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DOTA Hero Tips: Ish'kafel the Dark Seer

Updated on October 25, 2012
Ish'kafel the Dark Seer Profile
Ish'kafel the Dark Seer Profile

Ish'kafel the Dark Seer

Dark Seer is a peculiar intelligence type hero. Not only does he have a melee range but most of his skills suggest that he is perfect as a tanker. He also has a decent strength gain so he can achieve a good amount of health points in the late game given the right items. Dark Seer is probably the only hero in DOTA who can still perform well even without any kind of boots. His third skill allows him to move at lightning speed to chase enemy heroes or escape from impending danger. Dark Seer is valuable during team clashes as well because of his ultimate skill which can greatly confuse enemy heroes by producing images which carry their passive skills. Despite these great abilities, Dark Seer is not a common pick in pub games. Does this mean Dark Seer is weak? Is there a way to easily pawn even the mightiest and well-known heroes with the use of Ish’kafel the Dark Seer?

Ish'kafel the Dark Seer Skills
Ish'kafel the Dark Seer Skills


Dark Seer is a reliable hero during team clashes because of this skill. Upon casting, it will suck all enemy units towards a certain area and take considerable amount of damage at the same time. This skill can be used to initiate team clashes and make sure every member of the opposing team will be affected by your team mate’s AOE skill. This skill is like Magnataur’s ultimate skill with a much wider range but has lesser damage and no disabling effect. With this skill at hand, Dark Seer is a perfect tandem for Sand King, Treant Protector, Tide Hunter, and other heroes boasting the best AOE skills in DOTA.

Ion Shell

Farming and bullying enemy heroes early on is not a problem for Dark Seer with this skill in his offensive arsenal. It can be casted to enemy or allied units. Most DOTA players cast this skill on the long ranged enemy creep to keep enemy heroes at bay. This skill acts like Radiance but with a much smaller AOE. You can maximize the effect of this skill by using Dark Seer’s Vacuum to direct all enemy units near you or the unit whom you casted Ion Shell. You can also appreciate the strength of this skill while chasing enemy heroes with the use of Dark Seer’s third skill.


This skill made Dark Seer one of the best chasers in DOTA. He doesn’t need any kind of boots to DOTA heroes with high innate movement speed like Shadow Fiend and Spiritbreaker. The best part of all is that this skill can be casted to allied heroes. If ever any of your allies is low on health points, you can simply cast this skill on him to provide him with a better chance of escape. This skill can also be used in the offensive end to support your team carry and make him more potent during a team clash.

Wall of Replica

Expert DOTA players recommend Dark Seer on tournaments mainly because of this skill. He is a nightmare to heroes with deadly passive skills like Dark Terror and Phantom Assassin since this skill will create images of enemy heroes who pass by the wall. The images will inherit all the passive skills of their source and will attack on their own. The scenario can be very confusing for the enemy team dismantling their united goals and plans which makes each one of them an easy target.

Early Game

Dark Seer’s main role during this part of the game is to bully enemy heroes using his first and second skill. A Bottle and Crow combination is highly suggested especially if you are assigned in the mid lane. However, this situation is less likely because Dark Seer’s third skill can come in handy to protect the team’s carry. Regardless in what lane you are assigned, having a decent mana pool and regeneration early on is a must. You can start off with a Ring of Basilius and several Clarity Potions. Keep farming and harassing enemy heroes with your first and second skill until you have enough to purchase a Perseverance or Arcane Boots.

Mid Game

This part of the game is all about lane ambushes so be sure to participate. Your first, second, and third skill will come in handy during various situations whether your team is on the offensive or defensive end. By now, you should have at least one decent item like a Linken Sphere or Radiance. Dark Seer can farm easily with his first and second skill so having luxurious items early on is not a very big challenge. Defensive items such as Vanguard and Hood of Defiance are also viable item choices. Be aggressive and don’t hesitate to chase fleeing enemy heroes especially if your group outnumbers them. Cast your third skill to allies with disabling spells so they won’t be left behind as they wait for their skills to cool down.

Late Game

During late game clashes, cast Ion Shell to your team’s tank or any your team’s initiator. Axe, to be specific is probably the best hero in this situation since he has a skill which can direct all enemy attacks towards him upon casting. Your third skill must be reserved for your team’s carry to help him escape or chase fleeing enemy heroes. Cast your first skill right after a team clash commences to keep the enemy team in one place making them easier targets for your allies with spells that affect a certain area. Shiva’s Guard is probably the best item for Dark Seer as it can provide both intelligence and armor bonus which he really needs. Aghanim’s Scepter can boost his ultimate skill’s effect aside from granting stat bonuses so buying it also a great idea. Just remember to be aggressive and rally your team towards victory!

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