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Dora the Explorer Party Supplies

Updated on April 9, 2011

Dora Party Supplies Today

Dora the Explorer has become extremely popular over the last several years, so it’s no wonder that more and more little girls want a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party. The birthday parties are very popular, making Dora Explorer party supplies important. There is now such a wide selection that your Dora party need not be missing anything at all.

Start with your basic birthday invitations. You can easily find any number of Dora birthday invitations to help you invite your best friends over for your party. Don’t forget cards for family too. Your daughter should also have a Dora birthday card, and guests that bring gifts will need to receive a thank you note as well. All of this great stationary should be included in your Dora the Explorer party supplies.

Start decorating with the cake decorations. Rather than buying an expensively decorated cake, you can buy a plain cake or make your own. Then add a Dora Explorer cake topper and your cake will look almost as good as the professionals.

Next you need stuff for the food and beverages or refreshments for the party. Enter Dora the Explorer party supplies to include small dessert plates for cake and ice cream, large dinner plates for lunch or a barbecue, and paper cups for all the beverages. Whatever food or drink you will be having at your party there are Dora the Explorer party supplies to cover them.

Finally it is time to decorate for the party and you will be happy to discover that there is a great selection to choose from, especially if you shop online.

You will be able to easily find so many Dora the Explorer party supplies and decorations that your child will feel like they have been transported right inside the television show. There are Dora balloons and streamers, table cloth covers and birthday signs. There are even Dora party games to include your guests and make the party that much more fun.

Some of these great Dora the Explorer party supplies will be easily found at your local department or party supply store. Others are available but more difficult to find unless you go online. Once online you can do an easy search to find Dora the Explorer party supplies to fit your daughter’s dream party.

You don’t have to worry about price as much with these items, because they all run about the same. Shipping is also usually pretty negligible because they are lightweight items. Whatever you need, you are sure to find the perfect Dora Explorer party supplies to create the best Dora themed party for your child.


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