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Articles About Baby Care - Baby Products : Gear, Feeding, Safety, Organic, Toys, Bedding and Health Concerns - 60dc2

Updated on December 9, 2012

This is a compilation of article summaries, links and other information about parenting, caring for babies plus top of the line baby products. In particular, the topics of the articles are : organic baby products, gear, health, feeding, safety, toys and playground equipment, bedding.

I also included an article about infant's physical, emotional, intellectual growth and development, instrumental music lullabies for babies, gift ideas for baby's first Christmas and funny quotes and saying about babies. And since every year we celebrate Halloween, I also included a hub about the cutest Halloween costume for babies.

I hope that these articles will help you in understanding the overall needs of babies plus your choice of baby products in particular. Share it with your friends, relatives or acquaintances.

Understanding Infant's Overall Growth and Development

Interesting Notes About Infant's Physical, Emotional, Intellectual Growth and Development

  • Summary : This hub highlights some important notes about the overall development of infant. It is the objective of every parents with the help of professional health care provider to provide the best of care to the infant for the maximum potential growth of emotional, physical and intellectual growth thus it is important to understand this mechanism. Since most of the researches conducted about babies are pertaining to their overall development in the aspects mentioned, baby products and technology for baby care including health are dependent on it.

Baby Safety Products and Gear -- Infant car seat, baby monitor and play yards, baby changing stations

Car Seats - Infant Car Seats - Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat

  • Summary : This hub is about safety for babies when traveling, the use of infant car seats. Infant car seats are part of safety gear for babies. There are safety precautions parents should know regarding car safety seat in general. there are laws pertaining to this that is why upon discharged form the hospital the baby should have car seat when traveling home. The Graco Snugride Infant car seat is a leading brand in infant car seats and it is known for its affordable price, harness system is good, can fit in with different models of car. It is also durable and presentable - nice looking comfortable car seat.

Selections of  Play Yards -  Buy Play Yards Online

  • Summary : Play yards or play pens are one of the ways to babyproof your homes. They are considered safety gear and a good way to secure them while they are playing and mom can do other stuff. I selected the top selections of play yards available online for you to choose from : Awesome Baby Kids Playpen 8 Panel Play Center Safety Yard Pen, Graco Play Yards for infants (with or without bassinet), Aosom Baby Kids Wooden Playpen Room Divider 8 Panel, KidCo PlayDen, North States Superyard XT Gate Play Yard and Summer Infant Secure Surround Play Safe Play Yard.

Baby Monitors - Best Baby Video Monitor - Summer Infant Baby Monitors

  • Summary : Technology is always improving and now we have baby video monitors for our baby. This is use to monitor babies when you are in the same house but they are in other rooms. The Summer Infant Baby Monitor is a top brand on baby video monitor and one of the best, not only that they offer an affordable price. You can choose from its selections. There are some issues with monitor and this is the static and channel that you can get from it, usually privacy issues, and "Summer infant Baby Monitor tries to limit this said issue. The monitor baby set comes with a video and a handheld or portable screen monitor. Wireless video monitor are top of the line choices.

Selections of Baby Changing Stations to Choose From - Buy Baby Changing Stations Online

  • Summary : Lots of baby products have been introduced in the market and the baby changing stations is one of them. It is an important gear and are useful baby product mainly used when you are changing the baby's diaper or you just want to change their clothes. Some of it have another feature like two in one -- "bathtub and changing stations in one". They are made of steel, wood - organic, rubber or plastic. In this hub, I featured some its selections which you can buy online and I also included other selections ot choose from.

Products for Feeding Babies and Toddlers

Booster Seats For Feeding Babies - Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

  • Summary : For parents feeding a baby takes a lot of your patience because once the baby starts to grab things and want to be on their own, you must have a sturdy companion -- a booster seat when feeding babies becomes very important.The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat is a good feeding chair for your baby because it has three levels to choose for the baby's convenience. It is also easily attachable to any chair and easy to clean with just one swipe and is foldable. It is not heavy, in fact you can carry it anywhere you go and can be fitted in the car trunk easily. too. Most of all it is affordable and is likened by many parents and remain to be the bestseller when it comes to booster for feeding babies.

