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What would your life look like without children?

  1. aDayInMyLife1 profile image91
    aDayInMyLife1posted 5 years ago

    What would your life look like without children?

    I'm sure 99% of parents would say that they wouldn't change a thing... But what do you honestly think your life would look like if you did not have children. I know I would have traveled more, would not have as much debt and would be living in a more urban area? How about you?

  2. WryLilt profile image91
    WryLiltposted 5 years ago

    I'd probably have a lot less achievements. Having children meant I found topics I was passionate about (including doing a doula course next year, and quitting my job to write full time). If I didn't have children I'd probably not have learnt how to set goals and go after what I want in life - I'd be out partying and working a boring retail job!

  3. Mom Kat profile image79
    Mom Katposted 5 years ago

    Before I found out I was pregnant for the first time, my life was a wreck!
    It was only learning that I was responsible for someone other than myself that pulled me up out of the darkness.
    Honestly, I would probably be dead by now without my children.  I wouldn't have had the ambition to become who I am today without them.
    I made hideous, dangerous choices before.  I was completely unstable & headed down a path of destruction.

    My children are my blessings & I am thankful each day for them.

  4. freecampingaussie profile image63
    freecampingaussieposted 5 years ago

    We traveled with our kids to New Zealand , In Australia as well as Britain + Europe . It was done on a budget however I loved traveling with them and wouldn't change it for anything .The memories we have are amazing !
    We might have had more money but what a sad lonely life without our 3 beautiful daughters.

  5. BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image85
    BLACKANDGOLDJACKposted 5 years ago


    My 18-year-old daughter went off to college and now I have to fill up my schedule with activities not related to her. Although she left me her cat and I give him a bath every day, which he totally hates. It took me a week to clean her room, so now I don't have that to do. I'm going to go see her this weekend, and maybe I'll clean her dorm room.

    Oh yeah, living in a more urban area. I'm going to do that soon. I live in a little town with no traffic lights. The most exciting thing to do in this town is walk to the Post Office.

  6. kat_thurston profile image61
    kat_thurstonposted 5 years ago

    That's a good question and mother a 5 of children I've often asked myself that same question. sure I would probably would be a different person than I am to do and doing something completely  different. But would I be happier? No Do I wish I could have done some things differently before I started having my children? Of course but I dont regret or wouldnt change having them. I think my life without my children would be very dull and boring and not happy.

  7. btrbell profile image92
    btrbellposted 5 years ago

    Wow! This is a really tough question to answer. It's hard to imagine after 23 years of being a mom and many more years than that of wanting to be a mom. I'd like to say that my life would have been empty and boring but I believe it would have just been different. Very different.

  8. TeachableMoments profile image76
    TeachableMomentsposted 5 years ago


    My daughter taught me the greatest lessons in life. It sound corny, but she did. I realized what it meant to be truly unselfish, to have a passion for life you've never had before and what it takes to be a role-model 24 hours a day.

  9. lmarsh1203 profile image60
    lmarsh1203posted 5 years ago

    My life would be super dull without my kids. But I think I might have pursued my writing career a little more. I have great part-time gig, but I think it would have been full time with lots of clients. And I would probably have at least one novel published by now.

  10. AustralianNappies profile image79
    AustralianNappiesposted 5 years ago

    My life would be a lot less relaxed, a lot less loving and lonely. My children allow me so much fun and relaxing time with them, and give me so much love.  I did travelling and other adventures on my own before starting a family.  My life is much more complete now.