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Runescape 99 Herblore Guide

Updated on March 9, 2013


Herblore is a very expensive skill to gain 99 in. If you are on a budget, herblore is not the skill for you. If you are on a budget though, there are ways to aquire herbs that require little to no money such as herb farming or killing chaos druids which have a very high drop rate for herbs. But if you have the required money or the required herbs to gain level 99 herblore, he is the guide on how to do it!

Level 1-3 - Druidic Ritual Quest

In order to begin herblore, you must complete druidic ritual. This quest gives you enough herblore xp upon completion to level you to 3 which is required to begin this skill.

Level 3-38 - Attack Potions

Ingredients required: Guam, Eye of Newt

From level 3 until 38 you will be adding Guam to vials of water and then adding the eye of newt to make completed attack potions. It is always cheaper to purchase cleaned herbs, so you will be buying those from the GE in order to save some money and time since cleaning herbs gives relatively low experience. So make 1,207 attack potions and you will reach level 38 herblore!

Level 38-55 - Prayer Potions

Ingredients required: Ranarr, Snape Grass

You will complete the steps that you were doing for your attack potions but with ranarr and snape grass instead in order to make some prayer potions until level 55. You will need to make 1,557 prayer potions to reach level 55 where you will be moving on.

Level 55-81 - Super Strength Potions

Required Ingredients: Kwuarm, Limpwurt Root

Again, you will be doing the same thing you previously did, only with the ingredients listed above. In order to reach level 81 you will need to make 16,209 Super Strength Potions.

Level 81-88 - Saradomin Brew

Required ingredients: Toadflax, Crushed Birds Nest

For the last time before extremes, you will simply be adding the ingredients to the vials of water like you were doing before. You will need to make 12,183 Saradomin Brews before you reach level 88 and can move on to Extreme potions.

Level 88-89 - Extreme Attack Potions

Ingredients Required: Super Attack Potion, Avantoe

Now that you're able to make Extreme potions, you will begin making Extreme attack potions using the ingredients listed above. You will be required to make 2,075 extreme attacks before reaching level 89.

Level 89-90 - Extreme Strength Potion

Ingredients Required: Super Strength Potion, Dwarf Weed

Like the previous extreme attacks, you will be making these extreme strength potions until you reach level 90. You will have to make a total of 2,192 potions in order to reach level 90.

Level 90-91 - Extreme Defence Potion

Ingredients required: Super Defence Potion, lantadyme

In order to reach level 91 from 90, you will be making Extreme defence potions the same way you have previously. Make 2,381 extreme defence potions in order to reach level 91.

Level 91-92 - Extreme Magic Potion

Ingredients Required: Magic Potion, Ground Mud Runes

You will be making 2,457 Extreme magic potions in order to reach level 92 herblore from level 91. Doing the same routine you have been previously, you will continue on making these extreme magics.

Level 92-93 - Extreme Ranging Potion

Ingredients required: Ranging Potion, 5 Grenwall spikes

Now you will be making some extreme ranging potions until you reach level 93. You will be required to make 2,609 total until this happens.

Level 93-96 - Misc. Potions

Make an additional 1275 Extreme attack, 1158 Extreme str, 1032 Extreme def, 893 extreme magic, 741 extreme range and 5812 Spec Recovery potions between level 93 and 96. These amounts will top up the potions that you currently have so that at level 96 when you start making overloads, you will have enough potions for that.

Level 96-99 - Overloads

Ingredients required: Extreme attack potion, Extreme strength potion, Extreme defence potion, Extreme magic potion, Extreme ranging potion, torstol

Well now that you have the 3350 of each of the extreme potions that you made between level 93 and 96, you will use each of those potions along with a torstol in order to make overloads. Do this finally until level 99, and you will have finally reached level 99 herblore! Congratulations.


It has probably costed about 150-250m depending on current market prices, but you have finally made it to level 99 herblore! Congratulations, all of that money and time have led to a well respected skill cape, held by few people.

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    • profile image

      Butterfly 3 years ago

      At last! Something clear I can undarstend. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Sebastian 3 years ago

      Good idea about keeping herbs and such on a baclnoy. I was going to put the shroom onto a table as an ingredient, but ran out of room.I really would like to use a two-story design. The upper deck can have an open-air look. I will use black bricks for the roof (typical 4x4x1 pieces). I also thought about putting a fireplace on a wall, or outside on a baclnoy or upper deck.