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Buy A Dora Dollhouse - Dora Explorer Window Surprises Dollhouse

Updated on April 10, 2011
Dora Explorer Windows Surprises Dollhouse
Dora Explorer Windows Surprises Dollhouse

Dora Window Surprises Dollhouse

If you have a Dora the Explorer fan in your household and you are looking for a fun gift idea, then you may like to consider purchasing a Dora Explorer Window Surprises Dollhouse.  This is just one example of the many within the Dora Explorer dollhouse range and if you placed an order for this, you are sure to have one very happy little girl.

This is the sort of item that would be perfect as a birthday gift or as a Christmas present.  This little dollhouse is called the Dora Window Surprises house due to the fact that the view that can be seen from the central windows of the house can be transformed into various scenes and times of the day.  Each little window will show either a daytime theme, a night time theme which includes lots of little stars and you will also have a scene that depicts thunder and lighting. 

As well as the change in the window, the dollhouse also has little sound effects which occur each time the windows change.

You will also discover that not only will you hear sound effects, but there will also be times when the little lamp switches on and off depending on the current view from the window.

This cute little Dora dollhouse s based on the house that is seen in the Dora Explorer television programme so any true fan would love to have their very own.

There are a couple of dollhouse accessories included in the price such as the little red sofa and a sweet Dora figurine. However to maximise the fun to be had, you may want to also get some additional dolls and furniture.

This is just one example of the type of Dora the Explorer dollhouse that is currently available to buy online. Other models that you could consider include;

  • Dora Explorer Magical Welcome Dollhouse
  • Dora Explorer Talking Dollhouse
  • Dora Explorer Magical Castle Dollhouse


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