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Top 10 Generation III Pokémon

Updated on January 17, 2018
Ralph Castro profile image

I've been a fan of Pokémon since the beginning & an anime fan since birth. I love to read manga and play video games, including Dota 2.

Hoenn Revived!

With the revival of the best Pokemon game in GBA or Game Boy Advance (IMHO), the RSE or Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, let me give you my top 10 favorite Generation III Pokemon. This list is based more in Pokemon's design and looks and less in the stats, I must tell you. I just want to give you my top favorites in the third generation. So here they are, my top 10 Generation III Pokemon.

The Ice Break Pokemon

Walrein is a sea lion-like or a walrus pokemon. It is the final form of Spheal. It can have either Thick Fat or Ice Body as its ability and both can be very helpful in your way to become a Pokemon Master (yeah!).

Thick Fat gives you resistance to Fire and Ice - type moves. While Ice Body restores the pokemon health when its Hailing.

I like Walrein because it looks awesome. I think it's a male version of a Dewgong (Am I right?). It has a great bulk that can easily take Water, Ice and Fire type attacks. I think that Walrein is a good Defensive Pokemon for a team.

Moveset #2

Ability: Ice Body



Body Slam

Hail (to restore HP)

Moveset #1

Ability: Thick Fat


Ice Beam



The Clay Doll Pokemon

Claydol is a large, black Pokemon that resembles a mud statue. It is also said that its design is similar to a Shakōki-dogū - a "spaceman" figurine from the Jomon Period of Japanese History. Claydol is the evolved form of Baltoy.

Its ability is Levitate. It allows the Pokemon to not receive any damage from Ground - type moves. Also, Arena Trap is does not affect the pokemon. Lastly, Spikes is also ineffective.

I put Claydol in this list not just because of its cool design, also because of its good stat. It can be a good support in a team. It can set-up first a Stealth Rock to prevent opponent from switching out, because it will damage his or her Pokemon. It also has a good defensive stat that can withstand an attack. It proves that there are many things you can do with Claydol.

Claydol's Moveset

Ability: Levitate


Rapid Spin

Stealth Rock

Ice Beam

The Coal Pokemon

Torkoal is a tortoise with a furnace as its shell in its back. It emits a white smoke in its nose and in the openings in its shell. In the Anime, Ash has caught a Torkoal in the Advanced Generation Arc. Ash's Torkoal is a bit emotional and friendly towards people and other Pokemon.

Its ability is White Smoke. It prevents the opponent Pokemon to reduce the stats of the Pokemon.

Torkoal has the highest Defense base stat in all Fire type Pokemon. But the downside is that it has a very poor Speed stat. It can be a Tanker for your team as it has a great defensive stat. It also has a decent offensive stat that can kill you opponent. I definitely give it a shot with Torkoal.

Torkoal's Moveset

Ability: White Smoke

Sunny Day (Powers up Fire type moves)


Solar Beam

Gyro Ball (Powerful due to low speed)

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The Discharge Pokemon

Manectric is a canine Pokemon. It is the evolve form of Electrike. It has either Static or Lighting Rod as its ability.It is one of the few Pokemon who has the Mega Evolution Form that was introduced in Pokemon X/Y. During it Mega Evolved Form, Manectric has the ability Intimidate.

Static paralyzes any opponent who come in contact with the Pokemon with this ability.Lightning Rod all electric type moves used during in a battle is redirected to the Pokemon with this ability. It also raisesthe Pokemon's Special Attack. Intimidate lowers the Attack stat of the opponent Pokemon upon entering the battle.

Manectric can be the Special Attacker on your team. It has a great coverage and very impressive speed stats. It can turn into a wall-breaker that can be still a great sweeper because of its speed and special attack stat.

Moveset #1

Ability: Lightning Rod


Volt Switch



Moveset #2

Ability: Static

Volt Switch


Heat Wave


The Archrivals

Zangoose and Seviper is one of the most famous "arch-rivals" in the Pokemon universe.

Zangoose is the Cat Ferret Pokemon. It is based on a mongoose, a cat-like carnivore that is well known for its ability to hunt and kill venomous snakes, thus the feud against Seviper. It has its signature move, the Crush Claw.

Seviper is the Fang Snake Pokemon. It is based on a viper, especially a habu, a type of venomous snake that is pitted against mongooses in roadside shows. The rivalry between the two pokemon is obviously patterned before the relationship of mongooses and venomous snakes.

Zangoose is more of a wall-breaker as it's able break down the sturdiest Pokemon. While Seviper is more of a Mixed Attacker, it can also breaks down walls of strong Pokemon but it can also attack super effectively in most Pokemon because of its coverage.

Which of the two Pokemon will you pick?

