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Buy A Dora Dollhouse - Dora's Magical Castle Dollhouse

Updated on April 10, 2011
Buy Dora's Magical Castle Dollhouse
Buy Dora's Magical Castle Dollhouse

Dora's Magical Dollhouse

If you are looking to buy a dollhouse as a wonderful birthday present for as a Christmas gift then a perfect dollhouse for a Dora the Explorer fan is the Dora’s Magical Castle Dollhouse. This is a lovely example of a toy that is sure to provide hours of fun for your little one.

The Dora Explorer Magical dollhouse has lots of different elements that are sure to keep your child busy. She will be able to discover all the different things like the secret revolving bookcase. This is something that will lead her to another part of the whole house.

As well as the revolving bookcase, she will also be able to have fun playing with the hidden trapdoor that is magically built into the structure.

If you choose to buy this particular Dora dollhouse you will be pleased to know that it comes with a couple of cute little figurines so that your child can start to play with it as soon as it has been assembled.

The figurines that are included in the price are of little Dora herself as well has her Fairy Godmother. This is of course very apt for a magical dollhouse.

You can also buy additional figurines and dollhouse furniture in order to provide even more pleasure for your little girl.

This is just one example of a Dora the Explorer dollhouse that is currently available to buy online. You could also choose to look at;

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