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Old Vintage LIFE Magazines - 1960 - Princess Margaret - Civil Rights

Updated on February 16, 2011

LIFE Magazine - A Window on America

An icon from America's past, old Vintage LIFE magazines were American's window to the nation and world long before anything like the Internet came along. This original vintage March 14, 1960 issue of LIFE magazine shows what was on America's mind that week - the top news stories, and what were important social issues of the time. An important part of every old LIFE magazine also, was the full-color vintage ads and vivid photo essays, LIFE magazine gave Americans the stories and the pictures.

LIFE magazines symbolized America's state of affairs, and American's interests. Getting your research on the Internet just doesn't have the same satisfaction as holding a real piece of America's past in your hands.

Old Vintage LIFE Magazines - March 14, 1960 - Princess Margaret Southern Sneators Southern Negro Sit-downs Civil Rights Vintage ads
Old Vintage LIFE Magazines - March 14, 1960 - Princess Margaret Southern Sneators Southern Negro Sit-downs Civil Rights Vintage ads

March 14, 1960 Original LIFE Magazine

Front Cover: After their Surprise engagement, Princess margaret is all smiles beside photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones at the Royal Lodge in Windser - *inside front cover: full-color Pepsi-Cola ad

  • Front cover Headlines: Margaret and Tony at Windsor Lodge

Rear Cover: L&M Cigarettes ad - inside rear cover: I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Table of Contents:

This Week's Events:

  • Siege on Civil Rights: as Southern Senators stage historic filibuster, Southern Negros stage orderly sit-downs. In a special report, harry Golden tells why Negros may win the battle.
  • A Look at the World's Week: The Agony of Agadir - a Moroccan city is shaken to death in a brief but vicious quake, catching thousands of victims


  • Right to Vote is a Must
  • Arise Ye Prisoners of Taxation

Photographic Essays:

  • Photos by Margaret's fiance': now "retired," Tony turns out to be corny and gimmicky, but witty too
  • Thurber: an old hand with humor has two hits on hand - and some barbed things to say about women, world madness and himself

Article: The Great Quest of Robert Jones - memories of a fabulous hoard in a desert cavern drive an ex-GI, and the U.S. Army, to a tantalizing search for buried gold

Fashion: High Style at Low Cost - Ohrbach's does a fast job of copying the latest designs by Paris couturiers - photos by mark Shaw


  • Here's a Can-Can - Nikita's naughty film is a merry romp through Paris night spots - But why should it shock Khrushchev?
  • America's dawn comes Up in France, beauty from Pittsburgh is a Paris star

Garden News: Glorified Mums - new varieties of chrysanthe-mums give gardeners many-splendored blooms


  • A Hushed Orchestra in Detroit puts on a concert to drop pins by
  • Farewell to Priscilla, Hello U.S.A., Sargent Elvis comes back home to the girls he left behind

Education: Unworldly pupils in worldly fight - Amish youngsters are caught in a conflict between parent's stern ways and modern life

Medicine: Artificial muscles helps paralysis victims regain use of hand

Party: Honeymoon for Ingrid's daughter - Jennie Ann shows the old Bergmen radiance yachting with new husband

Vintage Ads - A Collector's Treasure Trove

The collection of advertisements in LIFE magazines, many full-page full-color ads, was one of the hallmarks of LIFE magazine issues. For Vintage ad collectors - this could be the mother-lode.

A sampling of some of the ads in LIFE magazine issues might include:

  • Vintage ads: Full page color ads: Old Charter Whiskey, Old Forester Whiskey, Sealtest Ice Cream, Borden's Ice Cream, One-a-Day vitamins, Mennon, Bell Telephone Systems, Pillsbury, LifeSavers, American Motors, Walker's Deluxe Whiskey, AC Sparkplugs, Evinrude,Squib Pharmaceuticals, Reader's Digest, Florida Land, ETHYL Corp., Buick, Chef Boy-ar-Dee, National Homes, Ford, Mercury Outboards, Green Giant, Wesson Oil, Monsanto, Lord Calvert, Brown shoes, General Motors, Salem, National Bo, King Sano Cigs., Avis Rent-a-Car, Chase & Sanborn, Philco TV, Miss Clairol, Schlitz, Chesterfield, Coca-Cola, Ford Chevrolet. American Airlines, Friskies Dog Food, Pontiac, A&P Ann Page Foods, Kentile Floors, American Standard Western Electric, International Truck, Philip Morris, Ritz Crackers,Miss Clairol, Kraft Jellies, Esso Motor Oil, Campbell's Soup, Zenith, Douglas DC-8, Mercury, Wesson Oil, Chrysler, Sanka, Studebaker Champ Truck, Valiant Car, Calvert Reserve, Oldsmobile ...and dozens of other ads!

You Can Own This Issue of LIFE Magazine

This is an original issue, that still has the original address label. It is in very good condition, with the normal wear you would expect from a 50 year old magazine. No detached, loose, or torn pages. The photos are of the original issue so you can judge it's condition, and it is available with Free shipping at:

ps. The seller, Appletreedeals, is a reputable long-time ebay Power Seller that has moved his sales to Bonanza, the highly respected ebay alternative for online sales. No bidding! No Auctions!


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