See results

Zangoose's Moveset

Ability: Toxic Boost (Increase the attack by 50% if the Pokemon is Poisoned)

Item: Toxic Orb (Inflicts Poison to the user)

Swords Dance

Close Combat

Night Slash

Crush Claw

Seviper's Moveset

Ability: Shed Skin

Item: Life Orb (Boost the power of the Pokemon by 30% but the user takes 10% recoil each turn it attacks)

Sludge Bomb


Sucker Punch

Giga Drain

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The Iron Armor Pokemon

Aggron is the final form of Aron. It can also mega evolve like Manectric and the others. It is based on Triceratops and maybe on a Pulgasari, a iron-eating monster in Korean Legend. It is the heaviest non-legendary Pokemon. It is also tied with Shuckle for having the highest base Defense stat of all Pokemon.

When mega evolved, Mega Aggron loses its second typing, Rock-type, and become as a Pure Steel-type Pokemon.

Aggron can be one of the tankers that you want to be added in your team. Having it mega evolved, its bulk, the ability and its typing can give it a plenty opportunities to set up damaging attacks.

Aggron's Moveset

Ability: Sturdy

Item: Aggronite

Heavy Slam/Iron Head


Ice Punch

Stealth Rock

The Tender Pokemon

Milotic is one of the serpent-like Pokemon that almost everyone wants to have. It is the evolve form of Feebas.

It is one of the hardest Generation III Pokemon to catch. From Feebas, which is hard to fish. In Generation III, it can be found in Route 119, with only six fishing spots, meaning it can only be found in six different tile spots which is very random. In Generation IV, it can be found in Mt. Coronet. Like in Generation III, it can be found in only four random water tiles in the B1F of Mt. Coronet. But in Generation V, Feebas can be caught in any water tiles in Route 1, but the chances are very small. You only have a 5% chance of fishing it in this route.

Once you caught a Feebas, you only need to maxed out its beauty - by giving it PokeBlocks (for Generation III) or Poffins (for Generation IV) made with Berries that have a dry flavor; or by trading your Feebas holding a Prism Scale (for Generation V onwards). And then you got your own Milotic! Winderful isn't it?

Milotic is a good choice for a Physical Tanker for your team. It is a pure Water type Pokemon, making it neutrally insusceptible to almost all types. Having a great move set and a good ability, Milotic can surely make even the strongest Pokemon struggle.

Milotic's Moveset

Ability: Marvel Scale




Ice Beam

Dragon Tail

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The Iron Leg Pokemon

Metagross is the final evolution form of Beldum. With the introduction of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it is one of the few Pokemon to receive a Mega Evolution.

I think Metagross is based on a super computer because of its intelligence. It is a cross between a computer and a spider. I think? But the bottom line is that Metagross is cool and very strong. Just be careful with Fire, Ghost, Dark and Ground type Pokemon and your adventure will be smooth.

Metagross is best to be one of your attacker in your team. It has a good attack stat and its defense stat give it a very good coverage. Its lack of speed can be remedied using the move Agility. It can raise Metagross's speed allowing it to out-speed other Pokemon giving it an opening to do a damaging attack.

Metagross's Moveset

Ability: Clear Body



Meteor Mash

Zen Headbutt


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Mega SceptileMega BlazikenMega Swampert
Mega Sceptile
Mega Sceptile
Mega Blaziken
Mega Blaziken
Mega Swampert
Mega Swampert

Which is the strongest Hoenn Starter?

See results

Hoenn Starters

From Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, these starters, in my honest opinion, is the coolest and might be the strongest starters in all generation of Pokemon.

The Tree Gecko evolves into a Dinosaur-looking Grass type, Sceptile. The Flaming Innocent-looking Chick grows into a Strong-looking Kick Boxer Humanoid Chicken, Blaziken. Lastly, the Blue Mud Skipper became a Bigger Blue Mud Skipper, Swampert. So need I say more why these starters are the coolest looking starters of all generation?

Stat-wise, the three starters are great too.

With Sceptile, it has a good movepool that it can learn. It can learn moves that can counter the Pokemon which it is weak to. It is also a great offensive Pokemon having a good Attack stat, Special Attack stat and very impressive Speed Stat. With these it can outwit its opponent.

Blaziken is the pioneer Fire - Fighting Pokemon. like Sceptile it has an impressive Attack stat, Special Attack stat and Speed Stat. It is a good Physical Attacker. It also has a good movepool like Sceptile. Between the two, Sceptile and Blaziken, I love Sceptile more than Blaziken. Because Blaziken is so overused. That's why I love the Grass Dinosaur more than this Flaming Chicken. Take note it's Flaming not Fried, ok?

