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Where does true inspiration derive from?

  1. CloudExplorer profile image78
    CloudExplorerposted 6 years ago

    Where does true inspiration derive from?

    Please explain what inspires you, where you think motivation can be mustered from, and whats the purpose of such a thing as inspiration.  What should such an inspiration in life lead too for a person in your honest opinion.


  2. thesingernurse profile image82
    thesingernurseposted 6 years ago

    For me inspiration give me a lot of reasons to stay sane. Lol. Personally, I derive inspiration from my loved ones and virtually anything and anyone around me. I am inspired by a love witnessed everywhere and everyday; by small acts of kindness by others; by detractors which makes me strive even more to be better; and by simply adoring all of nature's wonders. Inspiration is like my motivation, though it's a more powerful one... Powerful enough to make you overcome even the most difficult of all shortcomings. That for me is one heck of an inspiration. smile

  3. Seafarer Mama profile image88
    Seafarer Mamaposted 6 years ago

    I draw inspiration from my passions...the things I love to do...and from my family. Inspiration can result from the desire to be of service to someone...or a group of people who could use the benefit of a gift you have to give (intangible...like a talent).

    Encounters with nature are also an inspiration for me...I find time with nature very healing...and energizing.

  4. Sue B. profile image94
    Sue B.posted 6 years ago

    Awesome question!

    What Inspires me: Genuine, everyday people showing courage and inner strength.  I am often inspired by someone with a disability who overcomes pain as well as the odds and has the determination to do what I have the ability to do everyday and take for granted.

    What brings about motivation:  A connection to our environment that sparks something within us.  I have written a hub about finding motivation after stroke or brain injury and this gets into the less romanticized concept of motivation and more into the physical/chemical associations to motivation.  Motivation is not just an idea- it triggers other biological responses that get us ready to act.  If this is disrupted, we are left with a lack of initiative.  Where we can muster motivation from is an interesting question.  I think part of motivation is changing gears and attempting to wake up something within us that will help carry us over hurdles and reach new goals within our journey.  Scientifically, music therapy is known to help with motivation as well as personally motivated topics specific to the person.  Everyone has their own unique "hook."

    The purpose of inspiration:  I am not sure there is purpose in inspiration as much as we find purpose within what inspires us-- which is the purpose.  Inspiration is the spark that ignites important, creative, and purposeful action within us.  It is what helps us as people (not just individuals) evolve.

    Inspiration in life should lead to: personal growth & development and positive change

  5. MyFavoriteBedding profile image36
    MyFavoriteBeddingposted 6 years ago

    I think passion drive inspiration in people.  Without passion for something, leads to lack of inspiration.

  6. profile image53
    eLtAiRposted 6 years ago

    Good question CloudExplorer..
    True insiration is derived from people around you.Those people with whom you've interacted well and knows abou them.By interacting you will know the challenges they faced in their lives and the struggle they put through to get here....so look around often and meet new people...