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Runescape 99 Thieving Guide

Updated on March 9, 2013


Thieving is quite an easy skill to obtain level 99 in. It is one of the faster skills to get level 99 in, and it actually provides a profit which makes it a lot more desirable to most people. I will outline the best way to get to level 99 and the experience rates associated with them.

Level 1-5 - Pickpocket Men

Men can be found throughout Runescape, but the most popular place is Lumbridge. Simply right click the men and pickpocket them until you reach level 5!

Level 5-20 - Steal from Bakers Stall

Bakers stalls can be found in the center of Ardouge. You will want to hide from the guards and steal from these stalls until you reach level 20. If you do the ardouge tasks and get the cape, this will help significantly since it reduces the chance of being caught when stealing from stalls in ardouge.

Level 20-30 - Steal from Silk Stall

Now that you have reached level 20, you will be moving over to the silk stalls which are also in the center of Ardouge and you will be stealing from this stall until you reach level 30. The same rules apply as before when you were stealing from the bakers stall so you should be used to it by now!

Level 30-50 - Advanced Chests

If you want to thieve these chests you must have completed the Buyers and Cellars quest. If you have completed this quest then you will need some lockpicks and you will head to the Lumbridge cellar right next to the General store. You will be picking this chest until you reach level 50. For more information on how to do this, please refer to the video above.

Level 50-65 - Coshing Volunteer

Now that you have reached level 50 thieving, you will be stealing from Coshing Volunteers. You must have completed the same Buyers and Cellars quest along with The Feud and From Tiny Acorns. You will need a rubber blackjack in order to steal from them, and can find them the same place you found the advanced chests so you will not need to move.

Level 65-95 - Menaphite Thug

Now that you are level 65, you are able to steal from Menaphite thugs which you will be doing until you reach level 95. You must have completed the quests Tiny Acorn, The Feud, Buyers and Cellars along with Rouge Trader. Once these are all done you can head to Pollniveach where you will find them in the desert and will knock them out and loot from them.

Level 95-99 - Monkey Knife Fighter

Once you reach level 95, you will be able to steal from Monkey Knife Fighters as long as you have done the quest Do No Evil. In order to steal from these, you must transform into a gorilla using the GreeGree you get from the monkey madness quest. These fighters are located on ape toll and you will be stealing from them until you reach level 99!

Experience Rates

Bakers Stall
Silk Stall
Advanced Chest
Coshing Volunteer
Menaphite Thug
Monkey Knife Fighter


Well you have now spend the required amount of time to get level 99 thieving and all that time has paid off! You now get to wear your new cape around and you will have earned quite a bit of money on your way to level 99! Congratulations.

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