Swampert is more of a balanced Pokemon. It has a great Attack stat but has a poor speed. But with these three, I might say the this Big Blue Mud Skipper is the strongest of all. It has a decent stat and have a moveset of a wide variety of type coverage. It can defeat Blaziken easily with Water, Ground and Rock type moves, while with an Ice type move it can easily defeat Sceptile.

With the Introduction of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, we will relive the adventures in the Hoenn Region. We will also see the much awaited mega evolution of these three starters.

EDIT: The much awaited Mega evolution have arrived. Mega Sceptile become a Grass/Dragon type. Its attack and speed is off the hook. Mega Blaziken now has Speed Boost and an increased attack so it can easily swipe the opponents. Mega Swampert can now easily withstand attacks with its increased defense stat and has a very good attack stat that can easily kill opponents.

Sceptile's Moveset

Ability: Overgrow


Leaf Storm


Focus Blast

Leaf Blade

Blaziken's Moveset

Ability: Speed Boost


Flare Blitz

Swords Dance


Rock Slide

Swampert's Moveset

Ability: Torrent




Ice Punch


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Legendary GolemsEon Duo
Legendary Golems
Legendary Golems
Eon Duo
Eon Duo

Hoenn Legendaries

In Generation III, Legendary Pokemon began to have a greater role in the main story line of the game. There are 3 groups of Legendary in this generation - Legendary Golems, Eon duo and the Weather Trio - plus Jirachi and Deoxys, which do not have a group.

1.) Legendary Golems - this is the third of the Legendary Trio - first is the Legendary Birds (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres) and the second is the Legendary Beasts (Raikou, Entei, Suicune). The Legendary Golem is based on the golems of Hebrew Legends. This Legendary featured the most complicated way to in-game availability - a puzzle made of braille to challenge this Pokemon. Registeel can be found in Ancient Tomb (Route 120), Regice is found in Island Cave (Route 105) and Regirock is on the Dessert Ruins (Route 111). But before you go to all this location you need to go to the Sealed Chamber that can be access through diving on Route 134. On the first room of the cave, you need to use Dig while standing in the door. This will open the entrance to second door. Here, there is a braille that translate on how the three places where the trio is unlocked - you need Relicanth to put in the first slot of your party and Wailord in the last slot of the party. With these you can now go to the places where you can challenge the trio. In the Dessert Ruins, the player must go two steps right, then two steps down, and then use Strength. In Emerald, the player must instead go two steps left, then two steps down, and then use Rock Smash. In the Island Cave, to open the door in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, once in the lobby area, the player must read the Braille inside and simply stand in the same place for two minutes without touching the game. While in Pokémon Emerald, once in the lobby area, the player must read the Braille inside, then make a lap of the chamber, sticking close to the walls. Lastly, In Ancient Tomb, in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the player must use Fly in the middle of the room to open the door inside. While in Pokémon Emerald, the player must use Flash in the middle of the room.

2.) Eon Duo - a minor Legendary Pokemon in the Generation III game. One of the two can be readily available in the game, by choosing between colors red and blue. Yeah as easy as that. Once you defeated the Elite Four and the Champion, your mother will ask you if what color is the Pokemon that was seen in the news. Depending on that you will get Latias if red and Latios if Blue. The other Pokemon you did not choose is available with a special event.

EDIT: This duo also received a Mega Evolution, though they don't have any differences in terms of the physical appearance when they mega evolve.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3.) Weather Trio - it is so called the Weather Trio because of their weather-related abilities. These Three Legendaries are the mascot of the Generation III games - Groudon (Pokemon Ruby), Kyogre (Pokemon Sapphire) and Rayquaza (Pokemon Emerald). Groudon and Kyogre is version exclusive an both can be found in Cave of Origin (Sootopolis City), while Rayquaza can be caught in all version at the Sky Pillar (Route 131).

EDIT: With the release of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, comes a new evolution called Primal Reversion. Two Pokemon can undergo Primal Reversion - Kyogre and Groudon. They will need the power of the Red and Blue Ords to undergo this reversion. Rayquaza also has a Mega Evolution.

4.) Jirachi and Deoxys - these are the two Event Legendary Pokemon in this Generation. Jirachi is said to grant wishes written on the tags on its head each time it awakens, which is once every one millennium. Deoxys is said to be a virus from the space which mutated when shot by a laser. It is also the first Legendary Pokemon to change its form - Defense form, Speed Form, Normal Form, and Attack Form.

Which is the most powerful Hoenn Legendary Pokemon?

See results

Those written above are based only on my opinion. Some are based on how I used this Pokemon in the real game. And some are based on what I read on the Internet. If you have comments, suggestions or any other things to said, don't hesitate to leave a comment in this page. Thanks! :)

© 2014 Mr Random


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