High Chair - Stokke High Chair - Stokke Natural Tripp Trapp High Chair

  • Summary : When baby starts to eat solid food, the parents want them to join the family in the dining table as well, the high chair becomes a useful baby feeding gear. Wooden high chairs are preferred by parents because it blend well with their other furniture, besides that, it look classy too. But the question is, it is a reliable chair for babies? Is the baby comfortable on it? The Stokke High Chair - Stokke Natural Tripp Trapp High Chair is a high end high chair for babies that is proven to be durable and has a steady feet for the safety of baby, plus it is convertible. It can be used as a study table fast the babys' toddlerhood. Some reviews which I had gathered attest to the fact this high chair is still usable when they become adult. It is durable, a little bit pricey, but it is worth it. I like the style of this high chair, it is unique.

Baby Care - Gears for Transporting Babies - Strollers and Baby Carrier

Peg Perego Strollers - Selections of Peg Perego Strollers - Buy Peg Perego Strollers Online

  • Summary : Peg Perego strollers are top of the line strollers and is one of the leading brand when it comes to transporting babies. There are selections of Peg Perego strollers to choose from and they can be bought online as well. The main features of this brand of stroller are that it has five harness, with canopy, lightweight, and adjustable to your baby's height and weight. This Italian brand of stroller is known for its durability. It has a cushion on the head part of the stroller to protect the baby's head even when they are sleeping.


  • Summary : Baby cradle swing is a nice baby gear to soothe the baby as they really like to stay and play with it. When babies stay in their cradle swing they are more calmer and enjoy the swaying motion of it. The mother can take a rest as well while the baby can play with the toys that goes with the cradle swings. Fisher price has a loads of selections of many variants of cradle swings. The Fisher Price Papasan cradle swing is very popular among parents. A good cradle swing is the one that is not boring and the baby is comfortable on it.

Strollers - Bugaboo Strollers - Buy Bugaboo Strollers Online

  • Summary : The technological advances in the make of strollers have helped parenting easier these days. One of the most reliable brand of strollers is Bugaboo. Bugaboo strollers is engineered for easy maneuvering, is cool and sleek. It is very light and easy to fold plus you can bring it anywhere. It is designed so that you can see your baby facing you with easy adjustable mechanisms. The wheels can easily be turned into different directions without difficulty and designed for babies who are growing fast. In fact it can carry up to 40 lbs of baby weight. The comfort and ease it bring to both the parents and the baby is reason enough for parents to buy the Bugaboo brand of strollers. You can buy Bugaboo strollers online as well.

Baby Carriers : Buy A Mei Tai Baby Carrier Online

  • Summary : Snuggling with your baby is fun. Baby carriers are helpful when you are transporting babies. Even during the older times, women carry their babies with them anywhere they go. A Mei Tai baby carrier is an Asian inspired baby carrier and can be placed at the front, back and the hips of the carrier. It has lots of selections and styles -- different designs to choose from. It has a taller body and it corrects posture. You can also adjust it if you are tall. The mother is always at ease when they know that their baby are not so squeezed and they feel comfortable with the baby carrier. This hub is a collections of different styles of Mei Tai baby carrier for you to buy if you choose to do so.

Baby Toys and Playground Equipment

Inflatable Bouncers - Selections of Inflatable Bouncers - Buy Inflatable Bouncers Online

  • Summary : Inflatable bouncers were discovered by a mechanical engineer while constructing a tennis court and since then it has been a part of playground equipment, parties and any gathering for families and children. His family marketed the idea and came out with rental systems of inflatable bouncers. This hub features selections of inflatable bouncers and the corresponding amount of each inflatable bouncers. The selection ranges from bouncy homes to jungle bounce and many more. The inflatable bouncers are easy to inflate and deflate using a device. The good thing is that you can also buy these inflatable bouncers online.


  • Summary : Swings are part of playground equipment or the jungle gym. They are usually found in park and other areas where children loves to enjoy outdoor activities. Wooden swing sets are part of it. Nowadays parents are buying this for their backyard to save time and energy going to the park. The mother can also do other activities while watching the children play. This is best for children, family fun and gatherings. The manuals of the wooden swing set and the entire jungle gym is easy to follow and it can be set up with basic equipment tools. You can buy this online too.

Baby Bouncer - Selections of Baby Bouncer - Buy A Baby Bouncer Online

  • Summary : Baby bouncers are not what we are thinking they are, bouncers in a club. That made me smile. Baby bouncers are also called baby jumpers or jolly jumpers. They are good for the baby when they are starting to sit and can jump a little bit when you put them on it. this is a version of inflatable bouncers for a much older children. When we are looking for a good baby bouncer we want one that is sturdy, have lots of musical and toys so the baby is not bored and which makes them stay longer on it. Since the mom want to spend some time doing other chores, this comes in handy specially if it is filled with hanging toys and musicals which the baby sure loves to play with. There are many selections of baby bouncers and this hub provided for the top selections from Fisher price to baby Einstein. You can buy them online too.

