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Buy A Dora Dollhouse - Dora Explorer Talking Dollhouse

Updated on April 10, 2011
Dora Explorer Talking Dollhouse
Dora Explorer Talking Dollhouse

Dora Talking Dollhouse

If you are thinking about buying your child a Dora the Explorer dollhouse then you may like to think about buying the Dora Explorer Talking Dollhouse.  This is just one example of the wonderful dollhouses that are available and it would be the perfect choice for a Dora Explorer fan.

This particular toy has some many different things going on that any child will be happily engaged for hours on end.  There are quite a few items that are small within this toy so the recommended age has been placed at around 10 years old and over.

As you can see, this Dora dollhouse looks pretty compact from the outside but once it is opened up, you will be happily surprised by the amount of space that there is.  The actual layout of this dollhouse was modelled on the yellow house that is seen in the Dora Explorer television programme.

This dollhouse has two different floors. The rooms that are included are those that you would expect to find in any dollhouse.

You will see that there is a kitchen, a main living area as well as two bedrooms on the upper level.

If you choose to buy this particular dollhouse you will find that included in the price you will receive figurines of Dora herself and one of her little friend, Boots.

The house also has lights that switch on and off and it also has sound effects and a little bit of music that is very easy to activate. All you would now is to add some more furniture and the house would be complete.

The Dora Explorer Talking Dollhouse is a perfect choice for a young girl with a great imagination. If you decided to buy a Dora Dollhouse you may like to look at the other Dora dollhouses that are available are;

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