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Does a person who always puts himself/herself last seriously need psychological,

  1. gmwilliams profile image84
    gmwilliamsposted 18 months ago

    Does a person who always puts himself/herself last seriously need psychological, even psychiatric

    therapy as his/her behavior is considered to be pathologically abnormal, even dysfunctional?


  2. jravity1 profile image68
    jravity1posted 18 months ago

    No, in fact I believe that people who put themselves first would need more help. It is normal for people to want to do things for others without worrying about themselves first. This is my definition of a good person. That behavior is not a social norm as it turns out. With the way kids are raised today, and with those parents pretty much being children themselves its hard to point fingers.

  3. Mostafa Hizma profile image59
    Mostafa Hizmaposted 18 months ago

    Any behavior exceeding its range could be abnormal.. That rule is applicable to bad as well as good ones ,however , helping others is a prosocial behavior that gives much happiness to the person and to the society as well .. In contrast to selfish and antisocial deeds which are destructive to the social groups.. Although it's rare but We also have to consider the masochistic traits in a person putting him/herself last

  4. louiseelcross profile image86
    louiseelcrossposted 18 months ago

    I was, until recently the person who always put myself last. I am in my fifties now and have always put others needs before my own. Why? Because I was taught by my abusive parents that it was wrong to want anything for myself. I grew up not knowing how to love myself. Did I need psychological help? I would say yes I did until I got a grip of myself and learnt to love myself more. I learnt that my needs are important too. My giving and giving did not get me any respect but I did get lots of abuse and I allowed it. I thought I deserved it because I had negative beliefs about myself. Now I understand that it is not wrong to put myself first sometimes. I have found I mentally healthier now that I can be selfish sometimes.