Why do people like anime?

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    Daniela Ortega8posted 16 months ago

    Why do people like anime?

  2. CKleidis profile image60
    CKleidisposted 16 months ago

    Generally, anime is just a form of entertainment - nothing more, nothing less. Some people like anime, the way others like Brazilian soap operas. For me, it is because i like how the Japanese culture is portrayed in works of literature and animation. I 'm talking about psychologically complex characters, in perplexing situations that involve romance, dominance and tradition, all wrapped in beautiful scenery throughout the year.

  3. nipster profile image79
    nipsterposted 9 months ago

    Everyone gets some entertainment(eg. television, video games) Notice that oftentimes(Not always) people with terrible lives, engage in massive amounts of entertainment for hours on end. Those with great lives don't often do entertainment as much.

    The reason people like anime is very much the same reason anyone likes any other form of entertainment.

    It's a distraction. It takes you away from the troubles of your own life.