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Top 10 Generation V Pokémon

Updated on January 17, 2018
Ralph Castro profile image

I've been a fan of Pokémon since the beginning & an anime fan since birth. I love to read manga and play video games, including Dota 2.

The Unova Region

Generation V of the Pokemon: The Game Series is one of my favorite Pokemon Game of all time. The game brought fort 156 new Pokemons and these are the only Pokemons you will encounter until you finished the main game. It also includes 3D graphics and 3D animations. Like all the Pokemon games, Black Version and White Version (Generation V Games) are set in a new region called the Unova region. And like any other Pokemon Generation, we had are favorites in each. So here are the list of my favorite Generation V Pokemon.

The Female Scyther

The Nurturing Pokemon, Leavanny is my substitute for my grass type starter. I call it the female Scyther because it looks like a feminine-ish type of Scyther. It has a high attack stat with some fun moves to use with. According to Smogon, it is the fastest user of Sticky Web, a non-damaging move that lowers the Speed of the enemy. It has resistances to Fighting, Grass, Water, Ground, and Electric types, but an unfortunate weakness to Fire, Flying, Ice, and Rock types.

Who woudn't want to have Leavanny in their team, right?

My Leavanny’s Moveset:

Leaf Blade


Swords Dance


The Best Bug Type Pokemon

Which is the all time Best Bug Type Pokemon?

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The Supercharged Eel

The EleFish Pokemon, Eelektross is an eel-like Pokemon that resembles a lamprey. It has a long tentacle-like finned body that extend through its head. You will need Thunder Stone to evolve your Eelektrik to an Eelektross. They are the only Pokemon having no weaknesses though it has only 3 resistances (Electric, Flying, and Steel type Pokemon) and has an immunity to Ground-type because of its abitlity, Levitate. It is undoubtedly one of the most formidable Pokemon in terms of Offensive Power. It has a nice attacking stat and an expansive offensive movepool. Though it has high Attack and Special Attack stat, Eelektross is too slow that it can be KO'ed by some formidable enemy and be weak also to status ailments.

My Eelektross Moveset:



Giga Drain

Rock Slide

The Steel-type Sandslash

The Subterenne Pokemon, Excadrill is, like what I put on the title, the Steel-type counterpart of Sandslash. Yes, I think it was patterned on a Sandslash and they just put on a steel claws to it, and poof it became Excadrill! But I think it is more powerful than that of a Sandslash. It has a superb Attack stat. With its ability, Sand Rush or Sand Force, it can double it speed or it can increased the power of Ground, Rock and Steel type moves during a sandstorm, respectively. The only downfall is that it has a low Defense stat that can be a bit of a problem during battles with other strong opponents. It has 2 immunities: to Electric, and Poison types. It has resistances to Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Psychic, Fairy and Dragon types.

My Excadrill’s Moveset:


Swords Dance

Rock Slide

Iron Head

Sandslash or Excadrill?

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The King of Rocks

The Compressed Pokemon, Gigalith is, for me, the King of the Rocks. The design concept for Gigalith is so cool it looks like a crystal formation of some sort. The shiny version of it is also one of the best shinies in the game. You need to trade a Boldore to finally evolve it into a Gigalith. Although Gigalith is only a pure Rock-type Pokemon, it is still a fearsome pokemon. Having the ability of Sturdy making it unsusceptible to one-hit KO moves. Having a good Attack and Defense Stat makes it one of the best Pokemon in Generation V, for me. It has a lot of weaknesses: Fighting, Ground, Water, Grass, and Steel. It also has many resistances: Normal, Flying, Poison, and Fire types.

