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Runescape 99 Agility Guide

Updated on March 9, 2013


99 agility is quite time consuming, but it will not cost you any money, and it is quite straight forward if you don't mind taking the time to achieve this skill. By getting 99 agility you will be able to access all of the different short cuts around runescape along with having the added benefit of multiple pick pockets while thieving and increased run recovery etc.

Level 1-35 - Gnome Agility Course

Located in the Gnome Tree Village, this agility course is very fast to complete, but provides only 9k xp/hr, so you will want to get to level 35 as soon as possible and move away from this to something providing a bit better experience.

Level 35-52 - Barbarian Outpost Course

From level 35-52 you will be training at the Barbarian Outpost course which is located south of the Barbarian Outpost minigame. You will have an increased rate of xp/hr to about 13.5k which is still quite low, but stick with it and in about 7-8 hours you will be able to achieve level 52 and move on!

NOTE: You must finish the bar crawl mini-quest before being able to access this agility course

Level 52-75 - Wilderness Agility Course

This agility course is located west of the Mage Training Arena in level 50 wilderness. There are some aggressive skeletons there, so make sure you bring a little bit of food to eat in case you take some damage. Now you will be able to achieve 40k xp/hr though, so the levels will be coming much faster now that you are able to access this agility course.

Level 75-85 - Ape Toll Agility Course

This course which is obviously located in Ape Toll requires you to have a gree so that you do not get attacked constantly and killed. If you have not competed a portion of monkey madness yet, then you only gain 45k xp/hr here against the 40k in the wilderness, so you may want to stick to the wilderness for these 10 levels, or complete the quest prior to starting here.

Level 85-99 - Gnome Adventure Course

This is located in the same place that you first started training agility in the Gnome Tree Village. You will just access a new part of the course that you were unable to access before which will give you a much higher experience rate of 57k xp/hr here. You will continue on this course until you have reached level 99 which will take quite a bit, so get ready for a lot of clicking!


After spending about 200 hours that are required in order to get level 99 agility, you will finally have your well deserved skill cape! It will take a lot of clicking and a lot of boredom generally since agility is not that exciting to train, but this skill cape is not shared by many people on runescape, so you will be part of a more exclusive group than getting a skill cape such as firemaking, or fletching!

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