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Runescape 99 Cooking Guide

Updated on March 9, 2013


Cooking is a relatively fast skill to obtain level 99 in, and is one that people who want an easier 99 often choose since it does not cost money, and levels quickly. It does not take much clicking, so you are able to somewhat AFK while your inventory of food cooks which makes it quite easy to level as well. Depending on the prices of food at the time, you are able to make slight profits while cooking generally, but you will break approximately even getting 99.


Best Cooking Spot

Well the first thing you will need to do when you set out to get level 99 cooking is to find your desired cooking spot. If you have varrock level 3 armour through finishing the achievement diary, the cooking guild provides a range which is located directly next to a bank and is a very fast alternative. If you do not have this armour though, the Rouge's Den is the best place to cook as there is a fire directly next to the banker there.


Cooking Gauntlets

After completing the family crest quest, you are given a set of gauntlets that you may convert into cooking gauntlets. These gauntlets will help to ensure you do not burn as much food. You will stop burning food at a lower level while wearing these gauntlets, so it is recommended that you obtain these before starting your cooking.


Experience Rates


Level 1-5 - Shrimp

From level 1-5, you will be cooking some shrimp. This will not take you very long, you will burn quite a few, but the cost of shrimp is low so it is not a big deal.


Level 5-15 - Herring

Again, the cooking at this level is fast and cheap. Simply buy some herring and cook away. You will level up very quickly, so this guide will only briefly describe how to get to level 40.


Level 15-25 - Trout

You will hit level 15 and begin cooking trout until level 25. Simply buy and cook once again. It will not take you long, so I will not go into much detail.


Level 25-40 - Salmon

Once you hit level 25, you can begin cooking Salmon until you get to level 40 and can switch to lobsters. Again, you will not need to cook too many fish, and these are not that expensive, so just buy some and cook until you hit level 40.


When you stop burning fish:

Stop Burning (No Gauntlets)
Stop Burning (Gauntlets)

Level 40-90 - Lobster

You will be required to cook a total of 44,243 lobsters to get to level 90 from level 40. You will be burning some at the earlier levels though, so you should make sure you buy extra. You will stop burning lobsters at level 68 if you have the gauntlets, or 74 if you do not. During this stage, simply get comfy and prepare for a long period of cooking. You stop burning Monkfish at level 90, so I would recommend cooking lobsters the whole time until then in order to save some money and save yourself from burning fish, but if you don't care about that, then you could switch over earlier, although the experience difference is not a huge gap.


Level 90-94 - Monkfish

You will be cooking a total of 17,322 Monkfish in order to get to level 94 from 90. You will not be burning any right from the beginning, so you can buy exactly this many if you are wanting to get them all in advance so you can sit at your fire or range and cook continually. I say that you should switch at level 94 because that is when you stop burning sharks with cooking gauntlets. If you do not have any cooking gauntlets though, you may want to keep doing Monkfish straight to 99 since you never stop burning sharks if you are not using gauntlets, and that will increase your cost and lower your experience rate while cooking sharks by quite a bit.


Level 94-99 - Sharks

If you have cooking gauntlets and will not be burning any sharks, you will need to buy 24,238 sharks to get to level 99 from 94. Nothing new here. You have been cooking up to level 94, so you will have everything settled. Only difference is that you will be cooking Shark instead of Monkfish or Lobster. Simply cook away, and in nearly no time you will reach level 99!


Skill Mastery!

Well you have spent lots of time getting to level 99 now, and it is time to go and get your cape! Once you get to level 99 you can head over to the Cooking guild where you will buy the cape for 99k. Hopefully the market prices were good and you were able to make some profit or at least not lose much money in your quest to get level 99, but now you are there, so enjoy the new cape!



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    • profile image

      smuggler 5 years ago

      uhm a good alternative to lobs is swordfish; at level 81 it stops burning and gives about 30 exp a piece extra i thinkz

    • profile image

      Mack 5 years ago

      If you cook your lobsters for example at your own made fire you'll earn an extra 12xpper fish, so i bought an extra amount of logs as well with the lobsters, in case no one thought about it :) (Only tried Maple so far, don't know about other ones)

    • profile image

      Stryke 5 years ago

      With the release if bonfires thy now give you extra xp