My Gigalith’s Moveset:

Stealth Rock

Rock Blast


Power Gem

The Armored Bug

The Cavalry Pokemon, Escavalier is a Bug and Steel type Pokemon. The manner of evolving it is a bit of challenging because you will need an specific pokemon to trade in to evolve your Karrablast to Escavalier. You will be needing a Shelmet to trade in to evolve your Pokemon. I like Escavalier mostly with its design. It is so cool,having those armor and needle like jousting sticks. It has a massive Attack stat and a decent Defense. It can probably a good tanker for some opponent Pokemon. The only downside for this Pokemon is that it has a low Speed stat. It has only one weakness: Fire type Pokemon but it has 4x(Ouch!). It has immunity to Poison types being a Steel type. I has many resisitances: Normal, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Fairy, and Dragon types.

My Escavalier's Moveset:


Iron Head


Swords Dance

Which is the Best Bug/Steel Pokemon?

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The Badass Crocodile

The Intimidation Pokemon, Krookodile is one of the best loogking Pokemon I've seen. It is the final form of Sandile. It has a dark maroon striped with black pattern all over its body. In terms of stats, it has a great coverage and a wall balanced Attack and Speed stat. It is capable of easily sweeping opponent's Pokemon. Although it has a good stats, the numerous weaknesses is its downside. It has weakness to Fighting, Bug, Water, Grass, and Ice. With the addition of Fairy-type it adds to its many weaknesses. I has immunity to Electric and Psychic type Pokemon. And it has resistances to a few types of Pokemon, namely Poison, Rock, Ghost and Dark type Pokemons.

My Krookodile's Moveset:



Stone Edge

Dragon Tail

Which is the Best Crocodile Pokemon?

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The Ghosts of Unova

Click thumbnail to view full-size

The Ghosts of Unova

The Luring Pokemon, Chandelure is my substitute for my Fire type Starter. The spooky and eerie design of this Pokemon made it one of my favorite Pokemon of all time. The color also adds to the coolness of this Pokemon. You will need a Dusk Stone to evolve your Lampent into a Chandelure, which is so worth it. Chandelure is one of the insanely powerful Fire type pokemon which most of the Pokemon addicts forget to use. It has a good Special Attack stat and a decent Speed stat. But the downside is the plethora of weaknesses: Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water, and Dark types. While it has resistances to some types like Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Fairy types. And as a Ghost type, it has immunity to Normal and Fighting type Pokemon.

The Coffin Pokemon. Cofagrigus is one of the scariest Pokemon I've seen. Seriously, who wouldn't be afraid seeing a coffin floating around with its hand-like vectors? Right? If it were in reality I would be scared as cat right now. It has the highest base Defense stat in all Generation V Pokemon. It also has a decent Special Defense and Special Attack stat. With these it can surely be a nice addition to your team. Its ability, Mummy, is also very useful, because it changes other Pokemon ability to Mummy too. The flaws of this pokemon is that it has a low HP, Attack, Defense and Speed stat. It weakness are Dark and Ghost types. Its resistances are to Poison and Bug type Pokemon. And as a Ghost as well it has immunity to Fighting and Normal types.

The Automaton Pokemon, Golurk is a Ground and Ghost type Pokemon. It is not as scary as the other of the Ghost types out there. It is said to be created to protect the people. It is some kind of golem and a robot rolled into one, so who wouldn't love this Pokemon, right? It is one of the physical threats in the Generation V Pokemon. Having the ability Iron Fist, the power of the punching moves like Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Mach Punch and others, will increased by 20%. It has a decent Defense but the flaw starts with it's low Speed stat. It has 5 weaknesses: Ghost, Grass, Water, Dark and Ice types. It has resistance to Bug, Rock, and Poison types. And being a Ground/Ghost type, it has immunity to 3 types: Electric, Fighting and Normal.

The Floating Pokemon, Jellicent is a decent Water and Ghost type Pokemon. This is my substitue for my Water type Starter. I think of it as the Water type counterpart of Drifblim. It has different style based on its gender. It has a fantastic Special Defense and a decent Special Attack. Although it lacks the right Speed stat. It has 4 weaknesses: Ghost, Dark, Electric and Grass types. It has resistances to Poison, Bug, Water, Fire, Ice and Steel types. And as a Ghost as well it has immunity to Fighting and Normal types.



