Does it annoy you if only one person at the table is eating?

  1. eslevy17 profile image60
    eslevy17posted 7 years ago

    If I'm hanging out with someone and I'm not hungry, I'm happy to go to a restaurant and wait for him to eat. If he makes it onto my friends list, he's a good enough conversationalist that this will be entertaining to me. But lots of people seem to think that eating while someone else isn't is somehow really weird. I simply do not care.
    How big a deal is this to everyone?

  2. alternate poet profile image67
    alternate poetposted 7 years ago

    next question ?

  3. Joy56 profile image61
    Joy56posted 7 years ago

    no big deal at all...... next question would be nice also.  Or we could stay on this one just for a while.