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Is there an inherent dysfunction, even pathology in the Black American community

  1. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 16 months ago

    Is there an inherent dysfunction, even pathology in the Black American community which

    accounts for the negative attitude of passivity & dependency which is prevalent in many Black American communities?  Will Black Americans arise out of their psychosocial morass?   As a middle class Black American, I feel that many Black Americans have regressed instead of progressed.  There is such a negativity in many Black American communities-the passivity & dependency instead of being accountable & believing in constructive behavior.  The theme now is rescue me, I'm poor & oppressed-how SAD INDEED!


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    Say Yes To Lifeposted 16 months ago

    Apparently there is!  African Americans are the most unpopular ethnic group in the US..  Their victim mentality is the least of their faults; far worse is their criminal nature.  The chance of a black male being arrested by age 24 is 1 in 3.  While many may be unjustly arrested, there are some who should be but aren't, so this figure is probably quite accurate.
    A sixth of black men are in the prison system, while one in 100 black women are.  However, according to my experience, while they are children, girls are just as bad as boys, if not worse.  As adults, women are less prone to mugging people or robbing convenience stores; instead, they're producing a bunch of kids who either grow up to become thugs, or who produce them.  Women have a much easier time getting away with crime.
    The Black Lives Matter movement needs to focus on Family Values, if they want to be taken seriously, While liberal whites show sympathy, none want to live among blacks - and for good reason!
    P.S.  I wonder if this dysfunction, which is far worse than other minorities, is due to the fact that Africans took active part in the slave trade.  Perhaps this was passed on, not exactly genetically, but through a certain type of group mentality???

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      gmwilliamsposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Great answer!  I see the dysfunctionality, even pathology of the African American community,even families generation after generation ad continuum.While there are A FEW who leave the quagmire, the majority DON'T & view such negative lives as norm

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    gmwilliamsposted 16 months ago


    Yes, there IS a dysfunction, even pathology in the Black American community. While a few Black Americans have progressed socioeconomically & educationally, many have remained the same & some have even regressed!  Many Black Americans have that post slavery traumatic syndrome which is still present.  Many inculcate their children just to settle, to be mediocre instead of instilling greatness & to be extraordinary in terms of educational & socioeconomic achievement.  They tell their children that because they're Black, "odds" are against them.  There is such a defeatism in the Black American community.

    Many Black Americans are passive towards life.  For instance, the educational system. If more Black Americans were MORE PROACTIVE in their children's education, their children would be academically successful & there would be better teachers in the schools because of parental input.  However, many Black American parents DON'T care about their children's education.

    Many Black Americans HAVE FAR MORE children than they can afford.  Many Black Americans don't/won't use the FEP principle in terms of having children.  The FEP principle is don't have children unless one is financially, emotionally & psychologically prepared.  Many Black Americans REFUSE to do this & their children suffer for this.  Also choose a mate that enhances, not distract from family life.  Many Black Americans choose undesirable mates & the family suffers socioeconomically & psychologically, subsequently causing societal problems. Many Black American children are in the lower socioeconomic echelons because of the unthinking behavior of their parents.

    Stressing blind obedience.  Many Black American parents stress blind obedience to their children.  In this postmodern 21st century culture, blind obedience is an impediment to educational & socioeconomic success. They are preparing their children to be slaves instead of masters.  Black American parents have to stop doing this to their children. They have to start teaching their children to THINK, particularly THINK OUTSIDE THAT BOX.

    Many Black Americans have a plantation/dependency mentality.  They look to political leaders to rescue them, especially socioeconomically.  Other ethnic & racial groups know that only THEY, not the politicians can uplift themselves.  Black Americans are SO FAR BEHIND & AT THE BOTTOM of the rung.  They are still waiting for THAT SAVIOR to rescue them.  They also believe that the government is....BEST.