How to Choose Baby Play Gym and Baby Play Mats - Buy Baby Play Gym and Baby Play Mats Online

  • Summary : I listed selections of play gyms and play mats in this hub. Baby play gym are good for the baby's growth and development, specifically, the physical and mental. When babies are placed in the play gym, they exercise their arms and legs, plus their senses are stimulated. That is why when choosing a good play gym we take these things into consideration. It is the same when we choose play mats for them. There are selections of baby play mats and play gym to choose from and I listed them here. One of the well known top of the line brand is the "Baby Einstein Around The World Play Gym", but other play gyms are also good.

Baby Health -- Fetal Doppler, Preparing Baby Food with Beaba BabyCook, First-Aid Kit and Supplies, Baby's Temperature

Fetal Monitor - Fetal Doppler - Angelsound Fetal Doppler

  • Summary : Fetal monitors or fetal Doppler are used to monitor the heartbeat of fetus in the mothers womb. Some women need this device specially for the purpose of monitoring their babies because of previous health concerns pertaining tp their pregnancy. Fetal monitors help the parents monitor the health of the fetus to prevent fetal death or abnormalities. The Angelsound fetal Doppler is a good device for this purpose. It can detect the fetus heartbeat as early as twelve weeks on the average without difficulty. It is also affordable and easy to use. There are also other selections of fetal monitor and the list is provided in this hub.

First-Aid Kits For Babies - First-Aid Supplies List for Babies

  • Summary : First-Aid kits are very important when you have a baby at home. Some parents even enroll in first aid courses so that they have an understanding of some basic first aid procedures. When we have babies at home, the first-aid kit is very important. The American Academy of Pediatrics provided a video for everybody to watch regarding this. The good thing about it is that the list is also helpful for the entire family and for other children in general. The first aid kit can be secured in a bag so that when you travel you can just gather it and you are ready to go. You can buy this online withe bag and it is a complete kit already.

Make Your Own Baby Food - Beaba BabyCook - The Ultimate Three in One Baby Food Maker

  • Summary : Parents are excited when they wean their babies specially when they start to eat solid foods and because of the health concerns relating to preservatives, parents opt to prepare foods for their babies. There are lots of food miller available to choose form but the Beaba BabyCook Food Maker is the top of the line choice because it is not spacious and is a three in one baby food maker meaning you can steam, make puree and reheat baby foods in a jiffy. You can also store food and then reheat them later, in that way it saves you time. It is also easy to clean and don't eat a lot of space in the kitchen.

Best Way to Get Your Baby's Body Temperature

  • Summary : In this hub I discussed the different ways to get baby's temperature like rectal, skin (armpit and forehead), tongue and the ears (symphonic method). According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the best way to get your baby's temperature is through the anus up to three months. I also discussed how to discern if the baby has a fever and the importance of having a thermometer even if we don't have babies in our homes is underscored.

Swimming Lesson for Babies - Swimming Lesson Videos for Babies and the Use of Reusable Swim Diaper

  • Summary : Swimming is a good exercise not only for babies but also for adults. It develops the physical, hand and body coordination of babies. Some parents see the importance of giving swimming lessons to their babies as young as three months old, but of course there are safety precautions and safety guidelines to consider like the parent should also joined the swimming sessions and that they should never be left alone. I also shared some swimming lesson videos and resources. The use of reusable swim diaper is good because you can save money.

Baby Bedding Needs - Baby Mattress, Mattress Pad and Convertible Cribs

Baby Bedding - Convertible Cribs - Buy Convertible Cribs Online

  • Summary : In terms of setting up a baby's nursery parent want to secure a good bedding set for the baby which includes the baby crib. There are lots of baby cribs to choose from when you are planning to buy one from online and on site stores. Convertible cribs area good choice because it can still be used by the baby even when they grow older. This is also appropriate for twins. This article provides some choices when you opt to buy one. Most parent prefer the cribs which complement their other furniture. Most of all, they prefer the ones which really gives comfort to their babies. I provided the lists here of bestseller convertible cribs.

