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Modern Warfare 2 Ground War for Ranking Up and some tips

Updated on August 14, 2010

How Ground War is good for ranking

There are 10 prestige's and getting up in rank can take quite a while for some people. Unlocking challenges, killing, and various other things will get you points but ground war can offer a lot. Team death matches are always good as well as Search for ranking up, however ground war will help you on a lot of levels. There are so many weapons primary and secondary that have many challenges to grant you points. Playing ground war will let you take advantage of these. There are double the amount of people that are on team death matches.( 9vs9 ) This will let you take the opportunity to get kills for different weapons. You will not get as many points for one kill on ground war, but there are so many people this is compensated for the most part.

Try and practice using different weapons and when you unlock a lot of challenges move on to another. Make a goal to unlock most of the attachments for a weapon or nearly all for one weapon. There are also plenty of other challenges to get during ground war such as being blinded by a flash and killing someone or getting knife kills. Try switching up equipment as well to unlock challenges for them also. If you practice on different setups you will get used to the feel of them and will in turn unlock more experience to rank up. Perks are another significant contribution to them. When you set up your classes have different perks for every one of them so this gives you the advantage of getting more experience.

Preparing for ground war

   Ground war will randomly switch between domination and ground war team death match in the lobby. The limit for team is 10,000 points. This is 100 kills and the game will go a lot faster. Domination's score limit is 200 and most of the time takes a while to complete since teams are completing for areas of the map A,B and C. To prepare for ground war I would advise setting up your kill streaks very high since you have a huge chance of seeing many enemy's and getting a lot of kills. This is great to attempt to get a nuke on using 7-9-25 setup. Uavs are okay to use but considering there are so many people there not quite as useful on smaller game types where its more difficult to find other players.

Ground War tips

1. Have a lot of good custom classes that are all different. You will want to unlock as many challenges as possible, so have all kinds of different weapons,perks, and equipment ready for anything.

2. Be sure to include rocket launchers in some of the classes because ground war can get very congested in the airspace. The enemy team may have harriers and all kinds of stuff that will infest your spawn so having a counter is what you require.

3. Predator missiles are your friend in ground war. In domination that will be a lot times when enemy's are protecting an area or attacking an area. Send out your predator missile to easily get loads of kills. It is possible to get upwards of 5 kills at once which is a multi kill. Some people will have cold blooded, but the ones that don't may get killed when standing next to others.

4.Turret guns can be useful for guarding defense points in domination. Try and find a good spot to put a turret so it will slow the enemies down. Just be careful where its placed cause enemies can flank behind it and destroy with a knife.

5. Flanking your enemies in ground war can be wonderful. Considering there are so many people in this game type if you can get behind them you are in favor of getting many kills. Just be sure to disperse to another area of the map since the other players will likely investigate quickly.

6. The AC 130 can really rank up some kills on ground war. Use it to your advantage.

7. Cold blooded pro can be very useful in ground war. You may find that enemies are sending countless predator missiles or other things against you and this will help you evade some. Just be careful standing next to others or you will get killed.  Also it will make your name tag non existent when enemies cross hairs are on you so this will be to your advantage in bushes and so enemies can not find your position. This gives you the chance to get some kills a bit easier.

8. Use Scavenger as much as possible if you have a gun with low ammo. For example the scar as very low ammo. It can be quite easy to run out of ammo when there are 9 other players on the other team. Use scavenger to your advantage.

9. If you are not using scavenger on certain classes then be sure to pick up enemies weapons whenever possible. This way you will not get stuck without ammo when confronting the other players.

10. Try and pinpoint where the least number of players are coming from on a map and attempt to flank the others. If your successful you can pick off many from a distance without them knowing your there due to your allies fire. This is more difficult to do on smaller matches since there are not as many diversions such as people moving or shooting as much.

11. Get a good position. On some maps such as estate getting the main building is essential because if you do not most of the enemies will have a very good position on you. This puts you at a disadvantage. Try and find the fulcrum of every map so you have a good point to fire upon the enemies without you being in a precarious position.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Another way to level up quick is with ballistic vests, for everyone a teammate picks up you get 50points. Great hub and you know I didn't even think about ground war for a good way to level up, thanks for giving me the insight. Great job.

    • David 470 profile imageAUTHOR

      David 470 

      9 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Ah yeah that is also true. I just hate when you get emergency airdrops with a bunch of UAVs.

    • TwO1FouR profile image


      9 years ago from Dallas, TX

      You can also rank up quicker if you equip an Emergency Airdrop. Throw it down for your teammates and you get more than double the points for Share Package! Nice hub!


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