It's official. Anne Hathaway is set to be Catwoman in the new Batman

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  1. Stevennix2001 profile image83
    Stevennix2001posted 12 years ago

    According to recent news, Anne Hathaway was just announced to play Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in the upcoming film, "The Dark Knight Rises."  Plus, it's been confirmed that Tom Hardy will be playing the title role of Bane.  Some of you may remember Bane as the happless quiet stooge of Poison Ivy from "Batman and Robin."  However, true comic book fans should remember him as the guy who broke Batman's back...LITERALLY.  Therefore, it should be very exciting to see Nolan's version of Catwoman and Bane on the big screen.  What are your thoughts on this?

    1. profile image0
      Martyv25posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Can't wait to see the new Batman movie, was not a fan of the earlier films and have only recently got into them.  I can not commtent to much on comics either not really that big in England. Looks like the new installment will be great though!

      1. Stevennix2001 profile image83
        Stevennix2001posted 12 years agoin reply to this

        I agree.  I think the new installment will be great.  Although I don't know how he's going to handle Catwoman and Bane to make them more grittier and realistic like he has able to with the rest of the Batman mythology thus far.  However, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  2. Rafini profile image70
    Rafiniposted 12 years ago

    For some reason, I think Anne Hathaway will make an excellent Catwoman.  Can't explain why...unless it has to do with Ella Enchanted, but I don't understand the reasoning there, either. lol

    1. Stevennix2001 profile image83
      Stevennix2001posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      lol. I don't disagree.  For some reason, I think she'll probably play the best Catwoman ever.  Plus, I have a lot of faith in Christopher Nolan, as he wouldn't have casted her if she wasn't capable of doing the part.

  3. Stevennix2001 profile image83
    Stevennix2001posted 12 years ago

    All I can say is it'll be interesting to see how Anne Hathaway fills out that catsuit. wink

  4. rkummer profile image60
    rkummerposted 12 years ago

    Will be interested to see Nolan tackle these two characters.  Honestly, Anne Hathaway would not have been my first choice (just my having a hard visualizing her in the role). However, Tom Hardy proved in Inception that he is ready for more material.

    I was on the Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler 'bandwagon'. I think that would have been a more intriguing/hyped role.  But again, I do trust Nolan and his decisions.

    1. Stevennix2001 profile image83
      Stevennix2001posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah, I agree with you there. to be honest, i was surprised by his choice of anne hathaway, as i would've picked someone like Charlize theron if you had asked me.  however, like i told rafini, i have a feeling that she might end up being the best incarnation of catwoman that we've seen thus far.  as far as riddler goes, i was surprised by that too.  to be honest, i think riddler is a helluva a lot more realistic than bane is as nolan has often said he prefers to the keep the franchise grounded in reality.  therefore, i don't know how bane would translate into that, but i guess we'll have to wait and see.  personally, i would've loved for them to have kind of a "seven" movie theme to it, as they incorporated riddler; eerily similar to how they incorporated themes from "clockwork orange" when portraying the joker.  however, i guess we'll have to wait and see

      I'm just curious now to see who the OTHER leading actress will be or who her character will be, as nolan did say he was casting for two female leads.  one to be the villain and the other to be batman's love interest.  therefore, that's what im curious about.

  5. optimus grimlock profile image60
    optimus grimlockposted 12 years ago

    i like hatheway but shes not sinister enough to be cat woman but gordon-levit as the ridler could workout. Will they have the joker in it and who will play him is the big ??????

    1. rkummer profile image60
      rkummerposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Unfortunately, Nolan confirmed no Riddler, no Joker (obviously with Ledger's death) and no Robin.

      1. Tina Kachan profile image61
        Tina Kachanposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        No Robin again? I thought he was gonna be in this one...

        1. rkummer profile image60
          rkummerposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          Christian Bale is the culprit for no Robin.  He stated he would not be involved in the film if Robin was introduced as a character.  Nolan basically agreed to his demand.

          Sounds like somebody is jealous of screen time....

          1. Tina Kachan profile image61
            Tina Kachanposted 12 years agoin reply to this

            I never really liked Christian Bale that much anyway tongue

          2. Stevennix2001 profile image83
            Stevennix2001posted 12 years agoin reply to this

            Actually it was both Bale and Nolan who both didn't like the idea of Robin being in the Batman mythology and frankly i agree.  in the gritty realistic style that the current batman movies reside in, it would be outright absurd to see a teenage boy dressed up in a silly costume standing next to batman as he takes on mafia members and insane psychopaths.  it's not realistic, as nolan has been very adamant on keeping the batman franchise grounded in reality as much as possible.

