Who is...............the Devil? Deep, logical, & analytical answers please. Wan

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  1. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    Who is...............the Devil? Deep, logical, & analytical answers please.  Want some deep thinking

    & analysis in responses.


  2. profile image0
    LoliHeyposted 3 years ago

    Satan was once Lucifer, one of God's favorite angels.  Lucifer become proud because of this and eventually wanted to take over God's throne.  To make a long story short, he was cast out of heaven and onto the earth.  Perhaps it is because he lost the war, and has NO chance of reconciliation with God, that he became vindictive and evil, seeking out to corrupt and destroy mankind (God's beloved creation) in order to hurt God.  At the same time, he still wants to be god, desiring worship, and even mimics God in many ways.  I believe that if Satan can't get people to worship him, then leading them astray and steering them towards false gods will do.  Satan probably is devoid of any good trait possible, since God has withdrawn His essence from him.  We all have God in us, and if we go to hell, God will withdraw His essence from us, too. 

    To sum up, Satan is the Prince of Darkness, the Father of Lies, The Ruler of This World, who is out to steal, kill, and destroy.

    1. Austinstar profile image86
      Austinstarposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Who has killed more? http://dwindlinginunbelief.blogspot.com … r-god.html The answer is your biblical god has destroyed many more people than "god" has.

  3. bradmasterOCcal profile image43
    bradmasterOCcalposted 3 years ago

    The Devil is mythical as is the biblical Gods. No one knows, and there has been no divine contact to even acknowledge this much less affirm it.
    According to the OLD Bible, Hell was created by God, when the old apple was eaten by the children. So, no one was there except Lucifer and a third of the Angels. And no one knows whether that was 3 angels or 3 million. It is not like the angels can procreate or more are created so it is odd that we weren't given a real number, instead of a fraction.
    There wouldn't be any humans in Hell for several centuries at best, so does it make sense that Lucifer would be punishing the fallen angels?
    A case could be made that the Devil is God, and God created Evil.
    According to the story, Lucifer and Hell would exist for eternity. Well so far eternity is over 13 billion years, but humans have only been on Earth for under 20,000 years. Genesis is of no help because it is vague and ambiguous having no clear views of real science. That is why the Catholic Church didn't like Copernicus when he told them that it was the Earth that went around the Sun. This should have been a detail in Genesis.

    The reason that it wasn't is because the real authors of the bible were mere humans, and they didn't know at that time. Neither bible was written contemporaneous with its events.

    So, the devil was created as the reason to follow God, not for love but out of fear of going to Hell. And why does an Angel need wings?

  4. Austinstar profile image86
    Austinstarposted 3 years ago

    The devil is a figment of the superstitious people that also believe in its opposite.
    The devil is the "boogeyman", the bad guy, the "evil" one, the opposite of "good", the night and darkness, or anything else that religious/superstitious people want the devil to be.
    This week it's "muslims". Last week it was Asians, blacks, Mexicans, Koreans, Jews, Africans, vaccines, or Obama/Hillary/Clinton/Trump/Cruz (take your pick).
    Anything that goes "bump in the night" is the devil.
    But if you really want the truth... it is us. We are our own devils. We have both the power of good and the power of bad inside each and every one of us.
    When you learn to accept yourself, you learn that the "gods of good" and the "gods of evil" have no power at all.


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