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True Blood Season Pre-Finale: Death

Updated on April 21, 2013

Bon Temps Population is Dwindling!!


Soul of Fire

This week is the pre-season finale of True Blood entitled Death and I think we are in for a real treat!! Here is the trailer for you to render your own decision.

Coming Attractions

Spoiler Alert and Summary

Jason speaks reason to the Bill and Eric to protect Sookie, Tara, Lafayette and Jesus.

Marnie binds herself to Antonia and has become more powerful now than ever. Marnie requires Bill and Eric to kill themselves in order to free Sookie. They agree. But Pam refuses to watch her maker meet his end so she launches a grenade at the Moon Goddess Emporium which back fires at all of them. Jason is injured and Jessica says him. Jason finally admits his love for Jessica.

Jesus calls upon his deepest magic to fight Marnie. Jesus manages to remove Antonia soul form Marnie thereby weakening Marnie. Bill kills Marnie and there is a brief moment where Bill and Eric find agreement.

Marine possesses Lafayette.

Andy has a run in with a ferry because he smells like vampire blood. Merella is the name of the ferry who enchants Andy and he swears to the light that he will protect Merella.

Sam and Alzes kill Marcus.


Encore, Encore. I don't think I can possible make it through a whole year without True Blood. It has become an addiction for me and a friend in hard times as I look forward to seeing it each week.The writing has been fabulous and the actors have all provided stellar performances but I am left with this unsatisfiable thirst for more. The only thing that will suck this year is the end of the season of True Blood.

We have one last juicy Episode to satisfy our thirst for True Blood this Season.


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