be my own journey through it that will teach me something.
    sometimes i have learned to be patient...to be wiling to wait until the whole experience has ended and derive from it whatever else i need to has been so important in my life.
    i have also learned to face my greatest fears. sometimes that has been a very anxiety producing experience for me but when it was over, i felt relief because i knew i had faced off with a demon and come out on the other side.
    i have learned that kindness, such a simple thing, can change the demeanor of another in an instant. a kind word can make someone's day. unexpected overtures towards others who may not have a positive take on things will produce surprising results.
    and, i have learned that no THING that i possess is as important to me as my sweet family...priceless...

  5. rose61 profile image60
    rose61posted 6 years ago

    The fragrance of love, tears  of sorrows and shining sun of Joy makes me feel better about the life which is still crawling for the best survival in this hard economical situation of world. Perhaps everybody's learning experiences may be different from a tiny water vapor to the roaring waves of the Atlantic. My feelings still gives a welding glare to those who needs love, sorrows and Joy.

  6. shampa sadhya profile image81
    shampa sadhyaposted 6 years ago

    I have learnt a lot.

    1. Learnt to know people better. I am a very simple person so I used to take everyone as simple but my experiences taught me that many people are very complicated so now I try to be cautious while talking to people.

    2. I used to get angry very soon and never tried to hide it with a feeling that my dear ones will understand me but now my experiences do not allow me to maintain this attitude in a casual way. This casual approach is now expressed on only two or three persons.

    3. My experiences taught me not to get involved in everyone's life. It hurts when they ignore you after their goal is achieved.

    List is long so let me draw a line here or else it will consume yours valuable time.

  7. Vinodkpillai profile image79
    Vinodkpillaiposted 6 years ago

    The biggest things I have learned from my experiences are:

    1. Everybody is equally a bundle of courage and fears, doubts and insights, strengths and weaknesses, ignorance and intellect, pettinesses and magnanimity, selfishnesses and selflessness....... no matter how each one of us may appear to be.

    2.The moment itself - in terms of one's experience of it - is all that is relevant. The dead past is irrelevant and so is the unborn future. The more I live in the moment, the easier life becomes.

    3. If my thoughts are nearer the truth then it can withstand the assault of all the counter views - my fears to the contrary are either unfounded or an indication that my thoughts are mere dogmas which I am holding on as the truth.

    4. Everybody has their own "truth" and my truth is only relevant for me.

  8. Beata Stasak profile image83
    Beata Stasakposted 6 years ago

    ...that nothing in life we should take for granted...that the main difference between happy and unhappy people is not the smaller amount of obstacles and difficulties, but the outlook on life...an obstacle prompts happy people to move on faster and unhappy people are discouraged to move at all...they stop on a track and blame everyone and everything for their own immobility....

  9. efroide profile image60
    efroideposted 6 years ago

    I learned, I always have a lot to learn. It takes humility to know that and determination to improve on what it takes!

  10. Shake Shah profile image70
    Shake Shahposted 6 years ago

    I learned that only hard work will lead us to success..

  11. Capedium profile image78
    Capediumposted 6 years ago

    Realizing the path that lead me to it..