Parenting Styles, Part I- a DEEP Discussion

  1. gmwilliams profile image84
    gmwilliamsposted 5 weeks ago
    What are the psychological & underlying reasons that cause parents to be overprotective of intellectually, mentally, & physical healthy children?   Do overprotective parents subconsciously view their children as incapable which explains their overprotective stance?   What solutions do you have for overprotective parents?  What is the correlation between family size, education & socioeconomic levels & parents' overprotectiveness towards their children?   Is parental overprotectiveness prevalent in solidly middle, upper middle, & upper class environments?

    1. The0NatureBoy profile image48
      The0NatureBoyposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

      My analysis of my observations and experiences suggests:
      The psychological & underlying reasons that cause parents to be overprotective of intellectually, mentally, & physical healthy children is largely based on the conditions the parents developed under.

      Take African-Americans parents raised in the Deep South of the USA in late 18 and 1900s, their mental state would be protect my child(ren) from the ill and vile behavior of European-Americans at all cost. The atrocities their parent told the about and some they witnessed themselves would create that over protectiveness. European-Americans, on the other hand, would be attempting to instill their belief that they are superior to all other human into their children. 

      There is no solution for the overprotective parents, per say, but for their children it would be to eliminate every form of segregation within the nation than includes living areas, wealth, class, religious gatherings, schooling and every other status that prohibit the children from having free interactions with the various ethnics where they can recognize we are all the same except the place of our origins caused different noticeable manifestations in our bodies. By the parents observing the family like ties the children would develop their mental state would began to change.

      The way I became the first African-American salesman for a Sears & Roebucks if Fort Worth, Texas is a very prejudiced, taught but not experienced, couple came to the Garden Shop where I was the porter but no salesman was present. I approached and asked if I could assist and they accepted it. After getting the their desired purchase ready for paying I went to get a salesman to ring it up. It happened a second time so they went to the store's president and insisted I become a salesman. That is what happens when reasoning people come face to face with the opposite of their conditioning.

      We do not have a system of educating which means to bring forth from within via objective observing, participating for discovering differences, reasoning with them and being able to convey the findings to others. Educated people would not condition their children, they would, like American-Natives, allow their child(ren) to explore for themselves and b y the parent's observance arrive at a name for the child.

      Again, Education does not allow for classes, schooling is what has caused all of the differences between people in this nation.


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