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Burn Notice S5E7 Besieged

Updated on August 28, 2011

Gabrielle Anwar and Coby Bell



This week Micheal Weston has to help Sam's girlfriend get her son back from a militia. The child is held by his Father in a militia compound which they have to infiltrate. The story line in this show becomes a little more serious with less witty banter and a more compelling story line as Weston saves a child from a dangerous situation as he would have wished to have be saved from his own Father.

In the meantime Jessie and Fiona are out to track down Micheal's impersonator and force him to arrange a meeting between his emplyer and himself.

As always the crew rescue the child but not without mentioning Micheal's Father's abusive past.


I think this entire cast has really shined in its' acting performances and in this week's show I thought Coby Bell and Gabrielle Anwar did a fantastic job. Anwar is just so alpha she is hysterical and Coby Bell is so cool there is no need for air conditioning in Miami. I was a little disappointed in the writing this week. I found the boat explosion predictable, perhaps because I am a Floridian. But I also saw some continuity issues and I am curious as to whether this show was shot out of sequence. I will probably never know the truth but perhaps my readers can tell me if they noticed as well.

All in all excelent show that I highly reccomend to anyone who has an hour to watch television.

Burn Notice


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