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True Blood: Burning Down the House

Updated on August 28, 2011

Jason and Sookie


Burning Down the House

At the Tolerance Festival Marnie has Eric attack Bill. Sookie protects Bill from Eric and shocks Eric which causes him to regain his memory. In this moment Sookie realizes she is in love with both Bill and Eric.

Marnie takes vampires prisoners and they are under the necromancy spell. They return to the Moon Goddess Emporium where Tara and Holly and the other witches are being held hostage.

Jason and Jessica finally fulfill their burning lust and have sec together but Jason has a great deal of guilt as he is Hoyt’s best friend and requires Jessica to glamour him into forgetting.

In desperation, Jason and Sookie reach out to Lafayette and Jesus to try and save all of the humans and vampires trapped in the Mood Goddess Emporium. Jesus is certain Marnie is under the control of Antonia and is being victimized and if he could only reach her he would be able to free her of the possession by Antonia. But in truth it is Marnie that is holding onto Antonia and the hatred they both share for vampires.

Tommy is beaten to Death and Sam wants vengeance.

Terry discovers his Cousin Andy is on “V” and stages an intervention. He takes Andy back tot heir childhood fort and they shot pistols and get into a fight until Andy is ready ton give up his addiction.

Meanwhile while trapped in the Moon Goddess Emporium Holly and Tara use their powers and read from a book of Latin poems which is quite funny since both of them don’t know Latin. They manage to conjure something and Marnie senses this as a betrayal. Marnie take Jesus, Lafayette, and Sookie hostage.

Bill determined to end necromancy and save his people pulls together a small contingency of soldiers to finish the war between the vampires and the witches. At night Pam, Jessica, Eric and Bill drive up to the front of the Moon Goddess Emporium and are prepared to blow the entire place up.

Holly's Latin


Terry Busting Andy


This show always has witty writing and dark humor. A bit was lost this week in the love story of Bill, Sookie and Eric but there were more touching scenes with Sam and his brother Tommy. Overall this show is so much fun and it is so well written it sometimes can be mistaken for a drama, a love story and comedy and horror movie. True Blood has it all for everyone and it is getting better and better with each successive episode.


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