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How often do you have Dejavu? What do you think it means?

  1. thisiknow profile image61
    thisiknowposted 5 years ago

    How often do you have Dejavu? What do you think it means?

    It seems that everyday I have dejavu. I will see something that I could not have possibly ever seen before… yet as I look at it, I remember... in detail. Or as I am having a conversation , I know that I have had that exact conversation before, word for word, with the same person who I just met. At first I thought it was interesting… now it happens so often it freaks me out. There is too much detail in these dejavus to be a coincidence. Do you have dejavu? What are your thoughts about it?

  2. MickS profile image73
    MickSposted 5 years ago

    I'm sure I've seen a question like this before.

  3. avorodisa profile image86
    avorodisaposted 5 years ago

    I think there is some psychological trigger when it comes to deja vu. There have been attempts to understand this phenomena, and different versions have been suggested. I have had deja vu several times. I still cannot explain the thing that this never happened, yet, I "remembered" something. Staying away from mysticism, I prefer to think that on the level of sensations, I had some impulse in a situation when it happened. This could be some color, sound, smell, anything. The unclear memory that it brought was the recognition of this sensation, so strong, yet, so unclear to my mind.

  4. Buzzbee profile image74
    Buzzbeeposted 5 years ago

    It's deja-vu all over again...as the famous quip goes...and it surely is an amazing phenomenon to experience because it is one of those things that you cannot express to someone who has not themselves experienced deja vu. I really doubt there is anyone who has not at sometime or other said to themselves 'well I'm sure I said and did this very thing I'm doing now...before this!'  How can one explain it?

    Personally I'm sure it is a supernatural event.

    In other words, when we pop ahead or behind in the space-time continuum, deja vu occurs.  We are creatures of more than just blood and bones and synapses, I believe, and deja vu is just one of those excellent examples to assure us of such a fact.   There is more in heaven and hell than is dreamt of in your philosophy Horatio...to quote Shakespeare, and truly who could ever deny that supernatural events, like experiencing an event for the second time, just as it occurred the first time, is not evidence of our mysterious world and our remarkable human lives.

    Of great interest to me, and related to this topic, is the one we saw illustrated in the movie Ground Hog Day, where Bill Murray was trapped in a deja vu experience, but one which he was aware of as it was happening, which added an extra layer of deja vu on top of the existing layer!  Now that is a mind-bender!

    I suggest one watch this movie backwards, in reverse, and see what happens. I am dizzy right now just thinking of it.

  5. Docmo profile image93
    Docmoposted 5 years ago

    I thought I already answered this question. In fact I am sure I did. lol.

    I've 'already seen' this question and answer. That's what Deja vu means ' already seen' in French. This strange thought is a trick the brain plays on us in memory loops. The opposite in 'Jamais vu' or never seen when one swears that they have never seen or done anythign when others could remember they have!

  6. unvrso profile image93
    unvrsoposted 5 years ago

    I could count the few times that I have experienced "déjà vu" with the fingers of my hand. It has been three or four times, and it most commonly occurred during my childhood. It is a sensation of familiarity, and it occurs in an instant as a flash, where you sense that a particular event or person has occurred to you at a different period during your ethereal existence; however when you try to relate the occurrence to a given period during your earthly existence, you usually don't find any relation at all.

    Déjà vu might include a vision experience, as well as physical details, such as a landscape, or the exact physical appearance of a person. Most of the déjà vus that I experienced were of people, and one from a landscape when I was travelling on a bus.

  7. Dog Advisor profile image80
    Dog Advisorposted 5 years ago

    I can definitely understand how unsettling it can be when 'Dejavu" attacks.  I formally had a job which required me to travel sometimes six months out of the year.  During this time of my life I experienced Dejavu quite often. Sometimes once a week...

    My spiritual side would like to believe that it may be linked to God touching you on the shoulder as if to say...Pay Attention. This May be Important...

    My logical side believes that the human brain is so intricate and that we, as humans, only use a small portion.  That being said, avorodisa's comment about the sensations and the power of color, sound. smell, and  sight can trigger our brain to 'trick' a fake memory.

    The weirdest feeling is when the person you are with has the exact same experience, same Dejavu and you have never met them before.