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Top 10 Generation I Pokémon

Updated on January 17, 2018
Ralph Castro profile image

I've been a fan of Pokémon since the beginning & an anime fan since birth. I love to read manga and play video games, including Dota 2.

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Mega Pidgeot
Mega Pidgeot
Mega Pidgeot

Pokemon with a brushed-up hair

Brushed-up hair is so mainstream nowadays, and we don't know who was the first one to make this hair so popular today. But with the popularity of this hairstyle, everyone associate this Pokemon for being the first to do this style.

Pidgeot is a Normal/Flying Pokemon. It is the regional flying type Pokemon of Generation 1. Though the name implied that it is a pidgeon, Pidgeot is more like a falcon or an eagle. With the introduction of Mega Evolution, Pidgeot is one of the few who gets this kind of evolution. By holding a Mega Stone, Pidgeotite, it will Mega Evolve into Mega Pidgeot.

Stat-wise, Pidgeot lacks the speed, attack and all. It is outclassed by other Normal/Flying types. Still, I like this bird pokemon.

The Best Regional Bird Pokemon

Which is the Best Regional Flying Type Pokemon?

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Lochness Pokemon

Who wouldn't like Lapras to be added to his team? It is a gift of one of the Silph Co. employees located in the Silph Company Headquarters after you defeat Gary. It is a water and ice type Pokemon. This Pokemon can be very useful to any trainer because of its balanced stats and excellent power and coverage. The only thing that is lacking with these Pokemon is a decent Speed. Because of its speed and a wide array of weaknesses - Grass, Fighting, Rock and Electric - it makes Lapras easier to be counter attacked.

But nonetheless, this Lochness Monster Pokemon, is a beauty. I still want this to be part of my team.

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Mega Gyarados
Mega Gyarados
Mega Gyarados

Do you believe in Magic-arp?

This is one of the proof that there is a miracle - in Pokemon World at least. From a poor, pathetic and ugly Magikarp, a rather odd still ugly but strong Pokemon emerged - a Gyarados. This Pokemon is a must to most of the fans of the early Pokemon games. I think because most of them pick Charmander and they want a strong and cool water type Pokemon, so they choose this Pokemon.

Stat-wise, Gyarados is a powerhouse. It has a great Physical Attack and Special Defense, and has a decent Speed. With the introduction of Mega Evolution, Gyarados became more formidable than ever. With its Physical Attack, Defense and Special Defense buffed, this Pokemon can easily withstand some offensive Pokemon teams.


Nidoking is one of my favorite Pokemon of all time. I actually dont know where do they get the idea of creating this "abomination", but I am glad they did create it. According to Bulbapedia, Nidoking shares some traits of Rhinoceros, Gorilla, Rabbit and Porcupine. I will accept that its a fusion of Rhinoceros and Gorilla with some traits of porcupine, I think, but who will thought that it has a shared trait with a rabbit? Come on! A Rabbit? How? Maybe with it's pre-evolutions but with Nidoking? I don't think so.

Some of you will think, "Why do you like Nidoking and not like Nidoqueen?". Actually I also don't know the reason to that. I just love Nidoking with no reasons at all. Haha

Stat-wise, Nidoking is a pretty decent Pokemon to have on your team. With its balanced stats and great abilities, it will be a wallbreaker in any team. But careful with Pokemon with high speed because it can outspeed Nidoking and certainly brind you to your defeat.

The Fiery Dog

This dog is the one companion of the Police and Gentleman in the Pokemon games. I started to like this Pokemon when it became Arcanine. Its sophisticated and elegance captivated me. Even though its hard to move on in evolving a cute puppy to become an elegant Arcanine, its stat made it well compromised.

Arcanine is a well-rounded Pokemon. You can switch it to a defensive or offensive type Pokemon. It also has a great ability that can help in your team. But due to its lack of overwhelming stats, it can be easily replaced with Pokemon with higher stats. But for me, Arcanine is one of the best fire type Pokemon, physically and stat-wise.

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Mega Gengar
Mega Gengar
Mega Gengar

Clefairy's Shadow

It is one of the creepiest stories here in Pokemon - Gengar being Clefairy's shadow. It is actually one of the stories posted in Creepypasta. They have same body shapes. Also them being immune to each other - Clefairy being Normal type and Gengar being a Ghost type.

Gengar is a good offensive Pokemon to be added on anyone's team. It has a high Special Attack and has a wide choices of good attacks. It also has a pretty decent speed that can outrun most Pokemon. The only offset with these Pokemon that it has super low defense stat and HP in particular. It can be easily defeated if not given a right moveset and good strategy.

Overall, Gengar is a decent Pokemon stat-wise and look-wise. Who wouldn't want a creepy shadow tagging along with you in your adventure in the Pokemon World?

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Mega Alakazam
Mega Alakazam
Mega Alakazam

Two Spoons? Five Spoons?

"Yeah! I like me a Pokemon with spoon! Two spoons? No! Five Spoons!"

