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Which singer or band do you identify most with your music?

  1. cardelean profile image92
    cardeleanposted 6 years ago

    Which singer or band do you identify most with your music?

  2. matta193529 profile image58
    matta193529posted 6 years ago

    I wouldn't want to say that my musical taste is limited to one band or genre. I try to be very open to everything from folk to punk to death metal and every thing in between

  3. wayseeker profile image94
    wayseekerposted 6 years ago

    Well, I'm always the odd one out on questions like this.  Which band do I most associate with my music?  The Northern Colorado Concert Band.  I love band music--always have.  This is not to say that I don't venture out into what most people think of when they start talking about "bands," but my heart is always with classical band music.

  4. .josh. profile image61
    .josh.posted 6 years ago

    Ryan Adams, not necessarily because all of his albums are fantastic (though the good ones are), or he's my absolute favorite artist (though he's up there), but it was when I started listening to him that my feelings towards music began to change. I always enjoyed music to a degree, but I was listening to absolute rubbish (and completely oblivious to the lyrics) prior to him.

  5. Seeker7 profile image97
    Seeker7posted 6 years ago

    I like all kinds of rock and pop from bands all over the world. But the group I identify with the most is a Scottish Rock-Folk band called RunRig - they sing and play powerful and beautiful music in Scots Gaelic and English and their music is a celebration of Scotland.

  6. jacqui2011 profile image85
    jacqui2011posted 6 years ago

    I just love Beady Eye. I've been to see them live twice this year. I think that since the Gallagher Brothers - Liam and Noel split from Oasis that Liam has gone on with Beady Eye to become bigger and better.

    I also love listening to Paul Weller and Adele.