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Modern Warfare 2 Search and Destroy tips

Updated on September 2, 2011

Search and Destory tips for modern warfare 2

   Search and destroy is one of the fastest ways of ranking up on call of duty. You get a lot of points for one kill, however if you die in a round you will not re spawn. If you can do things right you can own at search and destroy and will find yourself ranking up very quickly. The best thing to do is setup a class specifically for search and destroy because it is a lot different than team death matches. The players you face will also play a lot differently cause they know if they die it is over. What perks you normally use in team death matches may no longer be as useful here. You will find them not to be as valuable like they were on other game types. Also kill streaks should also be set up differently. Here is an outline below of the best way to survive in search and destroy in modern warfare 2.

1.Use perks that will aid you in killing the opposition quicker remember there won't be as many kills but getting each one is very valuable. Bling is very useful because you can add something like a silencer and add another attachment to help you more. Scavenger is not really needed as nobody respawns so you will not need much ammo.

2.C4s can be very useful because you can plant one at one of the bomb targets and if someone begins to defuse it you blow them away. Just remember to be quickly about it and once you hear the game say the enemy is defusing the bomb switch quickly. Some people may see the c4s so be sure to plant them where they can not see it very well.

3. Always watch for snipers on search and destroy. Being out in the open can be a terrible idea at times. Snipers love the opportunity cause they only need to kill you once for you to be gone that round without you even knowing what hit you.

4. When the round starts try and get into a good position quickly. You will want to beat the enemies before they get there before you.

5. When defending use claymores and plant them in strategic places so the enemy does not get a chance to defuse the bomb.

6. Setup your kill streaks relatively low. There will not be as many people to kill here so using UAVS, counter UAVs and predators missiles are what you want, Harrier strikes are okay to use and higher streaks but you should always include the first two as UAV, and counter UAV. In search finding the enemy's quickly is very important so the UAVs will help in this aspect.

7. If you don't want to be alerted use silencers. Whenever you shoot without a silencer you are giving away your position. Even if you kill the person you seen others may investigate and you may meet an utter demise. Try and use silencers they reduce range a bit, but more importantly is surviving the rounds without being killed and the silencer will keep you hidden better.

8. Cold blooded is very useful in search because enemies will want to use UAVs and if they do you will be hidden. Stopping power is also good so setup classes with cold blooded and stopping power.

9. Heart beat sensors are great to use in finding the opposition. Keep in mind, however some will have ninja pro to block you,

10. To counter people using heartbeat sensors have ninja pro on. Commando is not as important to use in this game type since the idea is to survive and get in good positions. Having yourself stealthy is what you want.


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