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To astute thinkers out there, what can the Black American community do to progre

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    gmwilliamsposted 17 months ago

    To astute thinkers out there, what can the Black American community do to progress beyond

    socioeconomic poverty? How do Black American parents inculcate their children to settle for jobs instead of having careers & establishing businesses?  How can Black Americans get out of being AT THE BOTTOM of American society? How do Black American parents routinely indoctrinate their children to consistently have low expectations & to have a mindset of dependency? When will the Black American community stop embracing & valuing the poverty mindset & other negative lifestyles? 


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    ahorsebackposted 17 months ago

    If I were a black parent , and I am not but as any parent should , I would teach my child a strong  self worth first ,   social empathy for two  and the importance for good balanced education , education , education for three .     A strong self worth  minus all of the P..C. crap being taught in schools too !   A strong   Independence in personal strength and accountability .   I would so distance my child from the ghetto [even redneck ]mentality or culture that is so popular today among ALL kids of every and any "color  "

    The truest  self worth and character of accountability  IS THE  ONE displayed  whether  alone or with others !

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    Setank Setunkposted 17 months ago

    Since we are in Abnormal Psychology, not a good choice by the way, I will pose a question. If Black Americans identify themselves as African Americans, then why don't Blacks in England consider themselves African Britains or African English.
    There is a clear pathology involved which can be traced back to the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854.This is a fixed point in time where pragmatic endeavors for and against slavery became ideological, or what I call idiot-logical.

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    gmwilliamsposted 17 months ago


    The Black American community for the most part is in a very dismal state of affairs.  Yes, there are Black Americans who have made tremendous strides educationally & socioeconomically; however they are few & far between sad to say.  Many Black Americans are in this sociocultural quagmire so to speak.

    They still believe that they are oppressed by the outer society. Unfortunately, they have a passive, even fatalistic mentality & mindset.  They instruct their children to settle for the educational & socioeconomic crumbs.  They teach their children to settle for a job, any job instead of inculcating them to have a career &/or even be an entrepreneur.  They set up their children to be mediocre, even middling instead of being highly successful.

    They also don't education as much as other racial/ethnic groups do.  It is still astounding that Black Americans are at THE BOTTOM of American society educationally & socioeconomically. While other racial/ethnic groups e.g. Asian Americans place a high emphasis on education, sadly the average Black American doesn't.  Many Black Americans are told by their associates, even their parents that to become educated & successful is to be a .....SELLOUT or to ACT WHITE. 

    To succeed as a race, Black Americans have to discard their negative & dependency mindset.  They have to value education & achievement..  They have to go beyond the struggling, middling socioeconomic mentality & to embrace educational & socioeconomic success.  One of the most prominent people in the Black American community, Dr. Claud Anderson indicated that Black Americans have to become socioeconomically savvy or fall into a permanent underclass.  Tommy Sotomayor, a radio talk show host, indicated that the state of the Black American community is beyond dire & into abysmal.  Mr. Sotomayor indicated that Black Americans had to adopt the philosophy & mindset of becoming self-reliant & value the importance of education & success.