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Ash's Alola Team Prediction

Updated on April 6, 2017


With Ash’s new adventure in the Alola Region, fans have been predicting who will be his team for this season. This is my list of Ash’s Alola Team. Some have been already seen in the Anime, Pokemon Sun and Moon, and the others are what I think Ash will get in the future and the others I just want to see Ash dealing with these pokemon in his everday life. So here are my top 5 Pokemon that I think Ash will get in his adventure in the Alola Region.

The Blade Quill Pokemon

Rowlet is the very first pokemon that Ash caught in the Alola Region. Although it was not the very first pokemon that Ash wants to catch, it was a Grubbin that ash wanted to get but it didnt. Rowlet is actually my favorite starter in Pokemon Sun and Moon because its design is cool and its evolution line was spot-on. So I am so glad that Ash’s starter is also a Rowlet. The bad thing is that Ash’s Rowlet wants to be in Ash’s back pack almost all the time, so i am a little bit 50/50 if it will evolve. But if it will evolve I doubt that it will full evolved into a Decidueye. So i guess that Rowlet will only evolve into a Dartix. But seeing how Ash saw the speed and stealth potential of Rowlet during its battle with the Totem Pokemon, Gumshoos, I think it will evolve and will became a strong pokemon like what happened to Froakie in the last series. If Rowlet fully evolve into Decidueye, I think Ash will have a new Greninja-like Pokemon in this season. After a ninja, Ash will now have a sniper / assassin. That would be awesome right?

Which Alolan starter do you like best?

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The Wolf Pokemon

Ash’s Rockruff was the rockruff that is always with Prof. Kukui. It was later revealed that it was just a stray pokemon that the professor takes care of. Then it eventually developed a bond with Ash and decided to be Ash’s second Alola Pokemon. It is portrayed to be very dedicated and wanted to be strong. During one of the episode where it became Ash's pokemon, it was so mesmerized with how the Lycanroc battle and it persevere just to be as strong as these other Pokemon. And with that I assumed that it will evolve into a Lycanroc, preferrably the Mid-day form. With its look i think the Midday form will be most suitable to Ash’s team and with Rockruff's personality, sophisticated and strong. I do also like the Midnight form but with Rockruff's personality I don't see it being in this form when it evolves.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Leaked Drawing of Incineroar
The Leaked Drawing of Incineroar
The Leaked Drawing of Incineroar

The Heel Pokemon

Actually, I don't want to have another starter Pokemon in Ash’s full Alola team. Also, I don't like Incineroar. But it was so obvious that Litten will come and be part of Ash’s team. The first time Ash met this pokemon there was a chemistry already but the little kitten (Litten) has some issues with his friend Stoutland that he can't leave it yet. The second time Litten and Ash met, there is absolute feeling that the Pokemon will suddenly come with Ash and Ash said that they will definitely see each other again, so there's the foreshadowing of Ash catching this Litten. The next episode that will be shown this week is focusing on Litten and it will be battling with Ash’s Pikachu and maybe because it wants to test Ash’s strength before it joins his party. And as we all know, almost all Fire type starter of Ash fully evolved. So I don't see the idea that Litten will stay as a little kitten. Also with its personality being strong and independent, I can't unsee it evolving into Torracat and eventually into a wrestler pokemon, Incineroar. And if you don't remember the first time we saw Incineroar, it was the leak of a drawing before the game releases. And we can see Ash and the gang with Incineroar in that drawing. So I think that is one proof that it will evolve in this series.

UPDATE! April 6,2017

Litten is now officialy Ash's pokemon! In the latest episode, Litten ask Ask for help because Stoutland is ill. Sadly, Stoutland's condition worsen and eventually the pokemon passed. :( When Litten gathered with resolve, Ash then decided to battle and catch it to make it officially part of his party.

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The Boxing and Teamwork Pokemon

Since the fourth generation, Ash’s party always have a fighting type pokemon on it – Infernape, Pignite, Scraggy and Hawlucha. And these Pokemon have been a powerhouse that gave Ash many victories. So I think Ash will get a fighting type this time also. For a fighting type pokemon, I am torn between Crabrawler and Passimian. But I like Crabrawler more than Passimian. And I think Ash is so fond of crab like pokemon – Kingler and Corpish. But like Corpish, if Ash will get a Crabrawler it will not evolve. But if it will, I think it will be awesome because I think it will be the third time Ash will get an Ice type pokemon, the first was a Lapras and the second one is a Snorunt that evolved into Glalie. I dont like Passimian at all but I think Ash looks great with a monkey pokemon that is a bit sporty. That’s all for Passimian for me. But I wish if Ash will get a fighting type, i want Crabrawler more than any other fighting type in the Alola region.

Best Fighting Type Pokemon in Alola Region

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The Scaly Pokemon

I know i said above that I want Crabrawler more than any other fighting type pokemon in the Alola Region, but there is a special consideration with this pokemon because it is a part dragon. Since Gible, Noivern, and Goodra, I think Ash looks great with Dragon pokemon and Jangmo-o is quite a good pokemon to be added to his party. And if Ash gets a Jangmo-o, it will evolve into Hakamo-o eventually, gaining a secondary type, Fighting. I want to see it fully evolve but I don't think if it will happen in the series. But I will be glad if it fully evolve like Goodra did. Kommo-o will definitely one of the powerhouse that will give Ash a great advantage with other trainer that he will encounter.


1. I forgot to include in my top 5 a water Pokemon. And i think ash never forget to catch a water type Pokemon. So i think if ash will catch a water type it is between Pyukumuku and a Dewpider.

2. I don't think Ash will try to catch a Grubbin again but it will be a good addition to Ash’s team when it evolves to Vikavolt.

3. Tapu Koko is an island deity but i wish it will join Ash’s party since it became fond of Ash and Pikachu.

Also, since the last series, I don't think Ash will have a rotation of Pokemon in his party like what he did on the fifth generation. So if he do have a rotation here in this series, here's the full list of my prediction of Ash's Pokemon:

  • Pikachu
  • Rowlet --> Dartrix
  • Rockruff --> Lycanroc (Midday form)
  • Litten --> Torracat --> Incineroar
  • Crabrawler or Passimian
  • Jangmo-o --> Hakamo-o
  • Grubbin --> Charjabug --> Vikavolt
  • Pyukumuku or Dewpide
  • Wimpod --> Golisopod
  • Mudbray --> Mudsdale

That’s it for this list. Let’s just see in the future if who will be in Ash’s party. If there are any other Pokemon you want to be part of Ash's party just comment below and state why do you think it is a good addition to Ash's party Pokemon.


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