  6. Tina Kachan profile image61
    Tina Kachanposted 12 years ago

    I`m not to keen on Anne Hathaway, but I believe Christopher Nolan knows what he is doing smile

  7. profile image62
    logic,commonsenseposted 12 years ago

    I'll just watch it with the sound off anyway when it comes out on DVD!smile

  8. Kangaroo_Jase profile image77
    Kangaroo_Jaseposted 12 years ago

    Even more interesting is that Chris Nolan has stated that he is finished with this after this film. That is not going to stop  another director knocking on Warner Bro's door and picking up where Nolan ends.

    So for this one,

    Bane, yes, Catwoman, yes, Chris Bale returns as Batman, yes.

    Riddler, no, Scarecrow, no, Al Ghul (daughter) no, Robin is not a character that has interested Nolan one bit, so no.

    Have a hub on all of this.

    1. Stevennix2001 profile image83
      Stevennix2001posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      No talia al ghul?  where did you hear that from kangaroo jase?  according to my sources, nolan never denied a possible appearance of talia.  however, he did confirm the rest of the info you described, but not talia al ghul.  where did you hear that if you don't mind me asking?

      1. Kangaroo_Jase profile image77
        Kangaroo_Jaseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        An article some time back which would take me a while to find suggesting that Tom Hardy is in the film, not known for which character then. It did mention that Ra Al Ghul is dead, so what is the point of bringing in the daughter, Talia.

        Now to me, you would being in the daughter for revenge (If she knew that Batman killed off Ra Al)

        It makes sense also if we are following duel enemies in each of Nolans films, now we know that there will be Catwoman & Bane in the this third film.

        1. Stevennix2001 profile image83
          Stevennix2001posted 12 years agoin reply to this

          hmmm..oh okay.  i'll have to research that then.  its no biggie.  thanks kangaroo.  i appreciate the update.  although im a bit surprised, as i think the whole talia al ghul revenge scheme could work in the next movie.  plus, it would be interesting if they had it set up to where talia would openly lie and seduce bruce wayne, under another alias like vicky vale perhaps, while catwoman toys with his heart as batman.  that would be a cool love triangle if you ask me, as both girls would be figuratively screwing with batman/bruce wayne's mind while the sinister bane hunts down to BREAK batman once and for all.  however, im sure nolan has a great plot up his sleeve, as i have yet to see him make a bad movie.

          1. Kangaroo_Jase profile image77
            Kangaroo_Jaseposted 12 years agoin reply to this


            I will have a hunt around and see if I come across that article again, if I do I will post you the link.

            We know almost no details apart from a couple of characters and those actors portraying them in the film, so anything especially a plot as you suggest, is possible.

            Would not be the first time film makers have thrown red herrings onto the internet big_smile

        2. Stevennix2001 profile image83
          Stevennix2001posted 12 years agoin reply to this

          Hey Kangaroo, i did a lot of research into your claim that Talia Al Ghul was denied by Nolan, and it turns out that's not entirely accurate.  As it turns out, when they were auditioning for Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, they told the media they were auditioning for Talia to throw people off as to who they were really casting for.  It wasn't until later that it was revealed the auditions were actually for Catwoman.  Therefore, Nolan never denied or claimed there never would be a Talia Al Ghul.

  9. Malcolm_Cox profile image63
    Malcolm_Coxposted 12 years ago

    Why forego the Riddler for Catwoman????  Catwoman has such a bed reputaation after Berry and Pfeiffer incarnations.

  10. Stina Caxe profile image83
    Stina Caxeposted 12 years ago

    I love Anne Hathaway, good for her!

  11. lovelypaper profile image59
    lovelypaperposted 12 years ago

    She has a classic old Hollywood look about her.

  12. mega1 profile image69
    mega1posted 12 years ago

    I'm looking forward to the all "male" Batman - where everyone is male, even catWOman!  That would be something.  Yessssss! and all male version - with the make-up and a bit slimming you could have, say, Adam Lambert as Catwoman and since all the rest are male anyhow. WTF yessssssssssssss!  all male.  I will not rest until we get it! 

    I hope.

    Meantime, What's her name? Hathaway - why not? You could imagine Winona Ryder there, but she'd be too, you know, prissy?  I will wait.  I can wait.  I have had so much batman lately, I can wait.


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