Fire Blast

Shadow Ball




Ominous Wind

Shadow Ball





Shadow Punch

Ice Punch

Drain Punch


Shadow Ball




The Ghosts of Unova Poll

Which is the Best among the Ghosts of Unova?

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The Regal Pokemon, Serperior is the final evolution form of the Grass starter, Snivy. It is the only serpent type Pokemon in Generation V. Its design is quite cool enough to be one of the reason why I like this Pokemon. It is the tallest fully evolved Starter Pokemon and tallest Grass type Pokemon. It has a high Speed stat and a decent Defense stat. But the Attack stat is below - average. Serperior's superior Speed stat can outweigh the lack of strength. It also has a good moveset. Its weaknesses are to Fire, Flying, Poison, Bug and Ice types. It is resistant to Water, Rock, Ground and Electric.

The Mega Fire Pig Pokemon, Emboar is one of the best Fire type Pokemon, Stat-wise and design-wise. The design on Emboar is Chinese-based. It is the heaviest fully evolved Starter Pokemon. It has the highest Attack stat among three Unova starters but it has a poor Speed and Defense stat. Emboar's weaknesses are Water, Flying, Ground and Psychic. It is resistant to Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Dark.

The Formidable Pokemon, Samurott is the first Samurai-inspired Pokemon. Samurott has sword-like item called Seamitars. It also has a cool design. It has a well balanced stat, having a decent Attack, Defense and Speed stat. It can be an incredible bulk Pokemon for an offensive Pokemon. It has weakness on Electric and Grass types. Samurott is resistant to Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice.

The Unova's Starter Pokemon Final Evolutionary Stage

Click thumbnail to view full-size



Leaf Blade

Giga Drain


Aqua Tail


Flare Blitz


Wild Charge

Fire Punch


Swords Dance

Razor Shell


Aqua Jet

The Deep Black Pokemon

The Deep Black Pokemon, Zekrom is the Mascot for the Pokemon White Game. It is the Dragon / Electric Legendary Pokemon, the counterpart of Reshiram. Design-wise, Zekrom is more appealing than Reshiram. I like that it is colored black. I think the color made Zekrom be of camouflage to thunderclouds since it is an Electric type Pokemon. It has a monstrous base Attack stat with a decent Speed and Defense. Its signature move Bolt Strike, can leave the opposing Pokemon devastated. It is weak to Ground, Dragon, Fairy, and Ice types. Zekrom is resistant to Flying, Steel, Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric type Pokemon

My Zekrom's Moveset:

Bolt Strike

Draco Meteor

Dragon Claw

Zen Headbutt

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Standard KyuremBlack KyuremWhite Kyurem
Standard Kyurem
Standard Kyurem
Black Kyurem
Black Kyurem
White Kyurem
White Kyurem

The Strongest Dragon Pokemon

The Boundary Pokemon, Kyurem is the third member of the Tao Trio, with Zekrom and Reshiram. I call it the strongest Pokemon due to the fact that it was stated in the movie Kyurem VS the Sword of Justice. With the introduction of Black Version 2 and White Version 2, it pave way to a new forms of Kyurem. Using the item called DNA Splicers, a process called Absofusion will absorb Zekrom or Reshiram and fused them into Kyurem, creating a new form of Kyurem. The forms can be White Kyurem, if you have Reshiram in your party, and Black Kyurem if you have Zekrom in your party. Kyurem also has a monstrous stats. It has a superb Attack stat and a well balanced Defense and Speed stat. It is weak to Fighting, Rock, Steel, Dragon and Fairy types. It is resistant to Water, Grass and Electric type Pokemon.

My Kyurem's Moveset:

Ice Beam

Dragon Pulse

Freeze Shock

Focus Blast

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or suggestion. I know that you have things to say or comment about what I wrote, so please do as you please.

Thank you for reading! If you may, read my other entries. Thank you again! :)


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      3 years ago

      Life is short, and this article saved vallabue time on this Earth.

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      4 years ago

      White kyrum is by far the best

      Enough said.


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