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How to cook up some Killer Eggs?

  1. romper20 profile image85
    romper20posted 6 years ago

    How to cook up some Killer Eggs?

    I bought $150 worth of groceries today and I want to make some stellar eggs but I need tips. I bought cheese, turkey breast, tomatoes, and have a good amount of other ingredients. Any Master Chefs out there?

  2. snakeslane profile image80
    snakeslaneposted 6 years ago

    Hard boil a few and add them to a spinach salad with a little thinly sliced sweet onion and a oil, vinegar and honey dressing. With the rest of hard boiled eggs make a sandwich filling by adding mayo and a little salt and pepper to the eggs (not too much mayo!).

  3. cmstewart4 profile image71
    cmstewart4posted 6 years ago

    My favorites are from Betty Crocker's Southwest Cooking - "Festival Eggs"

    1/4 c butter
    1/4 c vegetable oil
    6 flour tortillas (7 to 8 inches) cut into thin strips
    1 medium onion
    6 eggs beaten
    2 medium tomatoes, chopped
    1 jalapeno chile seeded and chopped (I just use the ones in the jar)
    2 TBLS fresh cilantro
    3/4 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp pepper
    1/2 c shredded cheese

    Heat margarine and oil in large skillet over medium heat until hot. Add tortilla strips and onion; cook, turning occasionally, until tortillas are brown.

    Mix remaining ingredients except cheese; pour into skillet.  As mixture begins to set at bottom and side, gentle lift cooked portions with spatula so that thin uncooked portion can flow to bottom.  Avoid constant stirring.  Turn egg mixture; cook until eggs are cooked throughout but still moist, 3 to 5 minutes.  Sprinkle with cheese.

    I had salsa too

  4. Attikos profile image78
    Attikosposted 6 years ago

    Cheese, turkey, tomato, etc., and eggs ... sounds to me like a quiche in the works.