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True Blood: Run

Updated on August 27, 2011

Sookie and Eric



As a result of Bill's meeting with Marnie in the cemetery war breaks out and Sookie is injured. Bill quickly whisks her away and ties to get her to drink his blood. Marnie completely controls Eric. Bon Temps passions ignite in war during a festival of tolerance. Since Bill spared Tara her views have soften towards vampires. Holly agrees with Tara. Marnie is prepared to go to war with the vampires using her covenant and her covenant questions her extremism. But Tara and Holly resist Marnie's extremism.

Sookie's subconscious is torn between Bill and Eric as she has drank both of their blood.

Lafayette is possessed by a witch, Mavis and who his Mikey's nanny. Mavis believe that Hoyt's house belongs to her so she re-acquires it. Jason and Andy showed up to take Mikey back home but Mavis gets the drop on Andy and Jason. It is really quite hysterical. Jesus shows up to to bring the Baby back of Mavis and to save Mikey. Jesus reunites Mavis with her dead son and sends her spirit on. Lafayette is freed from Mavis's possession.

Hoyt asks Jason to return Jessica's things to her but Jason declines because he doesn't want to get involved but finally relents.. Jason and Jessica finally hook up.

Tommy is impersonating Sam and caasuing all kinds of trouble and shifts back infront of the werewolves.

Eric and Marnie take over at he toleance conference. And Eric is sent to kill bill for which Sookie shouts, "RUN!".


This show is smart, sex and very funny. It is well written and the actors performances are excellent. The plot has been thoroughly fleshed out (no pun intended) this season. There is an underlying theme of intolerance and inequality with the pressing ideology that in diversity equality is impossible. Also there is a polarizing theme of extremism which parrots USA politics.

More over treacherous the plot line the more seductive it is for viewers. One last comment here. The fans have been rewarded for following this show with a lot of nudity. We love it!!! This show could only be better if wardrobe was tossed and the actors just acted nude but let's face it the nudity would up stage the show entirely.


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