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Six nations and one private co. are in a race to the moon to mine helium-3 for n

  1. cam8510 profile image95
    cam8510posted 5 years ago

    Six nations and one private co. are in a race to the moon to mine helium-3 for nuc. energy on earth.

    What are your thoughts on this?  I haven't decided how I feel completely.  Keep in mind.  by using helium-3, to produce energy through nuclear fusion, there would be absolutely no radioactivity from beginning to end.  It is clean.  Helium is not radioactive.  What about the "wellbeing" of the moon?  Is our energy future worth digging on the moon?

  2. cam8510 profile image95
    cam8510posted 5 years ago

    My opening question ended up not being a question at all.  Maybe it should have read:
    "Have you heard that 6 nations and a private co. are in a race to mine helium 3 from the moon for nuclear power on earth?  Beginning the question with "Have you heard" would have been good, because there has been virtually no reporting on this topic by any major news agency.  That is becoming an issue within the science world.  We are going back to the moon.  Why isn't it huge news?  We are going to dig helium3 out of the moons surface layers.  Why is this not news.  It will solve our energy problems for centuries.  Why are the news agencies ignoring it?  Without the cooperation of the new agencies, especially in the US, it will be more difficult to gain public support.  Is this the goal of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and FOX?  What do you think of the whole subject?

    1. GreenMathDr profile image74
      GreenMathDrposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Whoever develops and controls this will wield the power of the land baron who controls the water supply in a farming community. The main difference is that Planet Earth will be the ones dependent  in place of a few farmers. Maybe limiting competitio

    2. cam8510 profile image95
      cam8510posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      So much already seems like a feudal society, with big corporations owning what used to be owned by individuals. Even if private companies did all mining and transport, it wouldn't be more than a couple, so competition could be an issue.

  3. ajwrites57 profile image87
    ajwrites57posted 5 years ago

    Hi cam8510, I'm no scientist but if it is true that helium-3 would provide clean, limitless, power for mankind's use we should exploit this resource. (If I understand correctly, a reaction to the sun produces helium-3 continuously because the moon has no atmosphere.) I believe some kind of energy like this is necessary. Firstly, to save our planet. We are disrupting our whole ecosystem in our hunger for oil and natural gas, not to mention the affects from their use. Secondly, because we need this power to further explore our cosmos. Even though it would cost billions to mine and ship back to earth, it would still be a cheaper, safer alternative to what we have now. As far as the effects on the moon, that is uncertain. Our world is dependent on the moon for our daily cycles and if the moon is disrupted by any mining or the harvesting of helium-3 it could severely impact us (e.g. tides, sleep cycles). Good question cam8510!