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Jane Boolittle Doll Of Monster High - Release Date & Preview

Updated on September 13, 2013

Today we are going to be taking a look at the brand new Jane Boolittle doll from Monster High. We will tell you a little bit about Boolittle’s character, give you the release date for the Jane Boolittle doll and also tell you a little bit about some other new Monster High dolls we will be seeing in 2014. If you are a fan of the ghouls of Monster High and want all the latest information then you are in the right place.

Every year in San Diego there is a massive Comic Con event. There are hundreds of companies that show up wanting to show their latest and greatest new products. One such company is Mattel, the creators of Monster High. They have a booth especially dedicated to Monster High and each year they reveal new characters and new dolls. The 2013 Comic Con was no exception and fans were not disappointed. An exclusive Wydowna Spider doll was on sale and along with this there were several new dolls revealed. Not only were new dolls show but some completely new characters, one of these was Jane Boolittle. So let’s take a look at her and see what we can find out.

Jane Boolittle

The New Jane Boolittle Doll

So this brand new character is one that we have never seen at Monster High. Fans had been talking about the possibility of a doll called Boolittle after Mattel requested a trademark under that name a few months back. Well at Comic Con the big reveal came and we got our first look at Jane Boolittle. So what do we know about her character. Well her name is taken from Dr Doolittle and as we know he could communicate with the animals, so it maybe that Jane can do something similar. It looks as though she is some kind of Witch Doctor, maybe one for the animals. She comes with what looks a little like a fancy doctors bag and also some kind of staff or possibly even a diving wand. Interestingly she has some kind of brace on her right leg so it may be that she uses this staff to help her walk. She has a pet Sloth as her little animal although we don’t have a name for that yet.

As for the doll, there is no definite release date for this yet although it looks as though we may have to wait until 2014. There are a few new characters being released in the spring so it may be that Jane Boolittle has a similar release date. If we find out for sure we will update our page and let you know.

The doll then looks fairly understated but at the same time really interesting. As mentioned she comes with a little bag and some kind of staff or wand. She has quite pale skin with bold green eyes. Her hair is dark with red/orange streaks and it is tied up. Her outfit is quite a simple one of blue and green. This is not the kind of doll that really stands out, but it is a nice simple one. It could be that it is released along with the next line of basics. I would assume that with the doll you will get a diary and the pet sloth as her little animal. While Jane Boolittle might not be as striking as some of the other new Monster High dolls she does look like being a good solid release.

Honey Swamp

New Monster High Dolls For 2014

One new doll that was revealed for 2014 at Comic Con was a character that has been around for a while. Slo Mo, the boyfriend of Ghoulia Yelps will finally be turned into a doll. He is being released in the spring of 2014 as part of the Ghoul Spirit range of dolls. It could be that we see him in a twin pack with Ghoulia although this is just a rumour. His doll comes with him wearing a top with the MH logo on and he is carrying a little flag in support of the school. He comes with that typical gormless look on his face and his hair is done up with it’s usual quiff. Many would say there are not enough male dolls around so this one will be quite popular.

Another big reveal at Comic Con was Honey Swamp. She is the daughter of a swamp monster and comes with fantastic green afro hair. This was probably the most popular of the new releases and fans were really impressed with Honey. She has a release date of sometime in the Spring of 2014 and she will be part of a new special called Frights, Camera, Action. No news on a pet for her yet so this is open to speculation.

Another exciting reveal at Comic Con was Clawdia Wolf. She is the older sister of the well known Clawdeen Wolf, as such she looks to be that little bit taller than her younger sister. Her doll comes with bleached blonde curly hair and she wears a pair of glasses which make her look quite intellectual. We expect the Clawdia doll to make an appearance some time in the spring.

Catty Noir

One doll that we have known about for a little while now is Catty Noir. She is a celebrity monster and is going to be brought out sometime in September. She is a dark skinned character with bright pink hair. She looks to be quite stylish and she wears very flamboyant clothes.

Then of course there is the much talked about Webarella Wydowna Spider. This doll has been talked about for years and now finally it has been released. There were a limited number sold at Comic Con and Mattel have said there will be more coming sold at the New York event. Then we are hoping there will be a more general release by the end of the year.

There are so many great new characters coming out in the next year or so, Mattel really have been busy thinking up lots of great new ideas to keep people interested in Monster High. The new Jane Boolittle doll looks like being a really nice inclusion to the ghouls at school and we think that when she goes on sale she should be very much in demand.


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      danielle 3 years ago

      they have elisabat at target.

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      cierra 3 years ago

      jane is jane off of tarzan I mean she was found in a jungle

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      Jade westley 4 years ago

      I all ready have Jane

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      Ast 4 years ago

      What store city and


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      Mike 4 years ago

      Found Jane at ToyRUS today.

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      Ally d 4 years ago

      When are the release dates for Viperine and Elisabat