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DOTA Hero Tips: Ember Spirit

Updated on October 25, 2012
Ember Spirit Profile
Ember Spirit Profile

Xin the Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit is a new DOTA hero. Many DOTA players expected a lot from this hero as his physical appearance is quite intimidating. However, those who tried using Ember Spirit without fully understanding his skills and battle potentials ended up disappointment. He’s an agility type hero yet he doesn’t play well as a team carry. Ember Spirit is always hungry for mana to cast his spells. He may have a decent attack speed given he is an agility type hero and a good physical damage, it’s undeniable that Ember Spirit’s skill build is perfect for tanking. Is tanking possible while using an agility type hero? What must be done to fully utilize the battle prowess of Ember Spirit? This article will discuss important tips that can help you be aware about the seemingly unmatched power of Xin the Ember Spirit!

Ember Spirit Skills
Ember Spirit Skills

Searing Chains

This skill is Ember Spirit’s disabling mechanism. It’s not thrown but affects the two nearest enemy units so it can’t be dodge by a blink skill or item. Nevertheless, holding an enemy hero with this skill won’t be easy. They’ll surely maintain a considerable distance from you knowing that you can hold them with this skill. This is the main reason why this skill is often casted in conjunction with Ember Spirit’s ultimate skill. You can also purchase a Kelen’s Dagger or Force Staff to increase your mobility and make it easier for you to use this spell efficiently. Enemy units held by this skill will also take DPS damage making it a very good skill especially during the early parts of the game where most heroes have low life points and regeneration rate.

Sleight Fist

Ember Spirit can attack numerous enemies in lightning speed with this skill. Although this skill doesn’t boast high bonus damage, don’t forget that it has a low cooldown rate. Spamming this skill is a must. Another exciting fact is that this skill’s damage will increase depending on Ember Spirit’s physical attack. This means the effectiveness of this skill won’t wear off even during the later part of the game. You can also avoid enemy spells with AOE effects such as Sand King’s epicenter or Lich’s chain frost with the use of this skill. The only problem you’ll need to face is on how you can support Ember Spirit’s mana needs. A Bottle and Crow combination could do the trick especially if you occupy the mid lane. You can also rush a Perseverance or Ring of Bacilius for this purpose.

Flame Guard

This skill is the main reason why Ember Spirit can be a great tanker. This skill absorbs great amount of spell damage and grants Ember Spirit DPS damage on nearby enemy units. If casted together with Ember Spirit’s first skill, the DPS damage can be absurd. Buying Radiance early on could make Xin unstoppable. Nevertheless, it should be noted that this item’s efficiency will degrade as the game progresses and enemy heroes start to gain more health points and magic resistance. With this skill at hand, the only things you lack to become a good tanker are high health points, a considerable armor and good block rate or evasion.

Fire Remnant

This skill made Ember Spirit a hero that is almost impossible to catch. With this skill in his arsenal, Ember Spirit can move from one place to another short distance with ease. AOE damage will be unleashed as well as Ember Spirit fuses with his remnants. This spell works well with Ember Spirit’s first and third skill since this can help him get near to a certain target easily. Always remember that you can cast at most 3 remnants so be sure to maximize from this feature. If this skill is used properly, you can bring forth great amount of damage to enemy ranks especially during team clashes.

Early Game

Ember Spirit is one of the few agility type heroes who are highly effective during the early and mid part of the game. Your main role is to grab as many hero kills possible and pressure enemies on your lane. Don’t let them go near your creeps. If paired with a reliable hero having high range and a good disabling or crippling skill, eliminating even the toughest heroes in DOTA won’t be a problem. The good thing about Ember Spirit is that you can either focus on an offensive or defensive build depending on the given situation. If enemy heroes on your lane have greater presence, focus on your third and second skill. Just spam your second skill to kill a few creeps and land a few hits to enemy heroes. This defensive build is almost impossible to counter as they can’t hit you in any way as you dash around using your second skill. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is having enough mana pool to cast your second skill in succession. A Bottle and Crow item combination is highly advised especially if you are assigned on the mid lane. Otherwise, a Ring of Bacilius, Perseverance, or Urn of Shadows is enough to supportEmber Spirit’s mana needs.

Mid Game

Ember Spirit is a great ganker. With his ultimate and first skill, he can instantly dash towards and enemy target and hold him in place. If paired with a hero who has excellent disabling skill such as Ogre Magi, Rogue Knight, or Chaos Knight, it’s impossible to break free from an ambush initiated by Ember Spirit. By now, you should aim to purchase a Bloodstone. This item is perfect for Ember Spirit as it boost his life and mana points. A Vanguard or Hood of Defiance is also preferable if you are up against heroes who also excel during this part of the game and you need more defensive attributes in surviving their counter-attacks. Your goal on this part of the game does not change. Kill as much hero possible and stop enemy carries from earning gold and purchasing the items they need to be effective during the late game.

Late Game

If you played well during the early parts of the game, you don’t need to worry about late game clashes. You’ll earn tons of gold as you managed to kill several heroes so by now it’s most likely that you have one or two luxurious items in your inventory. Whether to focus on defensive or offensive items highly depends on the situation. If the enemy team is composed of enemy heroes with reliable disabling and crippling skills, be sure to purchase a Heart of Tarasque, Vanguard, Assault Cuirass, or Hood of Defiance to somehow increase your chance in getting out alive after confronting a barrage of enemy skills. Ember Spirit is a great initiator because of this ultimate and first skill combination so use it wisely. His second skill can also deal a considerable amount of damage and somehow cripple the enemies before an important team clash commences.

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