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DOTA Hero Tips: Tidehunter

Updated on September 5, 2012


Tide hunter is a unique strength type hero as he solely relies on skills to do damage. He is also a very reliable tanker as one of his skills allows him to completely block a certain amount of damage while dispelling negative buffs. This hero is often used as a team clash initiator since he boasts a disabling skill which affects a certain area. He not only survives even the most devastating attacks but can unleash his own devastating barrage of skills as well to weaken enemy heroes and bring them to their knees. Truly, Tidehunter is a strength hero in DOTA who can assure victory to his allies and make every second of the game a nightmare to his foes. Before you decide to use this powerful hero on your next DOTA game, here are some important guidelines so you can unleash the true might of Leviathan the Tidehunter.


This skill is very important especially during the mid game where ganks are common. It does not only deliver a considerable amount of damage but it can also cripple an enemy and reduce the target’s armor leaving him more vulnerable to both spell and physical attacks. The skill also has a very low cooldown time so Tide Hunter can spam it given he has enough mana. For this purpose, purchasing an Arcane Boots or even Perseverance is a brilliant idea if you want to fully maximize the power of this skill. This skill can also be used to land a killing blow to creeps especially if you are up against heroes who excel in harassing enemies during the early part of the game such as Viper and Sacred Warrior.

Kraken Shell

Tidehunter’s defense revolves on this skill. Aside from providing him a constant block against a certain amount of damage, this skill also eliminates all the negative buffs casted on Tidehunter every now and then. With this skill on Tidehunter’s arsenal, he can tank a wave of creeps with ease. This is the main reason why Tidehunter users often advance and block enemy creeps before they reach the enemy tower. This strategy allows Tidehunter to farm and push a lane much faster. Only a few heroes can stay on their lane if up against Tidehunter paired with Axe. Heroes who can assist Tidehunter’s need for mana such as Crystal Maiden and Obsidian Destroyer are perfect lane partners as well.

Anchor Smash

This skill was newly updated. Before, this skill is passive and casted based on chance. The new version is much terrifying. Although it now requires mana to be casted, at least you don’t need to worry about having decent attack speed to fully maximize the devastating effect of this skill. All you need to worry about is having enough mana to spam it. Basically, you can cast this spell every four seconds. The damage that it can bring upon is not something enemy heroes can joke about. The fact that its damage can hit a group of enemy units in a small area made this skill even more dangerous especially during team clashes.


This is Tidehunter’s bread and butter skill. He is regarded by experienced DOTA players as one of the best initiators because of this skill. It launches enemy units around him in the air and stuns them as they land. Using a Kelen’s Dagger to surprise a group of enemy heroes is a common sight especially in DOTA tournaments. If you have enough gold, buying a Refresher Orb can greatly improve the reliability of this skill. You can cast it two times with such kind of item at hand making it almost impossible for your foes to wake up. This skill can also be used defensively. Cast it if you end up surrounded and immediately move away towards safety before the skill’s stunning effect wears off.

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Early Game

Only a few heroes can harass Tidehunter. Your main goal in this stage of the game is to pressure enemy heroes. Use your first and third skill to effectively do so. Don’t worry about creeps being aggressive towards you since they won’t damage you with your second skill’s effect. Continue pressuring your foes until they decide not to go near your creeps. This strategy will stop them from gaining both experience and gold. Rush an Arcane Boots or Ring of Basilius so you won’t find it hard to spam your first and third skill. Tidehunter plays well during the early part of the game so capitalize in it as much as possible.

Mid Game

You should join ambushes. Your first skill is great for chasing enemy heroes and in making them easier to kill. If you have a hero in your team who boasts a reliable disabling skill like Vengeful Spirit, Skeleton King, Rouge Knight, Sand King, or Ogre Magi, a kill during an ambush is almost guaranteed. Don’t be shy to use your third skill since it has a very low cooldown and weaken enemy attacks. By now, you should have Blood Stone or Shiva’s Guard. These items are perfect for Tidehunter as they not only make him harder to kill but also help boost his mana pool and regeneration so he can cast his skills any time he wants.

Late Game

Tidehunter is a reliable team clash initiator. If used accordingly and given suitable items, Tidehunter can assure a team’s victory in every late game clash as long as his ultimate skill is available. Remember to focus your attacks on enemy heroes with low health points and defense. Let your team’s carry finish off tankers and agile enemy heroes. If you think your team needs you more as a support, purchase Mekans’m or Pipe of Insight to help your allies survive from the enemy team’s counter-attack once the effect of your ultimate skill wears off. Buying a Dagon’s Scepter and casting it to the enemy team’s agility carry is also a brilliant idea especially if the target’s defensive strategy solely depends on evasion and armor.


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