This Pokemon is so boring as an Abra. Being so difficult to catch in the wild because of its annoying Teleport - only moveset - you can't also you it in a battle because of that reason. You will need to do the "Switch" mode in order to level it up to level 16 for it to evolve into Kadabra. This is where it became the master of the spoon! Haha! As it evolves into Kadabra, this Pokemon came in with a spoon on its hands. Its like it became powerful when it was given a spoon. And as it evolves into Alakazam another spoon was added, making it more powerful. Two spoons are better than one, right? But that's not it, there is another power up! When it Mega Evolves, additional three spoons are added! Its like raining spoons! The odd thing is that where does it hold all these spoons? Do Alakazam has a pocket? Or is he an actual Magician and not a Psychic.

Talking about its stats, Alakazam is a power Special Attacker with pretty high speed. Having a wide variety of powerful moves, it can become a great addition to your team. But the thing about this Pokemon is that it is so frail, like Gengar. With an opponent with high attack stat, it can be easilt defeated.

But nonetheless, a spoon hoarder Pokemon wouldn't hurt to be in your team right?

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Another face of mercy?You think?
Another face of mercy?
Another face of mercy?
You think?
You think?

The First Dragon Pokemon

I believe body shaming is one of the worst foul thing to do in these world. And I am against it. But please, why would you make a slender Dragonair evolved into a fatso Dragonite? Why?

Actually, I was bothered at first because I was hoping to have a great evolution from the beauty itself - Dragonair. But I think there is also a beauty within this fat, round belly Pokemon, Dragonite. Its beauty resides in its stats! It is a well rounded Pokemon. It has high Attack stat, pretty decent as a bulky Pokemon and a good speed I guess. But the true win about this is has access to great moveset, Dragon Dance, Extreme Speed, and others.

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Bulbasaur-Ivysaur-VenosaurMega VenosaurCharmander-Charmeleon-CharizardMega Cjarizard X & YSquirtle-Wartortle-BlastoiseMega Blastoise
Mega Venosaur
Mega Venosaur
Mega Cjarizard X & Y
Mega Cjarizard X & Y
Mega Blastoise
Mega Blastoise

A Bulb, a Salamander and a Turtle

As usual, I can't finish this Top 10 list without the Regional starter, right? Everybody loves the first Pokemon they will get, not just because it is free, it is also awesome. The dilemma everyone's had when starting their journey to become the greatest Pokemon Master, choosing between the toad with a bulb on its back Grass-type, the normal yet husky voice turtle Water-type and the "everyone's favorite, no brainer pick" Fire type Pokemon.

Let's first talk about the one everyone's dodging from the beginning, Bulbasaur. I am also not a fan of this green monster. I'd rather choose Bellsprout evolutionary line rather than this because I just dont like toads. It's not adorable for me. But stat-wise, Venusaur a pretty bulky Pokemon, with a decent Special attack stat. With the Mega Evolution, it became resistant to Ice and Fire type leaving it with only two weaknesses - Psychic and Flying type. A pretty decent Pokemon to have in your team - but not in mine, sorry.

Next is the turtle that squirts - Squirtle! It's the second most favorite of all time among these three Starter Pokemon. It's blue. It's a turtle. It's cute! Not to mention it comes with two canons on its back when it evolves! Who wouldn't like that, right? A tortoise that blasts - Blastoise! Enough with that silly jibber jabber. For its stats, Blastoise is a bit of a well rounded Pokemon. It only lacks on HP and most probably its speed. But with its Mega Evolution, it gives access to a great ability - Mega Launcher that boosts the power of Aura and Pulse Moves, making Blastoise a great attacker in your team.

Lastly, the overrated, most picked Starter Pokemon in this generation - Charmander! I actually pick charmander as well when I started playing Pokemon Fire Red. I know everyone will think that having charmander as the starter will make it hard to progress since the first Gym leader - Brock, uses rock type pokemon. They forget that Charmander learns metal claw at level 13. But then again, when you play the 1st generation games, when there are no Steel types, then you fill find it difficult to progress when you pick charmander. Nonetheless, this pokemon has become so popular that it is the only starter that has 2 mega evolutions! Do believe that? So biased! Why no give Blastoise and Venusaur two mega evolutions as well? Why only Charizard? Damn you! I would not talk about its stats, because nevertheless, everyone will still pick it over Bulbasur and Squirtle. I guess that just the way it is.

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Mega Mewtwo X & Y
Mega Mewtwo X & Y
Mega Mewtwo X & Y

The New Species Pokemon and the Genetic Pokemon

And my top Pokemon from this list is also a no brainer pick, right? Mew and Mewtwo! I dont know if I still need to elaborate on this. Though for me Mew is for display not for fighting, because it's like a fetus and I don't want it getting hurt. But on the other hand, this man made Pokemon, Mewtwo is so strong that everyone wants it on their hand! A powerful Pokemon that can easily one hit knockout every other Pokemon. I just don't have nice things to say about these two Pokemons. Because their name says it all on why this two became may number one on this list.

Which among these top 10 do you like the best?

See results

Again, thanks for reading this article! Just don't forget that this is for my own opinion, not everybody's choice. But I will gladly accept every comment you will say. Just comment it down below. I hope you enjoy reading this!


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