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New Frights, Camera, Action Dolls From Monster High

Updated on November 29, 2013

On this page we are taking a look at the new Frights, Camera Action dolls from Monster High. We will tell you a little about this new TV Special and also all about the brand new dolls that appear in Frights, Camera, Action. Plus we will look at prices, the release date and where you can get hold of these fantastic new ghouls. If you are a big fan of Monster High then this is news that you will not want to miss out on!

Over the past few years we have had various special shows of Monster High. For instance we had Scaris, City Of Frights which introduced us to Catrine De Mew for the first time. We have also had 13 Wishes, which of course gave us the new Gigi Grant character and also Twyla. Well the latest big TV Special that is coming out in 2014 is going to be Frights, Camera, Action. There will be a whole new doll range brought out based on this and four brand new characters as well. So for fans of Monster High this really is exciting news. The show is expected to air in the Spring of 2014 but it is thought the release date for the dolls will be before the show is actually first aired. So without further ado, let’s take you through the new characters coming to Monster High.

Honey Swamp

Honey Swamp Arrives At Monster High

The first new character then from the Frights, Camera, Action special is going to be Honey Swamp. For us she is the best of the new introductions and the one that most people seem excited about. Honey comes from New Gorleans which is of course a play on the name New Orleans. Part of the show is based here and this is where we first meet Honey. It is thought her name is taken from the Honey Island Swamp Monster which legend has it says is located down in the swamps of the Deep South. This of course means she is the daughter of a Swamp Monster. Honey is keen on making movies hence her inclusion in this theme.

So what about her appearance and what does her doll look like? Well as you can see from the picture her main attribute is her massive green afro! Her hair is green with some white in there as well and it really is her best feature. She also has pale green skin which really does make her look very ghoulish indeed. Her doll comes dresses in a purple top with a little green skirt. She also comes with a little toy video camera and a clip board which is obviously a reference to the Frights, Camera, Action storyline. As with all dolls she comes with a stand and a dairy. We think that Honey is the most exciting of the new releases and we expected her to be a very popular doll in the future. As for a release date she has started showing up online already so you can buy her now. As time goes on we expect she will start showing up in more stores across the country.

Viperine Gorgon

Viperine Gorgon From Frights, Camera, Action

The next doll is another instant classic. Viperine Gorgon as the names suggests is related to Deuce Gorgon, we are unsure whether or not they are brother and sister or more distant relations, we assume this will be revealed in the special TV show. Viperine is said to originate from Barcelgroana which again is a clever little play on words. She is a makeup artist so fits in with the movie theme. Before we saw a picture of Viperine we were hoping she would have snakes for hair much like Deuce but alas she does not. However, she does have pretty impressive pink hair that really does look very good.

So what can we tell you about the Viperine Gorgon doll? Well as you can see she comes with pink wavy hair, some outrageous red sunglasses and a nice little dress. Unlike Honey, Viperine is a very girly girl so she prides herself on looking good. She is very prim and proper and it shows in the way she presents herself. If you take a close look at her eyes you can see that they look quite snakelike. Possibly the highlight of this doll is the snake necklace that she wears around her neck, it makes up for her hair not being made of snakes.

We are unsure of an exact release date for this doll, it is likely to start showing up online later in 2013, although you can already pre-order it now. This is likely to be another very popular one with Monster High fans from all over the world.


The Elissabat Doll

The third new character to make an appearance in the Frights, Camera, Action special is called Elissabat. So the character has already been mentioned in Draculaura’s diary. She was said to be the queen of vampires but then she mysteriously disappeared 400 years ago, probably as she was tired of being in the spotlight. So now she is back and in the spotlight once again. In the new show the ghouls visit Hauntlywood so this could be the home of Elissabat, although this has not yet been confirmed. We are also guessing that Elissabat will be related to Draculaura in some way. Her character is based on a vampire bat and this comes across in the way she looks.

So what about her doll? Well as you can see she has cute little fangs which shows she is a vampire of some kind. She has very pale skin which is of course what you would expect from a vampire. She dresses mainly in purple and she has black hair with a few streaks of purple in there which makes her look somewhat gothic. Her doll also wears knee length boots which look really good. Although she may not be as striking as Honey or Viperine she still looks like being a really good new character.

When it comes to release date for the new doll there are already a few of these showing up online so you should be able to get your hands on one soon. No doubt they will soon start appearing in stores. If these new dolls prove to be as popular as we expect we are likely to see new versions of them sometime in the future, possibly later in 2014.

Clawdia Wolf

The Clawdia Wolf Doll

The forth and final new Monster High character from the Frights, Camera, Action range is Clawdia Wolf. She is the forth member of the Wolf family as we already have Clawdeen, Howleen and Clawd. She is said to be the oldest of her brothers and sisters and so she tries to be a little more sophisticated. She has already gone through school and has now left, but she makes a return to Monster High for this special. Because of this we are not sure how often she will feature in the show after the special, it may be she just makes a one time appearance. So obviously, like her brothers and sisters Clawdia is a daughter of a Werewolf.

So how about some news about the doll itself? Well the first thing you notice is the striking blonde hair she has. This is very stylish and her best feature really. She also wears glasses which again make her look that little bit more sophisticated. Her doll comes with her wearing a red jacket which we think makes her look a little like an air stewardess, she has a gold skirt and some nice golden shoes. The doll is also slightly taller than the others which illustrates that she is that little bit older.

Clawdia may not be the most spectacular of the new releases but as she is part of the Wolf family we would guess that Monster High dolls collectors will be eager to get their hands on her. Her release date is said to be sometime late 2013 and she is already starting to show up online.

So there you have it, four exciting new Monster High dolls from the new Frights, Camera, Action range. We would not be surprised if there are more new dolls released from this line in 2014 as well, but these will be of characters we are already familiar with. Expect to see a new version of Draculaura hitting the shops sometime soon. As with all the specials there is lots of excitement about new characters and with four to choose from this time round fans of Monster High really are going to be in for a treat.


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