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Runescape 99 Magic Guide

Updated on March 9, 2013


There are many different ways to achieve 99 magic in Runescape depending on what spellbooks you have access to, what other secondary skills you have, and how much money you are willing to spend to achieve 99 mage. I am going to outline many different ways to achieve 99 magic.

Level 1-21 - Wind Rush

From level 1-21, it is best to cast wind rush. You can cast this spell on the dummies from level 1-10, but then it is best to head to the lesser demons on top of the wizard tower since they are behind a cage and cannot attack while you cast. Keep casting until you reach level 21!

Level 21-25 - Low Level Alchemy

At level 21, you will want to begin casting low level alchemy on cheaply priced items. You will only need to make 92 casts to achieve level 25, so don't worry too much about what you are going to alch at this point.

Level 25-31 - Varrock Teleport

At level 25, you will begin casting the Varrock Teleport spell. You will need to cast this 200 times, so just get comfortable and begin clicking.

Level 31-37 - Lumbridge Teleport

At level 31, Lumbridge teleport becomes available which is faster XP since you get more per cast, so it is best to switch over to this and begin casting. You will need 309 casts to reach level 37, so make sure you have enough runes.

Level 37-45 - Falador Teleport

From level 37-45, you will begin casting Falador teleport since it is more experience than the previous two teleport spells. Same thing as before, but you will require 614 casts to get to level 45 this time, so be patient!

Level 45-55 - Camelot Teleport

At level 45 you will begin casting the Camelot teleport until you reach level 55. You will cast 1895 teleport spells between 45 and 55, so this will take about two hours of play time before you achieve level 55. But this is the last of the teleportation spells, so work through it!

Level 55-99 - High Level Alchemy

If you only have access to the normal spell book, it is easiest to cast high level alchemy all the way to 99. You can go to the website to find out which items you will profit the most on when casting high level alchemy, and it is updated daily as the GE updates. You will want items that can be noted, and simply note them and put them in your inventory in a good spot so you can continually click and don't have to move your mouse around.

Level 80-99 - Stagger / Stun

From level 80-99, you will be able to cast the spell stagger (previously known as stun). You will want to wear equipment which gives you the most negative mage bonus possible since you do not want the spell to hit. So wearing stuff like full rune will give you a negative bonus so that the spell will always splash. Then you will want to head to somewhere such as the Lesser Demon in the top of the wizzards tower and continually cast stun on it. This requires a lot more clicking and costs a lot more money, but the experience is better than high alching if all you have is the normal spell book.

Ancient Spellbook

If you have access to the ancient spellbook, a great way to achieve 99 mage after level 70 is to begin casting ice burst on the mummies in the chaos tunnel. You will need 43 prayer in order to cast protection from melee, but if you have that then this provides 200-300k magic experience per hour along with gaining you Constitution (hitpoint) experience as well. See the guide in the video below for a full description on how to ice burst at the mummies.

Lunar Spellbook

If you are lucky enough to have access to the Lunar Spellbook, there are some very quick ways to achieve level 99 magic once you hit level 80.

From level 80-86 it is very fast experience to do stringing jewelry on the Lunar Spellbook. This costs quite a bit of money to do, so it is not recommended if you do not have a big budget, but the experience is very worth it.

At level 86 on the Lunar spellbook you should begin casting Plank Make. You are able to profit from casting this spell so it will make you money, and it is much faster than alching, so it is definitely preferred if you have access to this spellbook.


Well depending on which spell books you have, and which way you chose to get 99, there are definitely a large variety of ways to achieve this. But regardless of the way you chose, you finally got to level 99 and get to enjoy your well deserved skill cape! I hope this guide helped, and if so, please check out my other guides!

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