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DOTA Hero Tips: Bane Elemental

Updated on August 27, 2012


Are you searching for an intelligence type hero who can greatly weaken foes and even render the mightiest agility late game carries useless? Why not try using Bane Elemental? This hero boasts a set of skills that can greatly lessen a certain target’s battle potency. He also boasts one of the best disabling skills in DOTA. His ultimate skill can keep an enemy hero in place in a considerably long period of time, enough for his allies to eventually eliminate the target. However, only a few DOTA players are truly aware about the true potentials of Bane Elemental. I’ve played with pro DOTA players who love this hero and they managed to own the game which is a proof that this hero can really dominate given you follow the right item and skill build. A DOTA beginner should never use Bane Elemental in an important game since it takes experience and deep knowledge about every hero in DOTA to control this hero properly. If you insist, here are several tips that can help you bring out the innate supremacy of Astropos the Bane Elemental.


This skill made Bane Elemental one of the worst enemies of agility and strength type heroes who solely rely on physical damage to be offensively efficient. After being casted on a certain target, he will lose a considerable amount of damage in a certain period of time. Even the mightiest heroes who are known to excel during the late game can’t withstand such kind of punishment. Most heroes who acquire this buff after facing Bane Elemental either flee or end up dead. The cooldown rate of this skill is lesser than the effect duration so it can be casted to a certain enemy hero in succession.

Brain Sap

Astropos can bring upon damage to a certain enemy unit while gaining health points through this skill. Aside from being a great aid in Bane Elemental’s survivability, this skill is also often used for harassing enemy heroes during the early part of the game. The cooldown time of this skill is surprisingly low so Bane Elemental doesn’t need any item to help boost his life regeneration. As long as he has enough mana points to cast this spell to an enemy hero or creep, he won’t have any problem about health points. Rushing an Arcane Boots is an excellent idea for Bane Elemental as more mana would mean a better chance for this skill to be available at times of great need.


Bane Elemental is a very annoying enemy and a reliable ally because of this skill. It can put a target both ally and enemy into a sleep. It also sets forth a decent DPS to the target. Aside from this skill’s offensive capabilities, you can also use this skill to save allies or yourself from AOE enemy spells. This skill is a great way to counter Sand King’s Epicenter and other devastating AOE skills in DOTA. Just make sure you cast the spell with great timing. Is an enemy hero trying to flee away from the battlefield through a town portal? Cast this spell to him at once! This skill is a very reliable method to cancel channeling spells which of course includes town portal scroll.

Fiend’s Grip

Only a few heroes can survive after being immobilized for five seconds during a late game team clash. This fact alone describes how powerful Bane Elemental is. The most exciting part is that this skill also offers a very high DPS especially if upgraded with an Aghanim’s Scepter. During crucial late game clashes or while ambushing enemy heroes in a certain lane, be sure to cast this skill on the enemy team’s carry. By killing him swiftly, the enemy team will find it hard to counter-attack. Purchasing a Dagon Scepteris also a good move while using Bane Elemental. Most Agility type heroes, if not all, will end up dead after receiving the full damage of Bane Elemental’s skills added with a level 5 Dagon Scepter.

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Early Game:

Forget about last hitting creeps. Your main goal during this part of the game is to harass enemy heroes assigned on your lane. Let your partner earn more gold and experience especially if he is an agility type which needs luxurious items to be effective during the late stages of the game. Use your third skill to discourage enemy heroes and ruin their momentum. Don’t worry about losing health points by being so aggressive since your second skill is always there. An Arcane Boots is more than enough to supply your needs for mana and health points during this part of the game so your main goal must be to purchase either an Aghanim’s Scepter or Dagon Scepter.

Mid Game:

Don’t be shy to roam the map. Keep in mind that intelligence type heroes like Bane Elemental are highly effective during the early and mid game. Spells are less effective during the late game so be sure to maximize your advantage. Cast your ultimate skill to an enemy and let your allies do the rest. Upgrading Bane Elemental’s defense is also a great idea since he will be completely vulnerable while casting this last skill. This is the main reason why some Bane Elemental users purchase Vanguard, Blood Stone, and other items that can boost block rate, health points, evasion rate, or armor. Your best partners during ganks are heroes who can deliver devastating blows at a short period of time. I can think of no other hero who perfectly fits to such description other than Ursa Warrior. Obsidian Destroyer and Silencer are also suited as lane and hunting partners of Bane Elemental.

Late Game:

Your third skill will play a major role during this part of the game. Cast it on the enemy team’s strongest member. Cast your first skill to an enemy hero who has alarming physical damage then use your ultimate spell on another target. Let your teammates do their part. You can help once your last skill’s effect wears off by casting your Dagon Scepter, if you managed to purchase one or using yoursecond skill. Keep in mind that Bane Elemental’s ultimate skill is channeling so it can be cancelled by a disabling spell. Purchasing a Black King Bar is probably the most effective way to get over this problem. Simply cast it before using your ultimate skill so you won’t be affected by any kind of spell.


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