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Lego Minifigures Series 10 - Release Date, Characters, Bump & Dot Codes

Updated on April 25, 2013

In this article we are going to be taking a close look at Lego Minifigures series 10. We will discuss the new characters that series 10 will be bringing us, take a look at the release date for Lego Minifigures Series 10 and also tell you a little bit about bar codes, dot codes and how to find out which figure is contained in which packet. Along with all this we will bring you some exciting news that Lego have just released about this new series.

Who would have thought that when Lego released the first set of minifigures around four years ago that we would make it all the way to Series 10. Well it has happened and the figures seem to be as popular as ever with both children and adults. The appeal of these seems to be how collectable they are and so people just love opening the mystery bags and getting their hands on new characters. Each time a new range comes out people are exciting to see what new figures are being released and what kind of surprises Lego has in store for them. So now then, let’s take a look at exactly what Series 10 has to offer.

Series 10 Medusa

The Sad Clown

The New Minifigures Arrive

So first of all we can give you the release date for Series 10. The official word is that it is going to be spring and based on past years we expect this to be the start of May. If the release date changes we will update the page and let you know. As of yet we have no official word on the color of the mystery bags or the checklists, this is usually one of the first things we are told but so far nothing has come out about this.

So what of the new characters. Well usually the people behind the figures keep their cards pretty close to their chests, we don’t usually find out the new characters till around two months before the official release. This time however there have been quite a few leaks and so it seems we already have a complete list of sixteen minifigures. Lego have not confirmed this list as yet so it is not 100% definite that this will be the final set, but lots of different sources are quoting this list, so it’s seems likely it will be correct.

So the new characters will be, Librarian, Decorator, Paintball Player, Skydiver, Medusa, Baseball Fielder, Trendsetter, Sad Clown, Sea Captain, Warrior Woman, Grandpa, Bumblebee Girl, Motorcycle Mechanic, Roman Commander, Revolution Soldier and Tomahawk Warrior. So as you can see some interesting ones coming in straight away. Medusa looks like being really good and she will feature green snake hair along with a scary face. The Bumblebee girl is also great fun and she has a little pot of honey with her. Other highlights include the Paintball Player with his gun and his suit covered in paint splatters, Grandpa with his balding head and the Sad Clown who comes with a tear running down his face.

As is often the case along with some brilliant new figures there are also some that are a little bit of a let down. For instance the Roman Commander who is very similar to the Roman Soldier we have already had, the Baseball Fielder is just a little bit boring and the Librarian who is just to obvious. Despite that fact though we would say that overall this is probably a pretty good series and one that people should really enjoy. Now for some exciting news.

Rare Golden Figure

A Golden Figure Is Revealed

Although Lego Minifigures still do very well, the reality is that people do get bored of collecting things sooner or later. So for Series 10 Lego have come up with an ingenious way of getting people enthusiastic about buying these again. They have revealed that they are going to create a special 17th minifigure. This is going to be a simple golden figure. They are making five thousand of these golden characters and hiding them in mystery bags. The bags will then be randomly placed in the boxes and shipped out all over the world. The character is actually called Mr Gold and he is very much in demand.

So the reality is that you could live in America, the UK, Australia or outer Mongolia and you would still stand a chance of finding one of these special characters. Lego have also said that when you find a golden minifigure there will be a special code provided and you can log onto the website and enter your location, so in other words we will be able to see where these figures are turning up and just how many are still out there.

So when it comes to getting hold of these rare figures it is going to be very tough indeed. Chances are we are going to see them popping up on eBay come May and they may well start to sell for massive prices. In fact, we can now confirm that one of the first ones seen online went for just over $1200. So as you can see, these are very much in demand at the moment.

Series 10 Bar Codes, Bump Codes & Dot Codes

So back to the standard 16 figures, as is always the case these will be sold in mystery bags which of course means you will have no way of working out which figure is contained in which bag. Back when the first few series’ came out you could actually read the bar codes to find out which packets had which figures inside, this is something that Lego soon put a stop to so the bar code method no longer works.

Since then though people have been reading the bump or dots codes. These are small indentations that are found on the bottom of the packet. These can often be very hard to see but if you hold them up to the light you can see a sequence of dots that will be like a code and will tell you which figure is in the packet you are looking at. It seems to have become harder and harder to read these as the new sets have come out and so it remains to be seen if Series 10 will have the bump codes or dot codes on at all.

The best method that we have found for finding out exactly what is contained in the mystery bags is to use the feel method. This is by no means foolproof but it does offer a chance to work it out. So for this series you should look out for things such as the Sea Captain’s seagull, Bumblebee Girl’s honey, the Warrior Woman’s round shield and the Tomahawk Warrior’s long spear. If you have a list of what the characters look like then you can pick something from each one that you should be able to identify by feeling around.

As you can see the new Lego Minifigures Series 10 set really does look good. There are some classic characters and some such as Medusa that we have been waiting for a long time. The new idea of hiding Golden figures in certain packets is brilliant and will no doubt capture many people’s imagination the world over. There is already news that we will be getting a Series 11 later in the year and so the minifigure collection continues to grow. So get out there, buy yourself a mystery bag and get searching for those elusive Golden Lego men.

Lego Minifigure Bumblee Girl


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      sdaie miller 4 years ago

      I can't find the trendsetter with the dog I can't find the type of code for it can someone please help me