Mattress Pad - Best Crib Mattress Pad - American Baby Company Organic Waterproof Quilted Crib and Toddler Pad

  • Summary : This hub feature the organic mattress pad - American Baby Company Organic Waterproof Quilted Crib and Toddler Pad which can be bought online. Mattress pad are part and parcel of any bedding set. The mattress pad is mainly to protect the mattress for longer use and comfort of the baby.This baby product is affordable, organic and is durable. It can fit any typical crib size and is waterproof. Parents are loving it because babies can sleep well and at the same time the baby mattress is protected for longer use.

Choosing the Best Crib Mattress - Buy Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress Online

  • Summary : All parents want the best for their babies and this covers baby products from safety car seats, feeding, transporting gears, baby bath etc. When choosing crib mattress, as parents we want a product which in general will give comfort to the baby when they are sleeping. A well rested baby is happier. The Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress is a good crib mattress because it is made of waterproof material and coil which gives the necessary comfort to the sleeping baby. It is not as expensive, the size is just right for the crib. It has rods surrounding the edges of it for support. Most of all, it has 15 years of warranty.

Organic Baby Products

Natural Organic Baby Products : Why We Should Use Organic Baby Products

  • Summary : In this hub, I discussed the reasons why we should use organic baby products mainly the reason being that they are chemical free and of course natural. As parents we want our babies to be free from these damaging chemicals. I underscore the fact that organic products are less damaging to the overall health of the babies. When we use them it is like shooting two birds in one stone -- helping the environment and making sure that our baby's health is not compromised. They are not that expensive and we can afford it.I also included some natural products you can buy.

Teething - Organic Baby Teethers Are Safe and Best for Your Baby - Baby Teething Tips

  • Summary : Teething is a milestone in baby's growth and development. It is one of the signal to introduce baby's first solid foods. Some babies show symptoms of teething while others do not. In this hub, I discussed some baby teething tips and I also underscore the importance of organic baby teethers which are safe for the baby because they are chemical free unlike other teethers which contain chemicals that are bad for the baby. I also discussed in part symptoms of teething and how to check if your baby is teething.

Holiday Celebrations -- Shoes and Baby Costumes

How To Choose the Cutest and the Most Comfortable Baby Shoes

  • Summary : This hub share tips tips on how to choose the cutest and the most comfortable shoes for our babies bearing in mind some guidelines. Babies shoes are mostly dependent on the weather, occasion, gender and of course the size (should be exact) of the baby's feet. Some parents pair the shoes with the clothes of the baby and age plus locomotor stage appropriate. There are shoes for walking,running and house shoe. The cutest shoes are the ones with different colors to match the clothes and ribbons for girls shoes. Most of baby boy's shoes are basic.

The Cutest Halloween Costumes For Babies - Buy Halloween Costumes for Babies Online

  • Summary : Halloween is one of the most anticipated holiday celebration all over the world not only for children. It is also the time for "trick or treat" and display of Halloween costumes. This hub is a collection of the cutest costumes for babies during Halloween, and I am sure they will all look cute and lovely with these costumes and I am sure mom and dad and other relatives are all excited to see the babies in these costumes. You can also these selections of baby Halloween costumes online.

Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby's First Christmas - Buy Baby's First Christmas Gift Online

  • Summary : Christmas is the most awaited holiday celebration in the entire Christian world. And with baby's first Christmas, we want to give them something special, memorable and unique awesome Christmas gifts. In this hub, I listed suggestions and tips on choosing gifts for this special occasion. Gifts should always be gender and age specific (in months). An accompanying Christmas card that accompanies the gift is also touching.

Baby Quotes and Lullaby for Babies

Funny Baby Quotes and Sayings :: Funny Quotes And Sayings About Babies

  • Summary : Quotes and sayings can be inspirational and funny. This hub is a collection of funny baby quotes and sayings about babies. People in general people love to hear some sayings and funny quotes about life in general, and babies have a share of these quotes as well. I also shared some of my personal quotes about them. One of my favorite inspirational quote about babies which I included here is by Van Gogh.

Instrumental Lullaby Music for Babies

  • Summary : Music is a healing mechanism, just like any alternative healing process it elevates the mind into another world. Babies in general develop their senses fully at a very young age, that is why scientists agree that it is helpful for the overall health of the baby to listen to music. Listening to music is beneficial to mom as well because when the baby sleeps well, the mother can also rest and attend to her personal development. Instrumental lullaby music are useful because it soothes the baby and it develop their overall senses. Music in general soothes and calm our minds, for babies they often sleep soundly while listening to the lullabies. The mother can also listen to the music with her baby. I provided in this hub a list and products you may want to buy.


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