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Top 10 Generation VI Pokémon

Updated on January 17, 2018
Ralph Castro profile image

I've been a fan of Pokémon since the beginning & an anime fan since birth. I love to read manga and play video games, including Dota 2.

The Kalos Region

With the introduction of Pokémon X and Y, set in a new region, the Kalos Region, a new generation of Pokémon were added and takes the number of Pokémon to over 700. The addition of 70 Pokémon, a new set of starter Pokémon and Legendary Pokémon, a new type of Pokémon - the Fairy Type, a new feature called the Mega Evolution and others made this new Pokémon Game a hit to everyone.

And like all other Generations, we had our favorites and dislikes. Now, I will show you my top 10 favorite Pokémon in Generation VI.

Florges with its pre-evolutions
Florges with its pre-evolutions

The Garden Pokémon

Florges is one of the new Fairy type Pokémon introduced in Generation 6. Its design is somewhat pattern to fairies and nymphs with flowery hair. And its tail is somewhat like a mermaid.

Florges has the highest Special Defense of all Fairy-type Pokémon and in all Generation VI Pokémon.

Its design and the fact that it is a fairy type Pokémon is the reason why I put it on my top list. Oh! I forgot to say that its flowery hair can be of any color (5 actually) - red, blue, white, orange and yellow. This depends on where or what color of flower bed you actually caught it's pre evolutions. TAKE NOTE: The color will not change.


Hold Item: Meadow Plate

  • Petal Dance (Grass)
  • Moon Blast (Fairy)
  • Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
  • Petal Blizzard (Grass)

What color is your Florges?

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Amaura and Aurorus
Amaura and Aurorus

The Tundra Pokémon

The Rock-Ice Pokémon! Amaura and Aurorus, a dinosaur inspired Pokémon. One of the Fossil Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y - the Sail Fossil.

Aurorus has the highest base Hp of all Rock-type Pokémon. It's unique ability, Refrigerate, turn all of its normal type attack to an ice type dealing a STAB. It will also learn the move Freeze-Dry, an Ice-type move, that will always be effective in Water type Pokémon

With its cool design based on Aurora borealis plus dinosaur, it definitely needs to be in our top 10.

I actually did not get the sail fossil because my friends want me to get the other fossil. They thought it looks way cooler and it actually looked like a Digimon to them. So, I did get one. And even though I did not get the Tundra Pokémon, I still like it based on the type and designs.

Amaura and Aurorus was featured in the anime last last week. I still never saw the episode, but I will watch it definitely soon as the dubbed episode is released.

Malamar being Ominous
Malamar being Ominous

The Overturning Pokémon

Here are the reasons why I like Malamar:

  • It has one immunity - Psychic type.
  • But it has two weakness - 4x in Bugs (yikes!) and 2x in Fairies
  • It has a unique type combination - Dark/Psychic. It's like good and evil mashed into one entity. COOOOOL!
  • A squid that is not a Water-type. So intriguing yet still so cool!
  • It's ominous presence is so damn attractive.
  • The color combination is so badass.
  • Inkay's unique way to evolve to Malamar - you need to hold the console upside-down when Inkay reached level 30. Cool, right?

It's appearance in the anime was epic. Malamar is so awesome. It is so frightening but still I like it very much.

That's all and I think being on top 8 is good for this Pokémon. What do you think?


Hold Item: Expert Belt

  • Psycho Cut (Psychic)
  • Night Slash (Dark)
  • Superpower (Fighting)
  • Topsy - Turvy (Dark)

Which of the three Pokemon below do you like best?

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Hawlucha Charging
Hawlucha Charging

The Wrestling Pokémon

More appropriate name is the Luchador Pokémon.

It's Hawlucha! Hawk + Luchador what a brilliant mind! :))

This pokémon is a Fighting/Flying Pokémon. Another unique and damn cool type combination! With its cool design, Hawlucha is one of the most epic Pokémon here in Generation 6. It also has its signature move, Flying Press, known to be a dual type move.

Althoug I wish that hawlucha has an evolution making it more bulky-like wrestlers, with a more gruesome face, and having stronger look. Nah! On second thought, Hawlucha is great. No evolution is needed! Haha!


Hold Item: Sharp Beak

  • Flying Press (Fighting)
  • Acrobatics (Flying)
  • Rock Slide (Rock)
  • U-Turn (Bug)

Klefki being Klefki
Klefki being Klefki

The Key Ring Pokémon

A key ring with many resistances:

  • Normal
  • Flying
  • Rock
  • Bug
  • Grass
  • Psychic
  • Ice
  • Dark
  • Fairy

Its immunity to Dragon and Poison types; and only weakness is to Fire and Ground type. Must I say that this Pokémon is a definite keeper. You just need to train it well, I guess. Do some EV Training. Give it moves that will kill every opponent it encounters. Just give klefki a try. I think he is great addition to the team! :)


Hold Item: none

  • Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
  • Flash Cannon (Steel)
  • Foul Play (Dark)
  • Play Rough (Fairy)

The Best Fairy of them all

Which Fairy-type Pokemon do you think is the best among the rest?

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Aegislash with its pre-evolutions
Aegislash with its pre-evolutions

The Royal Sword Pokémon

A sword and a shield that is possessed by a ghost. Cool, right?

A Pokémon that changes its stance according to the moves it use - Defensive and Offensive Stance. Cool again, right?

A single sword evolving to two swords then evolves again to a single sword with a shield! I know right? It's cool in epic proportions!

Need I say more about it's name? It's such a cool name!

3 immunities, 9 resistances and 4 weaknesses; Aegislash is one of the best Pokémon in Generation VI.

In Attack stance, Aegislash is tied with Dialga in having the highest Special Attack of all Steel Type Pokémon and tied with Mega Scizor in highest base Attack.

In Defense Stance, It has the highest base Special Defense of all Ghost types, and tied with Probopass and Registeel in highest base Special Defense of all Steel Type Pokémon.

Great Pokémon design plus great stats, Aegislash deserves to be in my top 10.


Hold Item: Leftovers

  • Sword's Dance (Normal)
  • Shadow Sneak (Ghost)
  • Sacred Sword (Fighting)
  • King's Shield (Steel)

The Sound Wave Pokémon

What do you get when you put a boombox and a wyvern together? You will get a NOIVERN!

Yeah! A wyvern with speakers for its ears? Cool, right?

It is the fastest Dragon type of all the Generations. It also has its signature move called the Boomburst.

The coolness of its design is the reason that put it in the the top 4.


Hold Item: Dragon Fang

  • Fly (Flying)
  • Boomburst (Normal)
  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon)
  • Air Slash (Flying)

Yveltal, The Dark
Yveltal, The Dark

The Destruction Pokémon

One of the Game Mascot, Yveltal is a Dark/Flying Pokémon that is the rival of another Game Mascot, Xerneas.

I like Yveltal more than Xernes because it is too damn awesome! Color combination of red and black. The name Destrusction Pokémon alone is a distinction of being a cool pokémon!

It has it's signature ability called the Dark Aura that increases the power of all Dark Pokémon. It also has the signature move, Oblivion Wing, a Flying type attack that sucks the energy of its opponents. It has the highest HP base stat of all Dark type Pokémon, and tied with Lugia, Ho-oh and Rayquaza for all Flying type Pokémon.

It has high stats and a cool design and cool name! It deserves to be on top 3 baby!


Hold Item: Dread Plate

  • Oblivion Wing (Flying)
  • Dark Pulse (Dark)
  • Dragon Rush (Dragon)
  • Phantom Force (Ghost)

The beauty of Dragalge
The beauty of Dragalge

The Mock Kelp Pokémon

Kingdra becoming a Poision type? That is Dragalge!

A Poison Dragon much like Fairy Tail's Cobra. Two epic types combined in one cool looking Pokémon!

It has the highest base Special Defense of all Poison type Pokémon. Dragalge and it's pre evolution is the only poison type Pokémon introduced in Generation VI.

It is said to be based on a leafy seadragon.

Dragalge is definitely the top Pokémon you need to have in Pokémon X and Y. It's such a dope Pokémon. Its movements, designs, type combination, stats and abilities. It is so deserving!

PS: I wish that Ash will get one in the anime. It's a very good Pokémon for him to have.


Hold Item: Poison Barb

  • Sludge Bomb (Poison)
  • Hydro Pump (Water)
  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon)
  • Dragon Tail (Dragon)

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Ninja PokemonAsh-Greninja
The Ninja Pokemon
The Ninja Pokemon

The Ninja Pokémon

I am not talking about Ninjask. I am pertaining to the final form of Froakie, Greninja. Being the new addition to the playable characters in Super Smash Bros., It is safe to say that Greninja is the most popular final form of the starters in Pokémon X and Y.

A ninja frog? Not much of a shocker there. The shocking thing about Greninja is it's tongue sticking out of its mouth and it is around it's neck! I think it is cool!!!! Haha!

It has the highest speed stat on all starter Pokémon and in all Water type Pokémon.

What I like most about Greninja is its signature move called Water Shuriken, and how it moves when attacking its opponent. It's like you are watching a mutated Naruto. I wish Ash will fully evolve his Froakie, so that every time that he will use Greninja is like watching Naruto fight. Great right?

EDIT: As of now(10/25/15), it is known that Ash's Froakie has evolved into Frogadier and will further evolve into Greninja. The most amazing part is that it will have a new rare form. Some call it the Ash-Greninja, it still unknown what will be called to this kind of evolution.


Hold Item: Mystic Water

  • Surf (Water)
  • Night Slash (Dark)
  • Ice Beam (Ice)
  • Extrasensory (Psychic)

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or suggestion. I know that you have things to say or comment about what I wrote, so please do as you please.

Thank you for reading! If you may read my other entries. Thank you again! :)


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    • Arthur Bianchini profile image

      Arthur Bianchini 10 months ago from Cedar Park

      Once again great article. Greninja is my favorite from xyz

    • profile image

      Hannah 15 months ago

      I tied most of my favorites, 'specially the FairyTypes. The Cleffolution, the Sylveon, and the Dedenne were my heartouts. I picked the Cleffolution. So bleeping cute!

    • profile image

      Max 3 years ago

      That damn Dirk is having taknig too much space in this comic. Where are the other three white ferris-wheel's friends, specifically the maid (or maybe Trap Maid )?